C3i Wedge Review 2023: Is It Still Worth It?

C3i Wedge Review
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C3i Wedge

C3i wedge is specially crafted to assist players who struggle with the short game, making such shots more manageable. If you're seeking a club that provides reliable outcomes for pitching and bunker play, the c3i Wedge could be a suitable option.

close-up of c3i wedge head
Forgiveness 10
Looks 9
Distance 9
Feel 7
Playability 8


  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Enables consistent ball contact on any lie
  • Improves execution of shots around the green
  • Consistently produces the desired outcome for bunker shots
  • Affordable option


  • Heavy golf club
  • Cast construction may result in reduced feel
  • Not suitable for low handicappers
  • Challenging to use for the chip shots as it is a high loft golf club

I. Is C3i Wedge worth it? 

The C3i Wedge is a golf club that combines the features of a traditional sand wedge with an innovative wide-sole model.  

This allows the club to glide smoothly through the turf and sand, making it easier to execute shots from tight lies. It’s a great option for golfers who struggle with wedge shots in the bunkers or around the green.

The club’s design helps to practically eliminate fat shots, leading to improved scores. Additionally, the C3i Wedge’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of shots, including bunker, chip, and pitch shots.

II. My experience review with C3i Wedge

C3i wedge manufacturer claims that this wedge can work wonders for golfers when it comes to performance around the greens. Eager to put these claims to the test, I took it out for a few rounds on the course.

The unique design of this club ensures maximum forgiveness and consistent ball contact, regardless of the lie you find yourself in. This feature makes it a handy tool, especially for those tricky bunker shots and shots around the green.

One notable aspect of the C3i Wedge is its affordability compared to other wedges available in the market. This makes it an appealing choice for golfers who want to enhance their short game without splurging excessively.

However, I found that the C3i Wedge is relatively heavy compared to traditional wedges. Additionally, the cast construction of the club may result in a somewhat reduced feel during your swing.

My test stats 

To provide a comprehensive review of the c3i wedge’s performance, I conducted a test with this club in a simulator room equipped with a launch monitor: 

ParametersTest stats 
Launch angle32.8 yards degrees
Spin5242 rpm
Height19.2 feet
Carry distance32.5 yards
Total distance32 yards 

During my testing, the C3i Wedge proved to be such an easy club in achieving a launch angle of 32.8 degrees, enabling the ball to easily transition from the sand onto the green. The club’s design allowed for effortless attainment of the desired angle, with the leading edge of the club assisting with sand gliding.

The spin rate of 5242 rpm contributed to ball control and prediction of how the ball would react upon landing on the green. The precision-milled face of the C3i Wedge generates more friction between the ball and the clubface, allowing for a high spin rate.

The height of 19.2 feet minimized the chances of the ball bouncing or rolling off the green as the ball landed softly. The club’s loft is designed to create a high launch angle, resulting in a higher ball flight and softer landing.

C3i Wedge Loft

The carry distance of 32.5 yards fulfilled the required distance to get the ball out of the sand and onto the green in a single shot. The club’s unique design, including the curved sole and extra-wide face, provided consistent results with each use, allowing for ease of use.

The total distance of 32 yards showcased the C3i Wedge’s capability to maintain ball distance after landing on the green. The precision-milled face of the club created more ball speed, allowing the ball to travel further.

Overall, the C3i Wedge’s unique design, precision-milled face, and extra-wide sole provided consistent and precise results, making it an effective tool for sand shots. It is recommended for those who struggle with sand shots.

III. In terms of performance factors 

Let’s examine how each individual factor impacts the C3i Wedge’s performance to assess how effective these are on the golf course.

1. Forgiveness (Score – 10/10)

I found that the forgiveness factor of the C3i Wedge was one of its standout features. Even on off-center hits, the club performed well, minimizing the impact of poor contact. This led to more consistent and accurate shots around the green, ultimately lowering my scores. 

2. Distance (Score – 9/10)

Compared to other wedges, the C3i Wedge’s high-loft design is good in its ability to hit high, soft shots that land softly on the green. This feature makes it easier to stop the ball closer to the pin and hit shots from previously challenging distances, setting it apart from other wedges on the market.

3. Looks (Score – 9/10)

The C3i Wedge’s design is visually pleasing, with a modern and sleek look that will appeal to most golfers. While individual opinions on aesthetics may vary, the overall design of the C3i Wedge is sure to catch the eye of those in the market for a new wedge.

4. Feel (Score – 7/10)

The C3i Wedge provides a sturdy build and a dependable auto-glide sole, offering a decent feel on the course. However, due to its cast construction, the feel may be reduced at times, so a premium feel should not be expected.

5. Playability (Score – 8/10)

While there is room for improvement, the C3i Wedge demonstrates noteworthy playability in certain areas. It excels at bunker shots, allowing for a greater margin of error and facilitating successful sand saves. 

C3i Wedge Address

Additionally, golfers can achieve better control and spin on short approach shots. The wedge is also capable of executing soft flop shots, making it a versatile option for golfers seeking to improve their short game.

Regardless of whether you are a high or low handicap, if you lack consistency when hitting from the bunker, rough, or even the fairway, it can have a significant impact on your overall performance.

IV. Features and Benefits of C3i Wedge

The C3i Wedge caters to golfers with moderate swing speeds through its key features and benefits. Let’s examine each of them more closely.

1. AutoGlide Xtreme Sole 

The AutoGlide Xtreme sole of the C3i Wedge is a special design that makes it easier for the club to glide across the turf, lowering the possibility of mishits and enabling easy ball launch. Golfers can make high, soft shots from a variety of lies with significant forgiveness due to this feature.

2. Optimized Center of Gravity 

Golfers can achieve a consistent ball flight with the C3i Wedge’s optimized center of gravity. It is now simpler to hit soft, high shots that fall precisely on the green. Moreover, golfers may hit their approach shots with greater accuracy due to the optimized center of gravity.

3. Classic Shape and Polymer Insert 

The C3i Wedge features a classic and sleek design that offers both style and functionality. The club includes a polymer insert that reduces vibration and offers a comfortable feel on shots. Additionally, the insert helps to increase spin on the ball, which can be particularly useful on short shots around the green.

4. Glare-Reducing Finish and Alignment Guide 

The C3i Wedge is equipped with a glare-reducing finish, which assists golfers in clearly seeing the clubface, even in bright sunlight. This feature is especially useful when taking shots on sunny days.

C3i Wedge Face Close up

Furthermore, the wedge includes an alignment guide, which helps golfers line up their shots more precisely, enhancing their likelihood of hitting the ball where they intend it to go.

5. Loft Options of C3i Wedge

The C3i Wedge is a diverse golf club that offers golfers three loft options: a 55-degree option that is similar to a sand wedge and two lob wedge-like variants in 59 and 65 degrees

Its ability to be hit easily from any location on the golf course makes it special and appropriate for players of all skill levels. 

The club also allows players to hit wedges with a square stance instead of an open stance, so they can concentrate on their swing and advance their game.

V. Official Video Review Of C3i Wedge Vs. Traditional Wedges

VI. Alternatives 

With various golf clubs tailored to different playing styles and course types, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs and preferences. So, here are a few alternatives you can consider:

1. Square strike wedge 

The Square Strike Wedge is the go-to choice for golfers struggling with consistent shots around the green. 

Its blade-style design and narrow sole promote solid ball contact, while its anti-rotational weighting helps keep the clubface square through impact. Golfers of all levels can benefit from this wedge and improve their short-game accuracy.

2. Cleveland CBX Wedge

The Cleveland CBX Wedge is a versatile and forgiving club designed to improve your short game. Featuring a hollow-cavity design and a wider sole, it provides a better feel and control from any lie. 

The Rotex face technology delivers more spin and accuracy on approach shots, while the Dual V-Sole improves turf interaction and maximizes versatility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the CBX Wedge will help you lower your scores and elevate your game.

My Take 

In comparison to a traditional wedge, the C3i Wedge is a dependable and reasonably priced option that can aid golfers in enhancing their short game. 

While low handicappers who value feel and control may not find it to be the perfect match, the majority of golfers can rely on this wedge to provide consistent and versatile performance. Overall, the C3i Wedge is a solid choice for those seeking forgiveness and affordability.

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