Golf Cart Dimensions 101: Everything You Need to Know

golf cart dimensions

Get all the information you need about golf cart dimensions to make the best purchase decision. Learn about length, width, height, weight, and more.

Golf carts have become a popular means of transportation on golf courses and in urban settings. While golf carts may seem similar in size at first glance, their dimensions can vary significantly. 

Average golf cart dimensions

The standard golf cart is about 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 6 feet high. Additionally, golf carts weigh around 950 lbs. However, this is for a traditional 2-seater golf cart and varies depending on the model and manufacturer.

How wide is a golf cart?

Most golf carts have a standard width of 4 feet (48 inches or 121 cm), providing ample space for two riders. However, some carts may be slightly wider to accommodate more seating. 

Interestingly, the width of golf carts remains consistent regardless of the number of seats they have. Four-seater and six-seater carts generally maintain a width of about 48 inches, as the additional seats primarily affect the length of the cart. 

Therefore, while the golf cart width remains the same, the carts differ in other dimensions. It’s worth noting that specific cart models may have variations in size.

The average width of a golf cart seat is approximately 41.5 inches, with the rear portion slightly smaller than the front. This ensures comfortable seating for passengers. When it comes to the golf cart roof, its width depends on whether the cart is designed for two-seaters or four-seaters. 

Generally, the width of the roof ranges from 54 inches to 112 inches, providing adequate coverage and protection for passengers.

How long is a golf cart?

Small, two-seater golf carts typically measure around 96 inches (243 cm) in length, which is equivalent to about 8 feet. 

However, if a rear seat is installed, the length of the cart increases to approximately 110 inches (9.2 inches or 280 cm). On the other hand, six-seater golf carts are longer, with a length of approximately 144 inches (12 feet or 366 cm). These variations in length depend on the seating capacity and any additional features added to the cart.

How tall is a golf cart?

The average height of most golf carts falls within the range of 5.5 feet (167.64 cm) to 6 feet (182.88 cm). However, larger golf carts can be as tall as 10 to 11 feet. The actual height of a golf cart depends on various factors, including the brand, added features, and the desired dimensions in terms of length and width.

If a golf cart is equipped with a lift kit, it can increase the overall height by an additional 3 to 8 inches. Furthermore, the presence of a canopy or roof can also impact the height of the golf cart. 

For instance, the Yamaha Umax Bistro golf cart has a height of 71.81 inches when equipped with a canopy and 48.54 inches without a canopy.

Popular golf cart brands and their dimensions

Different manufacturers offer golf carts with varying dimensions. Here are the dimensions of some famous golf cart brands:

Dimensions of EZ Go golf cart

EZ Go golf carts are one of the most popular brands on the market. Below are the dimensions of various EZ Go models: 

ModelWidth (inches)Length (inches)Height (inches) Weight (lbs)
Freedom RXV 479445747 – gas
970 – electric
Freedom TXT 479346750 – gas
972 – electric
Express S44810852984 – gas
1210 – electric
Express L648143491110 – gas
1560 – electric
Five Electric47107711200 
Valor 479369816 
72 Volt Freedom 4793671200 

Dimensions of Club Car golf cart

Club Car golf carts are another popular choice for those looking to get around. Here are the dimensions of several Club Car golf cart models: 

ModelWidth (inches)Length (inches)Height (inches) Weight (lbs)
Onward 2 Passenger48 ¾92 71 675 – gas
975 – electric
Onward Lifted 4 Passenger 4911480875 – gas
1125 – electric
Villager 2479269651 – gas
909 – electric
Villager 2+2 LX LSV51110501129
Precedent Stretch PTV 4791691176 

Dimensions of Yamaha golf cart

Yamaha golf carts are another go-to choice for golfers. Here are the dimensions of popular Yamaha golf cart models: 

ModelWidth (inches)Length (inches)Height (inches) Weight (lbs)
UMAX One49 111 49 930 
UMAX Two49 111 72 1003
UMAX Bistro49 128 49 1003 
UMAX Rally53 122 51 800 
Yamaha Drive golf car 2 47 9471720
Concierge 447 12848767
Concierge 647 16147 1010
Adventurer Sport 2+251 109 50 905 – gas
788 – electric

Golf cart parking dimensions

Parking spaces for golf cart varies depending on the specific regulations of the golf course or facility. Typically, a standard parking space can accommodate a single golf cart.

In the United States, the minimum width of a parking space is around 8.5 to 9 feet, with most spaces being 16 to 20 feet deep. In the United Kingdom, recommended standard parking space dimensions are 7.9 feet wide by 16 feet long.

Golf cart basket dimensions

The basket is a critical golf cart component used for storing items like golf clubs, umbrellas, towels, snacks, and drinks. The average dimensions of an E-Z-GO cart basket are 18.12″ x 10.25″ x 17.56″.

With these dimensions, it should be relatively easy to fit a cooler with 12-18 cans in the back, keeping them cool and refreshing during a round of golf. 

Golf cart trailer dimensions

When buying a golf cart, it’s essential to consider the golf cart trailer dimensions for transportation purposes. A trailer is a towable device designed to transport golf carts. It has ramps, tie-down points, and lighting for safety.

Trailers that are 5 feet wide and 9 or 10 feet long in size typically fit most carts. Smaller trailers, like 5 feet wide and 8 feet long, should work too, but a 4 feet wide 6 feet long trailer may be too small. 

Therefore, measure the golf cart length and width to find the best size. 

Will a golf cart fit in a truck bed? 

Yes, standard golf carts can fit in a pickup truck bed. However, larger golf carts or those with accessories might be too long for the truck. 

To ensure a proper fit, it’s recommended to measure the length of both the truck and the golf cart, considering any additional accessories. This way, you can determine if the golf cart can be safely transported in the truck bed.


Golf cart dimensions can vary, but standard measurements are approximately 48 inches wide, 96 inches long, and 72 inches tall. Consider the dimensions carefully and plan accordingly to find the right golf cart for your needs.

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