How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball?

How to stop topping the golf ball

Topping the golf ball is a common issue that needs to be addressed to improve your game. We have discussed tips to teach you how to stop topping the golf ball.

Topping the golf ball is a common problem that occurs when the club head hits the top of the ball rather than the sweet spot on the clubface. This can result in poor shots, a lack of distance, and lower scores.

It can be quite frustrating if you are topping the golf ball too often on the course. Fortunately, you can stop topping the golf ball with a few simple adjustments to your swing, stance, and ball position.

How to stop topping the golf ball?

There are many reasons why you can’t stop topping the golf ball. All golfers want to hit golf shots with a perfect strike, and that includes avoiding the dreaded topping of the golf ball. However, this can be easier said than done. Here are some tips to successfully stop topping the golf ball.

1. Keep your head steady

Keeping your head steady is important for avoiding topped shots. Moving your head during the swing can cause your body and club face to close prematurely, leading to a draw or a fade instead of the intended shot.

Additionally, keeping your head still also helps maintain balance throughout the swing, allowing you to stay in control as you hit the ball. This will ensure that the clubface travels through a consistent path, resulting in better accuracy and greater distance with each shot.

However, moving the head slightly through the swing is common but ensure to move less to avoid topping the ball.

2. Adjust your stance

To avoid topping shots, it is essential to adopt the correct stance. When hitting from an uphill lie or awkward location, you may find yourself leaning downhill after striking the ball. This can lead to a heavy upward arc in your swing and result in a topped shot.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep your shoulders sloped rather than level during your setup and throughout your swing.

3. Correct your hand placement

Before every shot, it’s important to make sure that you hold the club in the right position.

Aim for a slight forward press at the address, which will help you hit down on the ball instead of trying to lift it up. This small adjustment can hugely impact your game and allow you to hit more consistent shots with more power and accuracy.

4. Hit down on the ball without avoiding the ground

Many golfers mistakenly think you need to hit the ball from underneath to make it go airborne. However, it’s better to hit down on the ball first and then on the ground. Failing to do this will result in a topped or fat golf shot.

To ensure accuracy, focus on shifting your weight forward onto your lead foot during the downswing. This will create a divot at impact and deliver a powerful downward blow that will launch the ball into the sky.

5. Swing like a pendulum arc

To avoid topping the golf ball, you should improve your swing arc by swinging like a pendulum. This means that your golf club should move in an arc-like motion, with the club head traveling in the same direction and with the same swing speed.

Swinging in a pendulum motion can help you stay in control, allowing you to have solid contact with the ball. This will also help you hit the sweet spot on the clubface, increasing your accuracy and distance with each shot.

How to stop topping the golf ball with a fairway wood?

Topping the ball is a common issue for amateur golfers playing with fairway woods. This is because fairway woods have lower loft and require extra effort to get the ball airborne.

Here are some tips to avoid topping the golf ball with a fairway wood:

1. Adjust your tempo

The primary reason why fairway woods result in terrible topped shots is that golfers tend to grip too tight and swing too hard with them. This will lead to poor weight shift and disrupt the entire swing leading to an inconsistent hit.

To fix this issue, make sure to adjust your swing tempo and swing a bit slower.

2. Get your ball position right

Your ball position is key for consistent, accurate shots off the fairway woods. Place it between 1-2 ball lengths behind the inside of your front foot to create a descending angle. Meanwhile, make sure you take a divot when hitting. This will provide you with better control and stop topping from occurring.

3. Low club head

Slow and steady is the best way to avoid topping shots. Keep your clubhead low in the takeaway and take your time, making sure not to rush it. You will have an easier time returning the club back to impact this way, and you’ll be able to start hitting better, consistent golf shots.

Reasons why golfers top the golf ball

Understanding the reasons behind topping the ball will help you improve your golf game. Here are some potential reasons why golfers may top the golf ball:

  • Improper grip
  • Poor posture
  • Improper swing path
  • Using the wrong club
  • Improper ball position
  • Lack of wrist action


A good golf swing will help you avoid topping the ball and hit accurate shots. Improving your weight shift, swing arc, stance, hand placement, and club head speed will help you achieve a smooth and consistent swing. Remember to maintain correct posture and use the right club for each shot, as this can hugely impact how well you hit the ball.

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