Is Golf Dying?: Exploring the Future of the Sport

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Discover the facts about the future of golf as we examine the trends, demographics, and reasons why golf may or may not survive.

Golf has long been considered a classic and elegant sport enjoyed by millions worldwide. However, in recent years, there has been a growing concern that golf is dying, with declining participation rates and the closure of golf courses. 

Here we explore the status of golf, the factors contributing to the potential decline of golf, and whether there is any hope for its future.

Is golf dying in popularity?

Golf is far from dying despite growing expenses and problems in terms of decreased participation percentages.

In fact, because of initiatives that make golf more accessible and cheap, several courses are seeing an uptick in participation. Thus, golf may have an uncertain future, but it is not going away anytime soon.

During COVID-19 times, despite the restrictions, people wanted to do outdoor activities, including playing sports like Golf. Golf courses stayed open due to updated regulations from organizations like the USGA, PGA, LPGA, and World Golf Foundation. It was a good way to get exercise, fresh air, and take a break from bad news. 

Growth stats of the golf

Golf Datatech found that in July 2020, there was a 20% increase in rounds played compared to the previous year, with over 10 million rounds played. Sales of golf equipment also increased, with the highest retail sales in a month since 2007, totaling $388.6 million in July 2020.

As per the 2022 Statista report, the count of individuals indulging in golf in the United States has reached 25.6 million. The data illustrates a marginal increase compared to the prior year.

YearNo of US Participants in Millions

Reasons why golf is dying and golfers quit the game

There are several reasons that are leading to the downfall of golf:

1. The cost associated with golf

Golf can be an expensive sport to play, with costs associated with green fees, equipment, and apparel. However, there are ways to make golf more affordable, such as by joining a club, taking advantage of discounts, and buying second-hand equipment.

2. No inspiration after Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was a prominent figure in golf, but his recent injuries and personal issues caused a lack of inspiration in the sport. However, some talented young golfers can inspire a new generation of golf enthusiasts with the right promotion and exposure.

3. People face time commitment issues

Golf can take up a lot of time as rounds usually last for several hours. This can be a challenge for people who cannot commit to such a long game. But there are options to make golf more flexible and convenient, like playing shorter rounds or utilizing practice facilities.

4. Players giving up too early

Golf is not an easy sport to learn. The inability to improve and play consistently drives many golfers to quit, despite common excuses of time and money.

5. Many other sports to play

Although golf provides unique experiences and benefits, it competes with other sports that offer social or physical advantages. Those who enjoy golf may find satisfaction in the sport’s challenge and strategic aspects.

Things to improve to keep the golf game alive

Certain steps can be taken to save golf from dying. A few of them have been listed below:

1. Increase golf course accessibility and affordability for everyone

Making golf more affordable and accessible can encourage more people to take up the sport. This can be achieved by building public courses, offering affordable memberships, and reducing fees, which can help individuals from all backgrounds to enjoy the game.

2. Offering more discounts and promotions for golfers

Offering discounts and promotions can motivate golfers to play more and join clubs, which can benefit the golf industry. These promotions could be targeted toward groups like women, juniors, seniors, and the military to make golf more inclusive and accessible.

3. Promoting golf as a physical and social activity

To attract more players, the physical and social benefits of golf should be highlighted. Golf is low-impact and can reduce stress, making it a great way to stay healthy. Additionally, golf can be a social activity that provides opportunities to connect with others.

4. Encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the sport

To attract more players, golf must be more diverse and inclusive. Golf organizations need to eliminate barriers preventing underrepresented groups from playing golf and create a welcoming environment for all players regardless of their backgrounds.

5. Providing opportunities for coaching and skill development for all levels

Offering coaching and skill development opportunities is essential to improve the golfers’ game and make the sport more enjoyable for them. Beginners can benefit from lessons and practice facilities, while experienced players can fine-tune their skills with specialized coaching.

6. Developing new technologies to improve the golfing experience

Innovative technologies like GPS systems and launch monitors can improve the golfing experience and make it more enjoyable. These advancements can also benefit individuals with physical disabilities, making the sport more accessible to everyone.

7. Investing in the development of young golfers for the future of the sport

Investing in youth golf programs, scholarships, and competitions is crucial for the future of the sport. These initiatives can attract young players and provide them with opportunities to develop their skills, potentially leading to a lifelong passion for golf.

At what age do golfers decline?

Golfers lose distance by around fifty. The alterations become more obvious at sixty and seventy. Due to the distance decrease, many 70-year-old golfers migrate to senior tees.

How many people quit golf every year?

Almost, 3 million golf players quit per year for varied reasons. Similarly, 3 million people are taking up the golf game every year


Golf is not a dying sport; on the opposite, it is seeing a surge in popularity. The rose of golf is doing exactly that, much like a flower that only blossoms in unfavorable circumstances.

The facts would suggest that as more individuals grow to appreciate the benefits of spending time outdoors and exercising, this game is going to expand even more over the upcoming years. You feel like the heroes who initially motivated you to play when you get those rare fantastic shots.

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