Mizuno T22 Wedges Review 2023

Mizuno T22 Wedges

Check out our comprehensive review on Mizuno T22 Wedges for insights on their performance factors, design features, grind options, pros and cons.

Mizuno T22 Wedges Rating Chart


Mizuno has recently launched a new addition to their wedge lineup called the T22. It boasts a sleek, grain-flow forging process and is available in denim copper finish, satin chrome, or raw nickel chrome finishes. 

Designed for low and mid-handicap players, the T22 wedges offer consistent and long-lasting spin due to their modified teardrop design and spin-weighted blade.

Additionally, the Quad Cut Milled grooves ensure that even off-center hits still result in adequate spin without causing excessive wear and tear on the clubface. The T22 wedges also feature HydroFlow Micro Grooves, making them a top choice for playing in wet conditions.

While the T22 wedges come with the latest innovations and design features, it’s important to consider their performance on the course before making a purchase. To help with that, I’ve reviewed the Mizuno T22 wedges.

Is Mizuno T22 Wedge worth it?

When determining whether the Mizuno T22 Wedge is worth the investment, it’s important to consider your individual needs as a golfer. This wedge is unique in its ability to perform well in wet weather conditions, making it a great option for golfers who frequently play in the rain.

Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable wedges available, which makes it an accessible option for golfers of all budgets. Ultimately, the Mizuno T22 Wedge can be a valuable addition to your golf bag. 

Moreover, the Mizuno T22 Wedge is suitable for golfers who prioritize versatility, affordability, and reliable performance. I would recommend this wedge to mid-handicap golfers.

My experience review with Mizuno T22 Wedge

Upon the launch of the T22 wedges, the claims of consistent spin and durability caught my attention, so I decided to give them a test before forming an opinion. 

The wedges delivered on their promises by providing consistent spin and control on shots from tight lies or uneven turf. The forged clubhead provided stability at impact, resulting in precise contact with the ball and the spin required to stop it on the green.

Mizuno 22 Wedges clubhead

Additionally, the T22 wedges performed well on delicate shots such as flop shots and bunker shots. They provided a smooth and balanced feel on full shots from the fairway or rough, boosting confidence with a consistent and predictable ball flight.

I found the wedges good in all categories. The copper finish gave them a unique look and provided the shot height and spin I needed. Approach shots held the green nicely, even with backspin when hitting from the rough. The feedback from the wedges felt crisp and muted, similar to what you would expect from a forged iron.

My test stats

To record data on its performance, I used the 50 degrees S grind of the Mizuno T22 wedge and tested it on both wet and dry course conditions.

ParameterDry courseWet course 
Ball speed97.6 mph97.5 mph
Launch angle27.4 degrees27.1 degrees
Backspin 10357  rpm10638 rpm
Side angle-1.0 degrees-0.8 degrees
Carry distance 120 yards121 yards
Total distance 120 yards120 yards 

On a dry course, I recorded a ball speed of 97.6 mph with a launch angle of 27.4 degrees. The backspin was 10357 rpm, which helped me to control the ball and stop it on the green. The wedge also helped me to keep the ball on the right line with a side angle of -1.0 degrees. The carry distance was 120 yards, and the total distance was also 120 yards.

On a wet course, I recorded a ball speed of 97.5 mph with a launch angle of 27.1 degrees. The backspin was even higher at 10638 rpm, which was great for holding greens in wet conditions. The side angle was -0.8 degrees, which helped to keep the ball on the right line. The carry distance increased slightly to 121 yards, and the total distance remained the same at 120 yards.

Overall, the Mizuno T22 wedges were reliable and consistent in both wet and dry conditions. The combination of high spin rates and stable ball flight allowed me to hit precise shots around the green, even in difficult conditions. 

I found that the wedges were easy to use, and I felt confident in my ability to hit a variety of shots with them. If you’re looking for a high-quality wedge that can perform well in any condition, I recommend giving the Mizuno T22 wedges a try.

In terms of performance factors 

To gauge the effectiveness of the Mizuno T22 wedges on the golf course, we must consider all the different factors that contribute to their performance. 

1. Distance (Score – 4.6/5)


The Mizuno T22 Wedge is a dependable club for golfers who value distance. It offers consistency and accuracy, providing golfers with the confidence to make shots with control. From my experience, I found that it performed well in distance, even on challenging shots.

2. Spin (Score – 4.9/5)


The Mizuno T22 Wedge’s Quad Cut Groove design offers noteworthy spin and control on shots near the green. I was amazed by how many spins it produced, which helped me get the ball closer to the pin on approach shots.

3. Workability (Score – 4.8/5)


The Mizuno T22 Wedge is a versatile club that can handle different types of shots. It is particularly effective in producing high, soft shots around the green. Its design and weight distribution make manipulating the clubface and shape shots easy to fit specific situations.

Mizuno 22 Wedges Clubface

The design and weight distribution of the club make it effortless to manipulate the clubface and adjust the trajectory of your shots to fit specific situations.

4. Feel and control (Score – 4.7/5)


Golfers can enjoy the satisfying feedback it provides, allowing them to connect with their shots better. T22 Wedge is made using the Grain Flow Forged HD process, resulting in a soft and responsive feel upon impact. 

In my experience with the club, I felt a natural and comfortable sensation when holding it and received good feedback on each shot.

5. Look (Score – 4.6/5)


The Mizuno T22 Wedge has a classic and traditional design, which may not be suitable for golfers who prefer modern-style wedges. However, I found the wedge’s traditional look appealing and blended well with my golf bag.

6. Forgiveness ( Score – 4.8/5)


Mizuno has created this club with features that make it more forgiving than its previous models. For instance, the club’s wider sole and larger sweet spot enable golfers to hit accurate strokes even when they don’t strike the ball in the center of the clubface. 

Features and benefits of Mizuno T22 Wedge

Below we have listed out the key features and benefits that help golfers better understand how they perform on the course: 

1. Modified Teardrop 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge has a Modified Teardrop design that helps golfers achieve better balance and stability while hitting the ball. This design makes the wedge versatile, allowing golfers to execute different types of shots with greater accuracy.

2. Wet Weather Performance 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge is engineered to deliver optimal performance in wet weather conditions. Featuring Hydroflow Micro Grooves, the club rapidly disperses moisture and reduces spin drop-off, providing golfers with reliable spin and control while playing on wet courses.

3. Soft Copper underlay 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge has a Soft Copper underlay that offers a responsive feel when making contact with the ball. This feature also makes the wedge more durable, ensuring that it will last longer.

4. Spin weighted blade design 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge’s Spin weighted blade design provides golfers with greater control and spin on approach shots, even on difficult terrain. It ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on the clubface, which results in a consistent spin rate.

5. Precise grooves that last longer 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge is equipped with precise grooves that are designed to last longer and provide consistent spin and control, giving golfers the confidence to make accurate shots.

Mizuno 22 Wedges Grooves

These grooves are engineered to maintain their effectiveness throughout the club’s lifespan.

6. Harmonic impact technology 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge is equipped with Harmonic impact technology that reduces unwanted vibrations, giving golfers a solid and satisfying feel upon impact. It enhances the feel of the club and enables golfers to hit their shots with greater accuracy.

7. Boron-infused steel 

The Mizuno T22 Wedge is built with Boron-infused steel, which makes it strong and durable, and less prone to damage from regular use.

This material also enhances the club’s feel upon impact, delivering a pleasing sensation for golfers.

8. One-piece grain flow

Mizuno has perfected the Grain Flow Forging process for more than fifty years, resulting in unparalleled touch and feel around the green with their wedges. These irons are crafted from a single piece of Grain Flow Forged HD Boron at Mizuno’s iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan, which has been producing their legendary irons since 1968. 

The T22 model features a flared or tapered upper portion of the blade, allowing for a higher and more consistent spin, and a penetrating trajectory – making it the preferred choice for short-game maestros like one of the greatest of any generation.

The copper plating adds a touch of class to the already exquisite design, setting these Mizuno irons apart from the rest.

Mizuno T22 Wedge grind options 

During my trial of the Mizuno T22 wedge, I explored the S grind, D grind, C grind, and X grind options. 

1. S Grind

Golfers who prioritize accuracy and consistency in their shots will appreciate the straight sole design of the S Grind. With minimal relief in the heel and toe, this grind is an excellent extension of the player’s iron set and can be easily used on fuller shots.

2. D Grind 

The D Grind’s heel and toe relief allows golfers to open the clubface and execute a range of shots around the green. Its chipping loft enables golfers to precisely manipulate the clubface without altering the turf’s interaction. 

3. C Grind 

Golfers who love taking risks and executing aggressive shots will find the C Grind’s heavy heel and toe relief ideal. This grind performs well on firm courses and compacted sand and is perfect for skilled players seeking to enhance their short game.

4. X Grind 

The extreme relief from the heel, toe, and trailing edge of the X Grind provides advanced golfers with a highly versatile and flexible option. Its unique sole design allows for maximum adaptability, enabling golfers to execute shots with precision and ease around the green.

Whether or not to buy Mizuno T22 wedge

Here are some pros and cons you need to consider before purchasing T22 wedge:

What people like

  • Fine-tuned head geometry offers an impact feel and feedback 
  • Quad Cut Grooves provides maximum spin and control
  • Optimized weight distribution for stability and accuracy
  • Performs well in extreme wet weather conditions
  • Ideal for golfers who play in all conditions

What people don’t like

  • Raw finish may rust quickly
  • The classic design may not appeal to those who prefer modern styles


While the Mizuno T22 is popular among golfers, there are other wedges that may better fit your needs and preferences. So, here are a few alternatives you can consider: 

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge 

The Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge is a golf club that provides golfers maximum spin and control when playing around the greens. Its new groove-in-groove technology offers excellent precision and spin, making it an ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels who prioritize these features.

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge is designed for golfers who need a forgiving and versatile club around the greens. Its wide sole and cavity-back design makes it easier to hit out of tough spots like bunkers and rough. This wedge is perfect for golfers who want more consistency and forgiveness in their short game

My take

For golfers looking to improve their short game, the Mizuno T22 wedges are worth considering. They offer consistent performance and versatility, making them a recommended choice for all skill levels, especially mid-handicappers. Give them a try to see how they can enhance your performance on the greens.

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