How To Sell Used Golf Balls?

Selling used golf balls

If you have a set of old, unused, or barely used golf balls, you should consider selling them. This article helps you explore 6 ways to sell used golf balls.

Selling used golf balls can be a great way to make some extra money and reduce waste in landfills while also benefiting your golf game. 

There are a variety of ways to sell your old golf balls, ranging from local golf courses and driving ranges to flea markets, traders, junior programs, and even online marketplaces such as eBay. 

Sell used golf balls: 6 best ways

If you have a golf ball collection and want to sell used golf balls for the best price, here are some of the best ways/places to sell old golf balls:

1. Local golf course and driving ranges

Typically, driving ranges need to restock their inventory of golf balls regularly. So they are always on the lookout for golf balls and are usually willing to buy used ones.

While some high-end private golf courses may have direct contracts with golf ball makers, most local golf courses and driving ranges are open to buying used golf balls.

Sellers can simply give them a call or visit the golf course in person to strike a deal. Find out the price range driving ranges are currently offering and adjust your prices accordingly.

2. Flea markets

Another place to sell used golf balls is flea markets. This might sound like an old-school option, but it can actually be quite lucrative. Sellers can check out their local flea markets or look for golf-specific flea markets.

Sellers can bargain with buyers at the flea market and get good prices for their golf balls. However, you need to get a bit creative with your display and marketing if you want to attract more buyers.

We recommend you clean the golf balls and pack them in attractive packaging before taking them to the flea market.

3. Reach out to traders

Reaching out to traders is another great way to sell old balls. Sellers can look up traders in their area who buy and resell golf inventory.

However, when you are dealing with a trader, they might offer you a lesser price to make profits from the same. But, if you find a reliable trader, you can sell old golf balls in bulk and get a good price for them.

4. Junior golf program

Junior golf programs are also a great way to make money by selling used golf balls. As kids tend to lose their golf balls more often than adults, they need more golf balls to continue their training. Buying new golf balls would be too expensive. Thus, most junior golf programs often buy used golf balls to cut costs.

Sellers can approach a junior golf program in their area and offer them the balls at a discounted price. Sellers can also donate golf balls in exchange for tax credits.

5. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online platforms for selling golf balls. The best way to sell on eBay is to try finding a local buyer. Otherwise, you may have to go out of the way and ship the golf balls if you sell them to a distant buyer. 

Sellers should also focus on providing detailed descriptions and good pictures of the golf balls to get the best price and reach potential buyers.

The problem with selling used golf balls on eBay is going to be the shipping. You may want to try selling golf balls according to the brand when selling on eBay.

6. Facebook

Facebook is considered one of the potential golf ball marketplaces. Sellers can join golf-related groups or post the used golf balls for sale on their personal page. Sellers can make a good profit by leveraging the local network of friends and acquaintances.

Additionally, sellers can also promote their used golf balls on various Facebook groups to increase their reach.

For the best results, you should clean the golf balls and pack them in attractive packaging before putting them up for sale. This will help attract more buyers who are looking for a good deal for their money!

How much can you resell golf balls for?

The price of used golf balls varies depending on the ball’s condition and brand. The price of used golf balls is based on the following categories:

  • Grade A: Renowned golf ball brands such as Titleist and Srixon that are in good condition can be sold for around $1 per ball.
  • Grade B: Other budget brand balls in good condition can be sold for around $0.50 per ball.
  • Grade C: Damaged balls that are not in a playable condition can be sold for around $0.25 per ball.

List of dedicated websites to sell golf balls online

Here is a list of websites where you can sell your used golf equipment, such as golf clubs, balls, and other golf gear.

  • Golf ball planet
  • Lost golf balls
  • Golf balls direct
  • Golf ball buyer
  • We buy golf balls 


You can make the sale of  used golf balls into a highly profitable side gig with minimal effort. Sellers just need to choose the right platform and utilize their marketing skills to make a decent profit. Sellers should also ensure that they provide quality golf balls at a reasonable price to capture the attention of their customers.

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