What Irons Does Tiger Use? (2024 Updated List)

What Irons Does Tiger Use?

Tiger Woods has a renowned reputation in golf, with 15 major championship victories and 81 career PGA tour wins. His choice of irons is of particular interest to beginners, as it reflects his playing style. 

Woods sticks with his favorite irons and wedges, keeping a reliable set of clubs. Unlike others who often change gears, he prefers a consistent lineup, showing his trust in these clubs.

I. What Irons Does Tiger Use?

Tiger Woods has used these Irons in the following years:

2010Nike VR Forged TW Blade irons
2012Nike VR_S Forged iron
2015The Nike Vapor Pro irons
2018TaylorMade Phase1 prototype irons
2019TaylorMade P7-TW

1. Nike VR Forged TW Blade irons 

Nike VR Forged TW Blade irons

The Nike Forged TW Blade irons were created in partnership with Tiger Woods in 2010 which was tailored to match his preferences and needs on the golf course. The ‘VR’ in the name stands for “Victory Red,” which was a part of Nike Golf’s branding. These clubs were specifically designed with Tiger’s input to suit his playing style.


  • Muscle-back design
  • 1025 forged carbon steel
  • CNC-milled face
  • Comfortable grip

2. Nike VR_S Forged Iron 

Nike VR_S Forged Iron

Woods used a Nike VR_S Forged 2-iron at the 2012 WGC-Cadillac Championship. According to the course conditions, woods often switched between 2-iron and 5-wood. The VR_S in the name stands for “Victory Red Speed.”


  • Forged construction
  • Cavity back design
  • High COR

3. The Nike Vapor Pro irons 

The Nike Vapor Pro irons

Woods added the Nike Vapor Pro irons to his bag in 2015. It consists of a sleek design and advanced technology. They provide great control and feel, making them popular among skilled golfers.


  • RZN-filled cavity
  • Dynamic gold consistency
  • Modern muscle

Note: In 2016 and 2017, Tiger Woods faced setbacks due to back injuries and underwent multiple surgeries, significantly limiting his play. While participating in a few early 2017 events with the old Nike VR Forged Blades, he missed all four major tournaments due to injuries.

4. TaylorMade Phase 1 prototype irons 

TaylorMade Phase 1 prototype irons

Tiger Woods collaborated with TaylorMade in 2017 and entered into the next phase of his equipment pact with the brand. As a result, he made a significant equipment change by adding a set of prototype irons from TaylorMade to his golf bag in 2018.


  • Muscle black blades
  • Chrome finish
  • Squared off toe

5. TaylorMade P7TW

TaylorMade P7TW Irons

The P7TW irons were crafted in 2019, under the direct influence of Tiger Woods himself, making them truly stand out. Given his hands-on involvement, it’s obvious that these irons are of top-notch quality. Tiger plays with the exact same set during his matches, adding a personal touch that elevates these irons to a style of his own.

  • Mid-shot irons: 4 iron to PW
  • Brand: TaylorMade P7TW
  • Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

II. What iron does Tiger Woods use currently?

Tiger Woods stuck with the TaylorMade P7-TW irons consistently through 2019, showcasing a remarkable level of equipment stability, which is quite unusual in the world of professional golf.

III. What kind of iron shaft does Woods prefer?

Tiger Woods teamed up with TaylorMade to craft custom irons tailored to his playing style and comfort preferences. P7-TW iron is specifically designed by him. True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts are the shafts used in the P7-TW irons. Notably, Woods has a preference for steel over graphite shafts.

Woods is very careful about his equipment, and his custom-made irons are fine-tuned to his specifications. Over the years, he has consistently opted for longer shafts, with a preference for a 43.5-inch shaft length.

IV. What other clubs did Tiger Woods use other than Irons?

In the following years, Woods used these clubs other than irons:

YearEventOther clubs used
2024Genesis InvitationalTaylorMade P. 7TW irons along with a TaylorMade P. 770 3-iron
2023Genesis InvitationalTaylorMade MG3 TW wedges with Tour B X ball
2022The MastersTaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver
2021PNC ChampionshipBridgestone Tour B XS
2020ZOZO ChampionshipTaylorMade SIM Ti Fairway Wood
2020Northern Trust OpenThe Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter
2020US PGA ChampionshipScotty Cameron Newport 2 Timeless prototype


Tiger Woods has been known for his careful approach to selecting and fine-tuning his golf equipment. Woods’ choice of the P7-TW irons, with their specific shaft and design features, reflects his playing style and preferences. He is consistent with his irons when compared to other professional golf players.


1. Why does Tiger Woods choose steel shafts over graphite in his irons?

Tiger Woods prefers the feel and performance of steel shafts in his irons.

2. What distinguishes the TaylorMade P7-TW irons from other iron sets?

The TaylorMade P7-TW irons are customized to Tiger Woods’ specifications, featuring specific shafts, clubhead design, and other personalized elements.

3. Did Tiger Woods use different irons during his comeback in 2018?

Yes, during his comeback in 2018, Tiger Woods used a set of irons without a visible manufacturer’s name at the Hero World Challenge.

4. What length of shafts does Tiger Woods prefer in his irons?

Tiger Woods has shown a preference for longer shafts, with a notable choice of a 43.5-inch shaft for many years.

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