What is Golf Tee Time?

A golfer is placing the golf ball on the tee over the golf course with the driver on the side.

Tee time in golf plays a vital role and is the time designated for a golfer to begin their play on a golf course. This article explains “what is golf tee time” and its importance.

Tee time dictates how many people can be on the course at one time and what order they play in. There is much to know about tee time and how it works, so let’s dive into the details.

I. What is golf tee time?

In golf, tee time is the starting time for a golfer’s round of golf. It is the time when the golfer arrives at the golf course and can begin playing.

In simple words, tee time is a reservation for a golf course. This reservation includes the number of people in the group, the date and time slot they are playing, and the tee box assigned to them. However, the maximum number of people allowed per tee time is typically four.

Tee times are usually scheduled at 15-minute intervals. However, the tee time interval varies from golf course to the golf course, depending on their policies.

Golf courses will also have certain days and times that are busier than others, so it is important to book tee times in advance to avoid long waiting periods.

II. Factors to consider before booking your tee time slot

Although booking a golf tee time is important, you cannot just book any random time slot. There are several factors that you need to consider before booking your tee time:

1. Weather conditions

Nobody wants to play in bad weather. So ensure to check the weather forecast before booking your tee time at any golf course. Rainy, windy and foggy weather can make the experience of playing golf quite uncomfortable, so it is better to avoid such conditions.

2. Pricing

Most golf courses offer discounted rates for tee times that are booked in advance. So, it is important to check the pricing of different tee time slots before booking your slot.

Generally, tee times that are booked during peak hours (weekends and holidays) tend to be more expensive than tee times scheduled during non-peak hours.

3. Crowds

Make sure to check the number of people playing at the same time before booking your tee time. More people on the golf course tend to slow down play and make it difficult for everyone else to enjoy their game.

Thus, talk to the golf staff to find out the number of people playing at the same time and then decide accordingly.

4. Handicap requirements

There are certain golf courses that have golf handicap requirements for the players. So, if you are playing at such a golf club, make sure to check the handicap requirements before booking your tee time.

III. Benefits of booking a tee time in advance

Booking your tee time slot in advance has several benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Guaranteed tee time

When you book a tee time, you’re securing your spot on the course so there’s no risk of not being able to play when you arrive. Especially when you are visiting busy golf courses, it is nearly impossible to get a spot on the course without booking in advance.

2. Save money

Many golf courses offer discounts for booking tee times in advance, allowing you to save money on your golf game. So, book tee times in advance to save money on your next game of golf.

3. Convenience

Booking in advance also allows you to choose the tee time that best fits your schedule instead of waiting in line and hoping that a spot is available. Thus, it makes the whole process of playing golf much more convenient.

IV. Ways to book a tee time

Booking tee time is easy, and there are several ways to do it. Here are a few of the most common options:

1. Online booking sites

You can book your tee time slot online through golf sites like GolfNow, TeeOff, and Supremegolf. These sites provide easy access to book tee times at different golf courses and offer great booking discounts.

2. Golf course websites  

Golf courses will often have their own websites where you can book a tee time online directly with them. This is a great option if you know what course you want to play, as you can get the best deals directly from them.

3. Calling the pro shop

This is the traditional way of booking tee times. You can call the golf course’s pro shop to book a tee time, and they will be able to help you find the best time slot.

Booking through calling the pro shop is beneficial, especially when you are not with a group. The pro shop attendant can pair you up with another threesome or twosome if needed.

V. Best time to book a tee time

The best time to book golf depends on the season. For instance, winters are off-season for golf, and you can easily book a tee time during this period. But if you want to play in the golf season, you should be mindful of peak time slots.

Time to avoid booking

  • Early morning on weekends: Most golf courses have tournaments on weekends, and early morning tee time slots are reserved for those tournaments. Thus, it is better to avoid booking at these times. However, if you are keen to play during these times, make sure to check with the pro shop first.
  • Mornings and late afternoons during weekdays: Usually, public golf courses have professional golf leagues in the mornings and late afternoons. During those times, the golf courses will be quite crowded and will have fewer tee times. Thus, it is better to avoid booking from 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM and 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM to avoid playing in a rush.

Best time to book

  • Weekdays: 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM
  • Weekends: After 2.00 PM


Golf tee time is an important part of the game as it helps you plan your golfing strategy and secure a spot on the course. Wisely book your tee time in advance to get the best discounts and ensure that you have a great golfing experience.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about a golf tee time.

While some golf courses do not require you to book tee times, most golf clubs do. Booking tee times helps the course manage its operations efficiently and ensure that the fairways are not crowded.

Ideally, you should arrive at your tee time 15-30 minutes before your scheduled slot. This way, you will have enough time to warm up and get ready for the game.

If you arrive late, the golf course can cancel the allocated slot for another player. The golf course staff may be unable to accommodate you at the same time if someone else has already booked your slot.

Typically, popular golf courses have their tee times booked up to several weeks in advance. Therefore, booking your tee time as soon as you decide to play is the best way to ensure you get a spot.

It is not recommended to play golf without booking a tee time. Most golf courses require you to book a tee time slot. However, in some golf courses, you might be able to walk in and get a spot if the course is not crowded.

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