When Do Golf Courses Open For The Season? (2024 Updated)

When do golf courses open for the season?

The beginning of a new golf season is a great source of excitement for golfers. But when do these golf courses open? Well, that depends on which geographical location you live in. The timing is also affected by the weather and course management decisions. The USGA and handicap submission guidelines also apply.

I. When do golf courses open for the season?

The months of April and March are the most popular for new golf course openings. Courses in colder regions typically open in the spring as temperatures rise and conditions improve. On the other hand,  the warmer states offer all-year-round golf courses. 

II. When is the golf season in the United States?

Generally, the golf season is considered to be in the warmer months of spring, summer, and early fall. Golf courses in the colder northern states typically open in the spring, usually around March or April, and remain open until late October or November.

However, there are currently 20 states in which you can play golf 365 days a year with no start or end dates, which are:

  • Oregon
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Virginia
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas

III. What Months are the Golf Season?

Let’s check out the golf seasons according to your geographical location:

The data has been organized into four primary sections: North East, Mid West, South, and West.

1. North East (New England)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season
VermontApril 15thOctober 31st
Rhode IslandApril 1stNovember 14th
MaineApril 15thOctober 31st
ConnecticutApril 1stNovember 14th
MassachusettsApril 1stNovember 14th
New HampshireApril 1stNovember 14th

2. North East (Middle Atlantic)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season
PennsylvaniaApril 1stNovember 31st
New YorkApril 1st, April 5thNovember 31st, oct 31st
New Jersey April 1stNovember 31st 

3. Midwest (East North Central)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season
MichiganApril 1stOctober 31st
WisconsinApril 1stOctober 31st
illinoisApril 1stOctober 31st
IndianaMarch 1stNovember 14th

4. Midwest (West North Central)

State Start of seasonEnd of season
South DakotaApril 1stOctober 31st
NebraskaMarch 15thNovember 14th
LowaApril 1stNovember 14th
North DakotaMarch 15thNovember 15th
MinnesotaApril 1stOctober 31st
MissouriMarch 1stNovember 14th
KansasMarch 1stDecember 31st

5. South (South Atlantic)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season 
DelawareApril 1stNovember 14th
MarylandMarch 15thNovember 14th
West VirginiaMarch 1stNovember 30th

6. South (East South Central)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season
KentuckyMarch 1stNovember 30th

7. West (Mountain)

StateStart of seasonEnd of season
ColoradoMarch 15thNovember 14th
IdahoMarch 1stNovember 14th
MontanaApril 1stOctober 31st
Wyoming April 1stOctober 31st

8. West (Pacific)

State Start of seasonEnd of season
AlaskaApril 1stOctober 31st
OregonMarch 1stNovember 30th
WashingtonMarch 1stNovember 14th

IV. Is there a course open year-round?

Yes, there are courses open year-round. A few public and private courses that are open all year are listed below.

Southern Florida: Naples, Florida, is typically warm, with average temperatures hovering around 75 degrees. It consists of most fairway gates in the state. Although a few courses may require membership.

Scottsdale, Arizona: Scottsdale’s mild winter temperatures make it an ideal location for winter golf. It has 200 golf courses, and winter temperatures do not fall below 70°F.

Mississippi: Mississippi has a variety of golf courses open all year. Fallen Oak Golf Course is one example. With a mild climate, this 18-hole course offers a scenic setting as well as challenges for golfers, allowing them to play all year.

South California: It provides the ideal weather in the country, with average temperatures ranging from 55 to 75 degrees and little rain or snow. A luxurious lifestyle and even better golfing fairways are promised in California.

Southern FloridaTypically warm75°F
Scottsdale, ArizonaMild winter70°F
MississippiMild winters and summers62°F to 68°F 
South California Mild weather with low rain and snow55°F to 75°F

V. Benefits of Playing in Off-Season

While many golfers take a break during the off-season, many feel it’s the ideal time to practice and improve their skills.

Here are some benefits of playing golf in the off-season:

Practice opportunities: “Practice makes a man perfect.” The break time can be efficiently used by the golfers by practicing more. Utilizing the off-season in such a way can be of great benefit to the players.

Skill development: Off-season play allows you to focus on skill development without the stress of competitive play. Whether you need to work on your drives, chips, flops, lay-ups, or putts, golfers can improve their game by focusing on specific aspects of their game during this time.

Physical exercise: Physical conditioning should not be neglected during the off-season. It helps in maintaining physical fitness and flexibility, which contribute to overall health and well-being.

Less crowd: During the golfing season, the courses are usually filled with many golfers. Off-season play often means fewer golfers on the course, providing a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the discomfort of a crowded course.

Lower costs: Some golf courses offer off-season discounts, making it more affordable to play on a regular basis. A few golf clubs even provide winter membership discounts.


Finally, the opening of golf courses for the season varies according to regional climates. Players can also move to various places for favorable weather conditions to play.

Players can also check the official dates of the golfing association.


1. When do golf courses close for the season?

Golf course closing dates can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, climate, and individual course policies. Clubs that open in March close in September, while those that open in April close in October. October is the most common month for golf courses to close.

2. What Is the Best Season to Play Golf?

The best time to play golf is determined by your personal preferences as well as the climate of your location. Many golfers prefer spring and fall because of the mild temperatures. Summer, on the other hand, may be your preferred season if you prefer warmer temperatures.

3. Is there an off-season for golf?

Yes, there is an off season for golf which usually occurs in the winter months.

4. Are golf courses cheaper in the winter season?

Golf courses in several regions may offer discounted rates during the winter season. Playing golf during the off-season can result in substantial cost savings.

5. When is the PGA Tour golf season?

The PGA Champions Tour travels around the world, depending on the weather. Typically, the PGA Tour season begins in the fall, around September, and lasts until the first few months of the following calendar year.

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