Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?(Manufacturer, Types & Review)

kirkland golf balls

Kirkland Signature golf balls are a game-changer for many golfers by offering top-notch performance with affordable prices. 

Kirkland golf balls are well-known for their lasting quality and durability. Whether you swing fast or slow, these balls hold up exceptionally well over time. But who makes Kirkland golf balls? Let’s dive into its manufacturing details and history. 

I. Who makes Kirkland golf balls?

Kirkland Signature golf balls are manufactured by a Chinese sports equipment company called Qingdak/Qingdao SM Parker Golf Co. Ltd. Although Costco sells these golf balls under their Kirkland Signature brand, they are not the direct manufacturer. 

The production is handled by Qingdao SM Parker, emphasizing the outsourcing aspect of the manufacturing process for Kirkland Signature golf balls.

However, some reports claim that Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by Nassau Golf, but the information has not been verified.

II. About the Manufacturer 

Kirkland golf balls come from the Chinese firm, Qingdao SM Parker Golf Co. Ltd. It is known for its expertise in crafting golf equipment. Among their various golf products, Kirkland golf balls stand out as the top-selling item. 

Situated in Qingdao City, China, this company is renowned for crafting sports equipment, with a primary focus on golf balls. Equipped with several manufacturing facilities, they specialize in producing urethane-cover golf balls.

Before distributing it to Costco, the golf balls go through various phases of testing and quality assurance to ensure they meet the required standards.

iII. History of Kirkland golf ball

The quality of the golf ball significantly influences the player’s performance. Prime ball manufacturers dominate the industry with their high-quality golf balls which are usually expensive.

Costco, a well-known warehouse chain, introduced its private-label brand in 2016 called Kirkland Signature. This line included golf balls and was priced at $29.99 for a pack of two dozen.

These golf balls quickly gained popularity thanks to their superior feel and accuracy, outshining the competitors. Kirkland has remained dedicated to values such as quality, affordability, innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability.

Kirkland Golf Balls

Ball FlightMedium-high
CompressionMedium-high (~90)
Number of pieces3

IV. Types of materials Kirkland signature use

Costco introduced the four-piece Kirkland Signature golf balls to the market. However, the entire product line was discontinued due to a lawsuit for patent violation.

Costco then introduced a new line of three-piece golf balls. The material used in it are:

1. Rubber core

The core which is situated at the center of the golf ball, is a crucial component. Qingdao SM Parker uses highly elastic rubber in crafting the ball core. This enhances both the speed and carry distance of the golf balls.

2. Synthetic Resin mantle

The part between the core and the outer cover of the ball is called the mantle. It plays a key role in balancing the ball’s speed and spin to achieve the desired outcome. 

3. Urethane cover

Kirkland Signature golf balls consist of urethane covers, which enhance durability and reduce spin for improved balance. While urethane-covered golf balls are usually expensive, Kirkland Signature offers these benefits at an affordable price.

V. Top Kirkland Signature golf ball models

Qingdao SM Parker produces three variants of Kirkland Signature golf balls. They are:

1. Kirkland signature distance

This golf ball is the foundational model in the Kirkland Signature lineup. It is constructed with soft rubber to boost carry distance. It matches premium options from Titleist or Callaway.

2. Kirkland signature tour performance

If you’re seeking a ball that balances speed and control, this is the one. Its spin performance is fine-tuned which gives beginners and intermediate players the extra edge. 

3. Kirkland signature performance+

This is Kirkland Signature’s top model. The reduced spin performance ensures that the ball has a longer carry distance. If beginner golfers compare this ball to premium and expensive balls, they may not notice a significant difference in performance.


Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by Qingdao SM Parker. It is known for their commitment, quality, affordability, and innovation. These balls initially gained popularity for superior performance but faced product line adjustments due to legal challenges.


1. What is the Kirkland signature golf ball design?

Kirkland Signature golf balls feature a multi-layer design with a urethane cover, providing distance, control, and a soft feel for players. It is frequently compared to the Titleist Pro V1, Mizuno RB Tour, and Volvik S4, drawing comparisons in performance and quality.

2. Are Kirkland golf balls worth it?

Yes, they are designed to offer high performance on a low budget. 

3. Are Kirkland and Titleist the same?

No,  Kirkland and Titleist are separate brands.

4. What do the numbers on Kirkland golf balls mean?

The numbers denote their identification or compression level. The single-digits indicate the former while double-digits indicate the latter. 

5. Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs?

The manufacturer of Kirkland golf clubs is The Southern California Design Company, and it is situated in Carlsbad, California.

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