8 Best Putter Grips – Upgrade Your Putting in 2023

Best Putter Grips

A golf putter grip is a crucial element of a golfer’s equipment, as it directly affects the golfer’s ability to control the putter and make precise shots on the green. A good putter grip should provide comfort, stability, and control to the golfer’s hands, allowing for a consistent and accurate putting stroke.

Finding the right putter grip for yourself can be difficult because there are so many alternatives available. We have examined some of the best putter grips available, offering analysis and suggestions to help you choose wisely and raise your putting game.

8 Best Putter Grips in 2023

  1. Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip
  2. Flat Cat Putter Grip 
  3. SuperStroke Fatso 5.0
  4. Lamkin Deep Etched 
  5. Ping PP58
  6. Evnroll Gravity Grip
  7. SuperStroke Slim 3.0
  8. ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter Grip 

1. Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip 

The Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip is essential for better putting. Players get better control on the greens with its sleek and ergonomic grip

Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star Cord Putter Grip
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The Pro Only Putter Grip is built to withstand several rounds of play and daily use. This putter grip is very effective, regardless of ground moisture, because of its good control feature

Golfers of all skill levels need the Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip to make more putts and play better. Try it in your next game and watch how it improves!


  • Features a brushed cotton cord with most responsive putter grip
  • Soft feel with subtle frictional resistance
  • Provides great hand comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Not much attractive

Features and Benefits of Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip

  1. Pistol shaped design helps repositioning the grip and minimize the pressure in hand
  2. Made from high-quality rubber which makes it durable for long-lasting use
  3. Micro-gel particle technology provides anti-slip experience

2. Flat Cat Putter Grip 

The Flat Cat Putter Grip transforms golfers’ putting. The flat surface of this revolutionary grip decreases grip stress and encourages a natural hand position

FLAT CAT Original Slim Golf Putter Grips
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This smoother, more consistent stroke improves greenside accuracy and distance management. 

High-quality materials make the grip pleasant and durable. For any golfer striving to improve, the Flat Cat Putter Grip is essential.


  • Improved stability and control while putting strokes
  • Reduced wrist movements
  • Improved alignment and accuracy
  • Reduced grip pressure and tension


  • Expensive

Features and Benefits of Flat Cat Putter Grip 

  1. Unique flat shape design makes it easy to install on most putter shafts
  2. The FLAT1™ design is an innovative approach that aligns the putter handle squarely with the putter face, enabling TRU-alignment with the intended target line.
  3. The easy-Glide™ cone on the putter grips enables easy removal from a player’s bag without any effort.

3. SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 

The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 putter grip is a great option for golfers wishing to better their game. In wet conditions, you’ll have excellent control of your putter thanks to this grip’s soft, sticky feel

Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 Midnight Yellow Putter Grip
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By encouraging a looser grip, Fatso 5.0 can help alleviate stress in the hands, wrists, and arms. Having a more even and steady stroke will help you sink more putts.

What’s more, the Fatso 5.0’s larger shape might assist you maintain a steadier stroke and lessen the likelihood of twisting.


  • In wet situations, it feels sticky and controls well
  • Reduced wrist, hand, and forearm stress
  • Does not twist


  • Not suitable for mid-length putts

Features and Benefits of  SuperStroke Fatso 5.0

  1. EVA foams that are lightweight enable a larger grip with less weight, which enhances the tactile sensation for maximum feel.
  2. Cross-traction surface provides anti-slip grip.
  3. Made of polyurethane material that improves the feel.

4. Lamkin Deep Etched 

The Lamkin Deep Etched grip can be just what you need if you’re seeking a top-notch golf grip. It is designed to provide you with a safe, comfortable grip on your club so you may swing confidently and precisely. 

Lamkin Deep Etched Golf Grips, Putter Grips
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Even when your hands are sweaty, the Deep Etched texture creates a sticky sensation that aids in preventing sliding. To improve stability and control, the lower hand design is also bigger. 

This grip is made to endure and can resist the wear and tear of frequent usage since it is made of sturdy materials.

The Lamkin Deep Etched grip is unquestionably a grip worth considering for your golf club due to its timeless appearance and exceptional performance.


  • Deep Etched texture helps prevent slipping
  • Gives more stability and control
  • Durable materials ensure long-lasting use
  • Classic look and superior performance


  • Golfers who like softer putter grips may not like it
  • May not fit all putters due to its slightly larger size

Features and Benefits of Lamkin Deep Etched

  1. Its deep-etched pattern offers excellent grip, stability and traction
  2. Made of high-quality rubber that makes it compatible with any weather condition
  3. Paddle-style profile encourages a more relaxed tension-free putting stroke

5. Ping PP58: Black Pingman Midsize Putter Grip

Golfers may use this Ping’s PP58 grip to putt comfortably and securely. Its pistol design fits comfortably in your hand, and the rubber material absorbs shock well, so you can confidently Putt.

NEW Ping PP58 Black Pingman Midsize Putter Grip
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The Ping PP58’s variety of colors lets you choose one that suits your style. This grip may improve your golf game whether you’re a pro or a beginner.


  • Comfortable and secure grip during putting strokes
  • Classic pistol shape
  • Rubber material offers excellent shock absorption


  • Not suitable for golfers who prefer non-pistol shaped grips.

Features and Benefits of Ping PP58

  1. Classic pistol-shaped design improves the stability and face square for your shot.
  2. Cord surface texture enhances traction, grip and control.
  3. Comfortable grip for improved putting stroke.

6. Evnroll Gravity Grip 

The Evnroll Gravity Grip improves putting for golfers. Its 70% heavier head makes it smoother and more stable than regular putters. 

The Gravity Grip’s unique grip counterbalances the putter head’s weight and improves swing consistency. The Gravity Grip improves feel and control. 

Gravity Grip Midsize Putter Grip (Black/Grey)
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The grip’s high-pressure micro-cell design offers exceptional traction and feedback, helping golfers evaluate putt speed and direction. The Gravity Grip’s elegant appearance will turn attention on the course. 

The Evnroll Gravity Grip may improve your putting game. Serious golfers need it for its creative design and high performance.


  • Grip design improves feel and feedback
  • It improves putting consistency and accuracy
  • Reduces grip pressure and arm stress
  • Long-lasting substance


  • Some golfers find it bulky
  • Costlier than standard putter grips
  • Regular putter grip golfers may need to alter

Features and Benefits of Evnroll Gravity Grip

  • Gravity Core technology aligns the grip’s weight with the shafts and helps improve the traction.
  • Ultra-light, V-shaped EVA foam body maximizes response and feel.
  • The heavier-than-usual grip weight allows for more weight in the head for increased overall stability.

7. SuperStroke Slim 3.0 

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip is made of a strong and lightweight polyurethane material and is made to last season after season. Even in damp weather, its pleasant, sticky texture gives a secure grip, and its distinctive cross-traction pattern improves feel and stickiness.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip, Black/White
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It encourages steady grip pressure and less wrist movement throughout your putting stroke thanks to its thin profile and non-tapered construction.


  • Consistent grip pressure
  • Reduced wrist movement
  • Lasts season after season


  • Feels heavy
  • May throw off balance

Features and Benefits of SuperStroke Slim 3.0

  1. Cross-traction pattern for enhanced feel and tackiness
  2. Slim profile and non-tapered design promote consistent grip pressure
  3. No taper design for a confident grip

8. ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter Grip 

ODYSSEY White Hot Pro putter grip will help you stand out on the greens with its recognizable white finish and elegant design.

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter
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Yet it’s not just about appearances. The pleasant, soft feel of the White Hot Pro putter grip offers a secure hold even in slick circumstances.

It is a flexible alternative for golfers of all skill levels because of its oval form and size choices (standard or larger), which fit a range of hand sizes and preferences.


  • Comes with iconic white finish
  • Provides comfortable and confident grip
  • Available in various sizes


  • Soft texture may wear out overtime

Features and Benefits of ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter Grip

  1. Sleek design and soft texture for comfortable and confident grip


Choosing the best putter grips is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of a golfer’s equipment setup. With so many grip alternatives available, it’s important to take comfort, texture, size, and form into account when choosing a grip that matches your putting style.

The ideal grip may offer you the assurance and control you need to make more putts and reduce your score by strokes. Thus, spend some time investigating and testing out several putter grip types to locate the one that works best for your game.


What Type of Putter Grip is Best?

The type of putter grip depends on personal preference and playing style. Grips that promote a consistent grip pressure and reduce wrist movement during the putting stroke can be ideal to use. However, a putter grip with a comfortable texture, proper size, and shape to fit your hand, and a non-slip surface can help improve your putting performance.

Which Putter Grip does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods has used the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Nike Method Origin B1-01, and Ping PP58 putter grips. He is most known for utilizing the original Scotty Cameron Newport putter grip with a black leather wrap and a red Scotty Cameron logo.

What Grips do most PGA Tour Players Use?

PGA Tour players choose the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso, Golf Pride Tour SNSR, and Scotty Cameron Pistolero putter grips. Nonetheless, many professional golfers employ customized grips to suit their playing styles. Choosing a putter grip is personal and may affect a golfer’s greens performance.

What Grips Does Jordan Spieth Use on Putters?

Spieth utilizes the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 1.0 putter grip. Its non-tapered grip with a flat front and textured pattern improves feel and control. Since 2017, Spieth has utilized this grip on his putters, winning many PGA Tour events, including the 2017 Open Championship.

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