Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

Bushnell Launch Pro Vs SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Learn the key differences of Bushnell Launch Pro Vs. SkyTrak Launch Monitor in this comprehensive review so you can make an informed decision.


The SkyTrak launch monitor and the Bushnell Launch Pro are both well-known golf simulator options. While they share similarities, they also have distinct differences that make them more suitable for different users. 

Thus, when it comes to choosing between the Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak launch monitor, a thorough analysis is essential. So here is a detailed and unbiased review of the SkyTrak launch monitor and the Bushnell launch monitor.

I. My experience with Bushnell launch pro Vs SkyTrak launch monitor

The other day I was looking to get my hands on those handy-dandy portable launch monitors. I stumbled upon two big names on the leaderboard of this game – the Bushnell Launch Pro and the SkyTrak Launch Monitor.

On the online Golf forums also, these two gizmos were being hailed as the cream of the crop, the best golf launch monitors on the fairway. It was high time to give these fellas a swing myself.

1. Bushnell launch pro review

So first up to test was this Bushnell Launch Pro. Took me a fair bit of time to get a grip on all its features and setup.  But once it was off the ground, I gotta say, the accuracy of its camera-based tech was very impressive.

Bushnell Launch Pro Camera Based Tech

This little gadget was serving up stats like a seasoned caddy, helping me analyze my shots and track how I was faring on the green. Plus, it had this neat option of being able to tweak things through different software picks. This let me fine-tune my practice rounds to fit my game just right.

And talk about handy – this Bushnell Launch Pro was like a golfer’s Swiss Army knife. You could set it up in your living room or out on the fairway, didn’t matter. However, I did hit a rough patch with the basic subscription – only gave me access to 2D ball flight data. Now, I’m a guy who likes to see the whole picture, so I had to spring for the gold subscription to get that juicy 3D ball flight info.

2. SkyTrak launch monitor review

Next on the docket was this SkyTrak Launch Monitor. Right off the bat, I found it as easy-going with features that are user friendly.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

The device provided access to renowned courses, allowing me to enjoy virtual rounds on well-known golf courses from the comfort of my own home. Not only that, but the SkyTrak was packed with a bagful of practice features that really upped the ante on my training sessions.

However, SkyTrak requires an additional subscription fee for full-feature access. While the basic functionality of the device is available without a subscription, some advanced features and access to certain courses require a paid subscription.

Another hiccup I noticed was that the SkyTrak was a bit of a fair-weather friend. When it came to capturing shots off grass or under the big bright sun, it didn’t exactly hit a birdie. This little wrinkle did limit its performance in certain conditions and outdoor settings.

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Overall experience

In terms of affordability, the SkyTrak is often considered a more budget-friendly option compared to the Bushnell Launch Pro. However, the Bushnell Launch Pro seemed to offer a wider range of features and customization options in comparison.

Ultimately, both launch monitors provided a great user experience for me, and the choice between them would depend on individual preferences and specific requirements.

II. Performance factors: Bushnell launch pro vs SkyTrak launch monitor 

Here I will discuss the performance factors of the Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak Launch Monitor to help you choose which would be better for you.

1. Accuracy

The Bushnell Launch Pro utilizes highly effective infrared cameras for accurately tracking shots and collecting precise data, making it the most accurate launch monitor. 

Infrared cameras allow golfers to trust the information provided by the launch monitor, leading to better analysis and improvement of their game. 

On the other hand, while the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is accurate, it may not provide data as on point as the Bushnell Launch Pro.

Winner: Bushnell launch pro

2. Usability

In terms of usability, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor takes the lead. It offers an easy setup process, making it convenient for users to start tracking their shots quickly. 

On the other hand, the Bushnell Launch Pro can be a bit tedious to set up due to its numerous features, which may take away its usability.

Moreover, SkyTrak provides access to renowned golf courses, allowing golfers to virtually play on different courses and experience realistic scenarios, thereby enhancing their practice sessions. In contrast, the Bushnell Launch Pro offers a limited selection of only 10 golf courses.

Winner: SkyTrak monitor

3. Portability

Both the Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak Launch Monitor offer portability, allowing golfers to use them in various locations. They are relatively compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport. 

This makes it convenient for golfers who want to practice or analyze their shots both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, in terms of portability, it’s a tie between the two.

Winner: Tie

4. Compatibility

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is designed to work with a wide range of devices and software platforms, providing users with more options for connectivity. 

As a result, golfers can integrate their launch monitor with various third-party apps, simulators, and other golf analysis software, thereby expanding the capabilities and versatility of the device. 

Similarly, the Bushnell Launch Pro offers various compatibility features. However, it’s important to note that the Bushnell Launch Pro has a limitation—it will not work outside the U.S. This can be a drawback for international users.

Winner: SkyTrak monitor

5. Measurements and analysis

When it comes to measurements and analysis, the Bushnell Launch Pro stands out above the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. 

Unlike a radar-based launch monitor, the Bushnell Launch Pro is a camera-based device that captures and measures critical ball and club performance factors.

Bushnell Launch Pro

With its advanced technology, the Bushnell Launch Pro provides golfers with abundant statistical information, offering a comprehensive analysis of their shots.

Winner: Bushnell launch pro

FactorsBushnell Launch ProSkyTrak launch monitor
Usability 710
Measurements and analysis97

III. Measured parameters

Below is the list of parameters measured by both launch monitors:

Bushnell launch pro

  • Ball launch data: Carry distance, ball speed, total spin, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, spin tilt axis, backspin, and side spin.
  • Golf club data: club head speed, smash factor, club path, and angle of attack. 

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

  • Direct measurements: ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, and side angle.
  • Derived measurements: carry distance, total distance, club head speed, roll, flight path, offline, and angle of descent.

IV. Specifications: Bushnell launch pro vs. SkyTrak

Here is a comparison of the specifications between the Bushnell Launch Pro and the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor.

DetailBushnell Launch ProSkyTrak
Battery life5-7 hours5 hours
Simulation availability PCPC and IOS
Available simulation softwareForesight sports software True Golf E6 and WGT Golf connect 
ConnectivityEthernet, USB- c cable Full USB or micro USB cord
In-built displayAvailableNot available 
TechnologyRadar-based photometric sensorsHigh-speed camera sensors
Bluetooth and wireless connection Not availableAvailable 

IV. Pros and Cons: Bushnell launch pro vs. SkyTrak

The Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak are crafted to monitor, analyze, and enhance your golf performance. Nevertheless, each of these golf launch monitors possesses its own assortment of benefits and drawbacks.

Bushnell launch pro launch monitor

What people like

  • Abundant statistical information
  • Remarkable accuracy with infrared cameras
  • Customizable experience with various software options

What people don’t like

  • Higher price compared to SkyTrak launch monitors
  • Complexity in setup and use due to numerous features
  • Device will not work outside U.S.

SkyTrak launch monitor 

What people like

  • Easy setup process
  • Access to renowned courses
  • Abundance of practice features
  • Affordable option

What people don’t like

  • Additional subscription fee is required for full-feature access
  • Limited capability for capturing shots off grass or in sunlight

V. My take

The Bushnell Launch Pro and SkyTrak Launch Monitor are both excellent golf analysis tools, but they differ significantly in price and features. The Bushnell Launch Pro offers extensive statistical information for precise analysis, while the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is a budget-friendly option with basic features. 

For recreational golfers or beginners on a budget, the SkyTrak is recommended, whereas the Bushnell is ideal for serious golfers seeking in-depth analysis. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual needs and budget.

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