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Srixon ZX5 Driver Review
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Srixon ZX5 Driver

The Srixon ZX5 driver stands out for its forgiveness, adjustability, affordability, and draw bias. Its easy launch is a plus. While distance is decent, it needs some improvement.

srixon ZX5 driver review
Distance 10
Forgiveness 10
Playability 8
Looks 7
Sound & Feel 8


  • Ample adjustability options
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Slight draw bias helps eliminate slices
  • Easy and smooth launch


  • Distance potential could be improved
  • Vibrant looks might not suit all golfers
  • High loft options not available
  • Impact noise is relatively loud

I. Is Srixon ZX5 Driver Worth It?

For mid-high handicap golfers on the lookout for a game-improvement driver, the Srixon ZX5 Driver emerges as a potentially valuable option. 

Showcasing a blend of forgiveness and affordability, this driver is meticulously crafted to elevate the performance of players aiming to refine their skills.

However, it might not be the ideal choice for golfers who prioritize higher loft options. This is worth noting for players who prefer specific loft angles to suit their swing mechanics and playing style.

II. My Experience Review With Srixon ZX5 Driver

After spending several rounds with the Srixon ZX5 driver out on the course, I’m eager to share my insights on how it performs, including its impact on ball flight, across a range of shots.

Off the tee, the ZX5 showcases confidence with its higher launch and mid-lower spin, adding to carry for distance. It finds a middle ground between forgiveness and performance, making it dependable for starting strong.

The slight draw bias proves helpful for shaping shots accurately, while fade shots maintain control without losing distance. Approaches benefit from its forgiveness, preserving ball speed and direction even on slight mishits.

The driver’s versatility extends to bunker shots, thanks to adjustable loft settings. It also handles challenging lies well, displaying forgiveness and stability on uneven terrain or rough terrain. The driver’s consistent launch supports various trajectories. Yet, there’s potential for improvement in distance, particularly for maximizing yardage.

Srixon ZX5 Driver Clubhead

While the driver’s performance is solid, the impact noise can be relatively loud, which might be a minor consideration for those who prefer a quieter swing experience.

My Test Stats

I utilized a launch monitor to gather comprehensive statistics and conduct a detailed analysis of its performance attributes: 

ParametersTest Stats
Ball speed147.5 mph
Launch angle12.3 degrees
Backspin3199 RPM
Side angle-1.3 degrees 
Carry distance256 yards
Total distance 270 yards 

The measured ball speed of 147.5 mph showcased the driver’s ability to generate power upon impact. 

This contributed to a lively launch, supported by the 12.3-degree launch angle, optimizing lift and carry for the ball. This launch dynamics were notably effective in achieving an initial carry distance of 256 yards.

The recorded backspin of 3199 RPM had a noticeable impact on maintaining the ball’s trajectory. It seemed that the driver’s design worked harmoniously with my swing, ensuring the ball adhered to an ideal flight path. 

Additionally, the side angle of -1.3 degrees contributed to a straighter flight, enhancing shot control and providing consistent direction off the tee.

The culmination of these factors led to a total distance of 270 yards. This distance was the outcome of a combination of the driver’s performance and my swing mechanics. It conveyed a sense of reliability and decent distance for each shot. 

Beyond the numerical figures, the driver instilled a level of confidence, reassuring that it could consistently deliver the expected performance.

Srixon Golf- ZX5 Driver
  • Ample adjustability options
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Slight draw bias helps eliminate slices
  • Easy and smooth launch
  • Distance potential could be improved
  • Vibrant looks might not suit all golfers
  • High loft options not available
  • Impact noise is relatively loud
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III. Performance factors of Srixon ZX5 Driver

Here are the factors that contribute to the performance of this Srixon ZX driver:

1. Distance (Score 8/10)

The ZX5 showcases a notable performance in terms of distance. It competes alongside prominent drivers like those from Callaway, PING, and TaylorMade. Its smash factor stands out as impressive. 

The driver’s design maintains a relatively shallow landing angle, facilitating a favorable rollout despite the combination of a high launch and mid-spin.

However, the increased trajectory might interact with wind conditions, potentially affecting overall distance outcomes.

2. Forgiveness (Score 10/10)

The ZX5 offers a reliable level of forgiveness without unnecessary complexities, making it a forgiving driver. Its stability in the heel and toe regions is notable, contributing to a consistent performance that minimizes unwanted results. 

Srixon’s claim of an MOI of 5000+ positions it among substantial forgiveness measures, even in comparison to higher values from other notable drivers.

In my experience, the forgiveness aspect held up well, supporting the assertion of its effectiveness.

3. Playability (Score 8/10)

Regarding playability, the ZX5 showcases just the right amount of it. It delivers a high trajectory with a subtle draw bias, catering to a particular style. 

Srixon ZX5 Driver Sole View

An interesting feature to note is the ability to replace the 8g sole weight with a range of options from Srixon’s weight kit. This offers the potential for adjustments in swing weight.

However, the ZX5 isn’t designed for extreme workability. For those seeking intricate shot shaping, the ZX7 might be the more fitting choice.

4. Sound and feel (Score 8/10)

The impact noise is a point to consider, as it registers on the relatively loud side. The audible “smack” upon impact stands out noticeably, adding a distinct auditory element. Compared to other drivers, this one tends to produce a more pronounced sound.

However, this specific sound-feel combination didn’t have a noticeable impact on my performance during testing. 

In terms of mis-hit feedback, it remains reliable – it allows differentiation between strikes closer to the heel or toe, even if pinpointing the exact location can be a bit nuanced.

5. Looks (Score 7/10)

The ZX5’s rear design features sharper angles and a forgiving geometry, crowned by a single weight. The lower part is trim, while the upper has a friendly-round shape. The pear-shaped vibe and player-centric face cater to high-skill players. 

Srixon ZX5 Driver Clubface

However, its bold and vibrant appearance might not convey sophistication and may not align with everyone’s preferences.

IV. Features and benefits of Srixon ZX5 Driver

The Srixon ZX5 Driver includes several interesting features that can influence your game. Let’s delve into these features to understand their impact on your performance:

1. Rebound frame

It’s all about flex and rigidity. With alternating “flex zones” and “rigid zones,” it’s like a double dose of recoil upon impact. The “spring within a spring” design especially boosts ball speeds at the center of the face, redefining your game.

2. Adjustable hosel

The Adjustable Hosel sleeve feature offers 12 combinations of loft, face angle and lie angle. It allows you to fine-tune shots based on external factors like wind or course conditions.

The rear sole weight port contains a weight that adjusts CG for enhanced stability and launch. Different weights can be swapped in to match personal preferences.

3. Carbon crown

The Carbon Crown in the Srixon ZX5 driver redistributes weight for stability in swings. It enhances the overall feel and shot consistency without magical swing transformations. The 15% larger crown lowers CG, boosting MOI (5000+) for added forgiveness.

Srixon ZX5 Driver Crown

4. Stock Information

The Srixon ZX5 driver is available in two standard lofts 9.5 and 10.5 degrees at 460CC club head size.

  • Available graphite shaft options: Project X EvenFlow Riptide (50/60) and Project X HZrdus Smoke Black (60)
  • Available stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

V. Alternatives

If the Srixon ZX5 Driver doesn’t quite meet your needs, various alternative drivers on the market could be more suited to your playing style and preferences. Let’s explore these potential options.

1. Cobra LTDx Driver

As an alternative, the Cobra LTDx driver emerges as a viable option for mid-high handicappers. 

It encompasses attributes such as an adjustable hosel, modern design, and integration with Arccos Sensors. Its H.O.T face technology and multi-material construction enable this driver to deliver decent distance and feedback.

2. TaylorMade SIM MAX 2 Driver

The TaylorMade SIM MAX 2 Driver builds on its predecessor’s success with improved features. The “Forged Ring Construction” and “SIM Inertia Generator” combine to enhance forgiveness and clubhead speed. The “Speed Injected Twist Face” maintains ball speed on miss-hits.

For golfers desiring distance, accuracy, and an improved feel, this driver presents a compelling option.

My Take

In a nutshell, the Srixon ZX5 driver is one of the most forgiving drivers available in the market, offering ample adjustability options, affordability, and a slight draw bias for improved shot control. Its easy launch adds to its appeal. 

However, there are certain aspects that call for consideration. While it offers decent distance, there is still room for improvement.

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