How Far To Stand From Golf Ball?

A golfer is standing two feet away from the ball with the putter to put the ball in the hole.

How far you stand from the golf ball influences your ability to hit a shot. This article will help you determine the correct distance for every shot.

How far to stand from golf ball is the common question many golfers have. However, the answer changes from person to person depending upon various factors.

While some golfers prefer to stand closer to the ball, others prefer to stand far from the ball. Both approaches are correct and can be beneficial under certain circumstances.

The best way to determine the proper distance is to practice from different distances. This article analyzes why the distance from the golf ball matters and how to find the right distance for you.

How Far To Stand From Golf Ball?

Ideally, when you are holding the golf club, the distance from the ball is one where the end of the grip points to your belt buckle. The grip should be about 6 inches away from your thighs. Standing too far or too close to the ball can negatively affect your golf shot. However, the ideal distance of the ball depends on several factors, such as:

1. The club you are using

Clubs come in different lengths. A driver typically has a longer shaft than a wedge. So, standing further away from the ball can help you hit the driver with more power. On the other hand, standing closer to the ball can help you hit a wedge with more precision.

2. The height of the golfer

The golfer’s height plays a determining factor in how far they should stand from the golf ball. Taller golfers tend to have longer swings and need more space to make their swings. Shorter golfers, meanwhile, do not need as much space and can stand closer to the ball to make solid contact.

3. The posture of the golfer

If you have a good posture, it can help you hit the ball with more power. Good posture is when your shoulders are square to the target, and the spine is slightly arched. If your posture is off, you may need to adjust the distance from the ball accordingly. However, avoid standing too close to the ball since it can possibly limit the golf swing.

4. The type of shot being played

As mentioned above, the average distance from the ball for most shots is 6 inches from your thighs. However, you may need to stand closer or further away from the ball for some shots. For instance, you must position the ball right below your belt buckle or belly button to hit a chip shot.

Drawbacks of standing too far from the ball

Standing too far from the ball can increase your chances of hitting unnecessary shots compared to a normal position. Here are a few common drawbacks of standing far away from the ball.

1. Hook shots

Although there are different causes for a hook shot, your ball position also contributes to this frustrating shot. So, if you are standing too far from the ball and make a steep swing, there is a high chance that you will hit a hook shot. If the problem is with the ball, the simple solution to fix hook shots is to stand closer to the ball.

2. Pushes

Pushes occur when the club head does not make contact with the ball at a square angle. This often happens due to standing too far from the ball. When your arms are too extended, you can’t make solid contact with the golf ball and end up pushing the shot.

3. Shorter distance golf shots

It is harder to hit a golf ball farther when you are standing too far away from the ball. This is because you can’t create enough club head speed to hit the ball at a full distance. You need to stand closer to the ball to hit longer golf shots.

4. Lost balance

Most of your weight will be on your toes when you hit a ball standing too far from it. This can cause you to lose balance and make a bad shot. When you don’t have proper balance, you won’t be able to generate enough power and accuracy in your golf shots.

Drawbacks of standing too close to the ball

Standing too close to the ball can a lot of issues with your golf shots. Here are some of the drawbacks of standing too close to the ball:

1. Slice shots

When you stand too close to the golf ball, your posture will be more erect, which can lead to difficulty controlling the ball. You must find the right position to make your swing square to the golf ball and avoid slice shots.

2. Shanks

The poor address position can make it difficult to hit the golf ball with the sweet spot. If you stand too close, the clubhead can come into contact with the ground and cause a shank.

3. Slow swings

Standing too close to the golf ball can make adding power and speed to your swings more difficult. This is because you need to generate force from your body, not just the arms. The right athletic position with the right distance from the ball is key to generating good speed and power.

A step-by-step guide to finding the perfect distance from the golf ball

Now you know that standing too far or too close to the ball comes with consequences of hitting undesirable shots. Here is a step-by-step guide to taking a stance with the right distance between you and the ball:

  1. Set the ball on the ground a couple of meters in front of you.
  2. Keep your back straight, and place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Take your normal golf grip with your arms out in front of you and the club’s shaft running parallel to the ground.
  4. Keep your legs straight and tilt forward from the hips to maintain a good position.
  5. Slightly bend your knees and ensure to let your club sit on the ground.
  6. Let your arms hang down from your shoulders without extending them.
  7. From here, move your body forward until the club is behind the ball. Try to hit a few shots from this position.
  8. Repeat the same process until you find the right distance for yourself.


A good position to start with is keeping your thighs 6 inches away from the ball. From there, experiment a bit and find where you can generate the most power and control for each shot you are making.

Be sure to keep the same posture and address position when experimenting with different distances. As you become more consistent with your shots, you will be able to find the proper distance from the ball that works best for your game. 

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