How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag- A Step-by-Step Guide

A golfer stands nearby with a 14-divider golf bag with a club in hand.

Tired of searching for your clubs? Start learning how to organize a golf bag! We will give you tips on how to organize 14 divider golf bag.

There are different ways to organize a 14-slot golf bag. Some people like to keep their golf clubs in order by type, while others prefer to separate them based on how they are used.

No matter how you choose to do it, there are a few basic tips that every golfer should follow when organizing their golf bag. 

In this article, we will discuss how to organize 14 divider golf bag. We will also provide some tips on how to make the process easier and more efficient.

Steps on how to organize 14 divider golf bag

14 slot golf bag displayed with names for each section
14 Divider Golf Bag

The 14-slot golf bag is the most preferred bag for scratch golfers and professional golfers. However, there is a correct way to organize a 14-slot golf bag, and that process is easier if you do it step by step.

Follow the steps below to not just organize your golf bag the next time, but to ensure that your bag remains well organized and tidy for your next golf game.

Step 1: Pick the right golf bag

Picking the right golf bag depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the golf bag 

First, decide what size bag you need. A 14-slot golf bag comes in both standard and oversized models. If you have a lot of clubs, or if you often play golf on courses with long walks between holes, then an oversized bag may be the best choice. Otherwise, a standard bag should suffice.

  • The material of the golf bag

Next, choose a material. Golf bags are typically made from either leather or nylon. Leather is more durable and often looks more stylish, but it is also more expensive. Nylon is less expensive and typically lighter, but it is not as durable as leather. Ultimately, the material you choose should be based on your personal preferences and budget.

  • The color of the golf bag

Select a color or pattern that you like. Golf bags come in a wide variety of colors, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your taste. You may also want to consider how easy it will be to find your bag on the golf course. For example, a brightly colored bag is easier to spot than a black one. This way, you can decide what color you should choose for your golf bag.

Step 2: Organize the golf clubs by type

Once you’ve selected the perfect golf bag, it’s time to start organizing your golf clubs. The first step is to group all of your clubs by type. Typically a complete set of golf clubs will include woods, driver, wedges, irons, putter, and other clubs like hybrids. 

Now, based on how many golf clubs you carry, you can choose an organization pattern that works for you. It is ideal to use an ascending order when organizing your golf bag. Put your longest clubs in the bag first, followed by your shorter clubs. Place the longest clubs in the back since their weight will support the bag when the golf bag sits in the cart.

Put all of your woods in one divider and all of your irons in another. This will make it easier to find the club you need when you’re on the course. If you have any additional clubs, such as a rescue club or hybrid, you can group these other clubs with the closest club type. 

For example, a rescue club can be stored with the woods, and a hybrid can be stored with the irons. If you have any specialty clubs, such as hybrids or wedges, you can put them in their own divider.

Step 3: Sort by use

Once you’ve divided your golf clubs by type, you can further organize them by how they are used. For example, you might want to keep all of your long-distance clubs in one section and all of your scoring clubs in another. Or, you could organize your golf clubs based on the order in which you use them during a round.

Step 4: Label each divider in your golf bag

Finally, be sure to label the entire golf bag, down to each divider, so that you know where everything is. This will keep your golf bag perfectly organized and save you time and frustration when you’re looking for a specific club on the course. Remember to place each club in the right slot after use so that it is easy to find the next time you need it.

Step 5: Add other golf accessories

You can add other items like a ball markers, tees, and a ball retriever inside the storage space in the front row. Golf apparel such as gloves, hats, and sunglasses can be stored in the side pocket.

Additionally, you can also add more specialized items such as a rangefinder or Bluetooth speakers for convenience. 

Quick glance table for A 14 Slot golf bag Set Up

Here’s is a table that explains how to organize a 14- slot golf bag:

Front row (closest to you)For the shortest clubs, like your wedges. 
Middle rowReserved for all of your irons.
Back row (closest to the cart basket)These slots are for your fairway woods (right side) and driver (left side). 
Putter wellThis is the largest divider in the golf bag. It is reserved for your putter.

Let’s now look at the 14-divider golf bag row-wise. Going from left to right, organize the slots like this:

RowClub Type
Row 1 (3 dividers)Lob wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge
Row 2 (4 dividers)7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, and pitching wedge
Row 3 (4 dividers)3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron
Row 4Driver, fairway wood, and putters

Organizing other types of golf bags

The 14-divider golf bag may be the most preferred type, but it surely isn’t the only one. The other options in golf bags include the 8-slot, 6-slot, and 4-slot golf bags. 

8 slot golf bag

8 slot golf bag in display with names for each slot
8 Divider Golf Bag

An 8-slot golf bag is a great option for those who don’t need the extra space of a 14-slot bag. It offers convenience and portability while still providing enough room to store all your essential golfing gear. 

The 8-slot bag is smaller and lighter than the 14-slot, making it easier to carry and transport. 

Compartment 1Driver and 3 wood 
Compartment 220-degree and 23-degree hybrids
Compartment 34 and 5 irons
Compartment 46 and 7 irons
Compartment 58 and 9 irons
Compartment 6Pitching wedge and gap wedge
Compartment 7Sand wedge and lob wedge
Compartment 8Putters

6 slot golf bag

6 slot golf bag in display with names for each slot
6 Divider Golf Bag

For golfers, organizing a 6-slot bag requires better structure than the larger 14-slot or 8-slot bags. Again, it is important to think about the layout that will help you keep your golf bag organized and accessible.

Compartment 1Driver / 3 wood
Compartments 2 and 3Other woods / hybrids
Compartments 4 and 5Irons
Compartment 6Wedges and Putters

4 slot golf bag

4 slot bag in display with name for each slot
4 Divider Golf Bag

A 4 slot golf bag is the perfect choice for storing all your essential golfing gear, while still being lightweight and easy to carry.

Compartment 1Driver / Fairway Woods
Compartment 2Long Irons
Compartment 3Mid and Short Irons
Compartment 4Wedges and Putters

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Importance of organizing your golf bag

A golfer knows the value of a well-organized golf bag. It is important to have a place for everything so that you can find what you need quickly and easily on the golf course.

Note: It is also important to keep your clubs sorted and organized so that they are in good condition and perform at their best when you need them the most.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should start getting your golf bag organized right now:

1. It Allows You To Keep Track Of Your Clubs

If you’re like most golfers, you have a lot of different clubs in your bag. And it can be tough to keep track of all of them. But if you take the time to organize your bag, it will be much easier to keep track of your clubs

One way to do this is to put each type of club in its own compartment.  That way, you’ll always know where your woods and irons are, and you won’t have to search through your bag for your putter.

2. It Allows You To Easily Find What You Need On The Course

If you’re looking for a specific club on the course, it can be tough to find it if your bag is a mess. But if you take the time to organize your bag before you play, it will be much easier to find what you need on the course. One way to do this is to put all of your clubs in one area. Then, put all of your balls in another area. You can also use dividers to keep everything organized. 

An organized bag has all your golf equipment in separate places. Whether it’s your clubs, your golf balls, or your tees, you know where to find them without having to search through everything. This way, everything will be within reach and safely and separately packed.

3. It Helps You Quickly Find The Club You Need On The Course

A well-organized golf bag can be a lifesaver on the course. It helps you quickly find the club you need, so you can focus on your game. It also prevents clubs from getting damaged or lost. And, if you’re carrying your own bag, it can help to lighten the load. 

There are many ways to organize a golf bag, but one popular method is to put all the irons in one pocket, the woods in another pocket, and the putters in a third pocket. 

4. Keeps Your Clubs Protected From The Elements

Not only does this make it easier to find the club you need, but it also protects your clubs from the elements. If your golf bag is a complete mess, you are more likely to not put your golf clubs back in the bag after each use. As a result, you might start placing all your clubs in a pile on the ground or in the trunk of your car, which can damage the clubs. 

If you leave your clubs in a pile on the ground, they are more likely to get damaged by the sun or rain. But if you store them in a bag, they will be protected from the elements and last longer. 

5. It Makes It Easier To Pack Your Bag For A Trip

If you’re planning a golf trip, the last thing you want to do is spend hours packing and unpacking your bag. But if you take the time to organize your bag before you leave, it will be much easier to pack and unpack. 

If you start organizing your golf bag regularly, you will not have to worry about packing your golf bag before every travel. This will save you precious time and reduce the pre-travel rush.

Tips for making the process easier and more efficient

There are a few more things you can try in order to organize a 14-slot golf bag better. Here are a few easy tips you can try:

  1. Use headcovers to protect your club heads and keep them organized.
  2. Put all your clubs in one area.
  3. Put all of your golf balls in another area.
  4. Use dividers to keep everything organized.
  5. Label each compartment so that you know where everything is. 

By following these tips, you can make sure that your golf bag is always organized and easy to access on the course. This will save you time and frustration when you’re trying to find a specific club. 

It will also help you keep track of all of your clubs. So take a few minutes to organize your golf bag today, and you’ll be glad you did the next time you’re on the course.

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Best golf bag brands

Golfers looking for the best golf bag brands in 2023 should look no further. Here are the best golf bags based on three sub-types: 

  • Best golf cart bag: Founders Club Premium
  • Best stand bag: Callaway Fairway 14
  • Best budget golf bag: Eagole Super Light Cart


Organizing your golf bag is important for many reasons. It helps you quickly find the club you need on the course and keeps your golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf equipment protected from the elements. It also makes it easier to pack your bag for a trip.

The tips given above will help make the process easier and more efficient. By following the tips provided, you can make sure that your 14-slot golf bag is always organized and easy to access on the course. So take a few minutes to organize your golf bags today, and you’ll be glad you did so the next time you’re on the course.

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