How To Wash A Golf Glove – Best Practices To Know

The golf ball is being placed on the course with the help of golf glove.

Keeping your gloves clean is essential because they help you grip the club properly and improve your swing. Follow these simple steps, and your gloves will look and feel like new in no time!

Golf gloves are an important part of the golf game. They require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they remain in the best possible condition. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to wash a golf glove efficiently and properly. 

Materials needed

The materials needed to clean golf gloves are:

  1. Water
  2. Mild detergent/dishwashing soap 
  3. Soft-bristled brush
  4. Clean, dry cloth/golf towel
  5. Leather conditioner (Optional)

How to wash a golf glove at home?

You can make your golf gloves last much longer by removing any dirt or build-up as soon as possible. Wash your golf gloves at home by following any of the two below mentioned methods:

Quick Clean Method 

  1. Check your golf gloves for any dirt or debris. Then, use your dry hands or a soft and dry brush to wipe them off gently.
  2. To make your gloves smell amazing and feel softer, add two tablespoons of your favorite dishwashing soap to the water in the sink. You could also try adding one tablespoon of liquid fabric softener!
  3. To clean your golf gloves, start by wetting your hands and placing them inside the gloves. Wipe your hands to clean off dirt, then squeeze water through the gloves to rinse them out.
  4. The easiest way to dry your glove is by air-drying them. To do so, you can either hang them over your sink or place them in front of a fan. Just be patient; the process could take up to 24 hours.

Deep Clean Method 

  1. Put a clean, folded towel under warm water and let it soak.
  2. After the towel has soaked for 60 seconds. Add 3-4 drops of liquid soap to one side of your washcloth / golf towel to create a soapy solution.
  3. Use the soapy side of the golf towel to clean the dirty patches on the golf glove, and then use the other side of the towel to clean the rest of the glove.
  4. To clean the inside of gloves, turn them inside out and scrub their insides. If you cannot turn gloves inside out, wipe a soapy towel across the glove’s interior.
  5. Lastly, it would be best if you air-dry your gloves.

How to clean cabretta leather golf gloves?

Most golf gloves are made of leather, a natural and absorbent material. 

Over time, the leather will absorb sweat and other oils from your hands. This can cause the gloves to become stained and smelly. So, to clean leather golf gloves, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Start by rinsing the gloves off in cold running water. This will remove any dirt on the surface of the glove and get the leather wet.
  2. Next, fill a bucket with cold water, mild soap, dish detergent, saddle soap, or any leather washing detergent. Work it into a lather.
  3. Place the glove in the soapy solution and rinse it to loosen up the dirt and grime. Be careful not to rinse leather gloves too vigorously, as this can damage the leather.
  4. When you’re finished cleaning the gloves, run them under clean water to remove all the soap. 
  5. Pat dry the gloves with a clean, absorbent cloth to soak up the moisture. Finally, let the gloves air dry in a cool dry open place.
  6. Once they’re dry, place the glove back on your hand to stretch the leather and prevent it from shrinking.

How do you maintain a golf glove?

It’s not possible to put on dirty gloves while playing golf. Different golfing players have different habits with regard to gloves. Despite this, there are several basic guidelines for keeping gloves on for golf. You cannot change the life expectancy of golf gloves but taking fewer steps can let you increase the lifespan.

Rotate Your Gloves Or Remove Them After Each Shot

During prolonged wearing of gloves, sweat accumulates inside, especially during warm weather. Keep the gloves away when they get crusty by keeping them off for the long haul. Rotating gloves are more effective for shots.

This improves glove wear longevity and helps protect your hands. But if you have the option not to rotate, remove the golf ball before you hit the first shot. It also lets the sweat on the palms dry easily.

Use a Ziplock Bag Or Glove Holder To store Your Gloves

You may use a golf bag in two different ways. It first protects lathering products against air contamination. It also helps you stay fresh in humid weather by letting you carry it over the course comfortably. Moreover, putting on the golf gloves in a ziplock after the match or drying them for some days can keep them clean.  You can even keep the gloves in ziplock and then place it with the help of glove holder on the bag. 

Never Use Gloves To clean a Ball Or Club

People often try to clean golf balls or clubs with gloves. But, this can make your gloves dirty, further reducing durability. So, try not to use gloves to clean the balls. If you want to wipe the golf club or balls, then you could use a towel instead. Moreover, sometimes golfers even use them to wipe perspiration, which can damage the golf glove.

Wear the right size of golf glove

Make sure you use the proper gloves. Getting softer gloves can help your hand stay in place longer. In addition to this false grip, the glove can easily become worn out. So wearing proper size golf gloves is essential for golfing.

Wear old gloves when practicing and new gloves while playing

Keep the old gloves on while a driver is training and practicing. You can use the new golf gloves while playing and keep them clean by using the above mentioned ways.


To get most of any piece of equipment, you have to properly take care of them and maintain them, which is valid in golf gloves. If golf gloves are not cleaned on time, this can shorten the lifespan. However, by following all the methods mentioned above, you can keep your golf gloves clean and use them for longer rather than replacing them.


Yes, of course, you can wash synthetic golf gloves. In fact, washing synthetic gloves is easier than leather golf gloves. Because these gloves offer more durability and better flexibility.

It’s highly recommended not to put golf gloves in the washing machine, as it could potentially ruin them. If you must wash your gloves, use a cold and delicate cycle, turn the glove inside out to protect any printing on it. Make sure the velcro is secure, and never use bleach.

Golf gloves often get hard because they are exposed to sweat and moisture, which can cause them to stiffen. The sweat and moisture can also cause the fabric on the golf glove to break down, making it harder and less flexible. Additionally, golf gloves will often become hard if they are not properly cared for, such as cleaning and storing them in a dry place when not in use.

For preventing golf glove odor, use simple foot odor spray for relief. Since some of this spray is specifically for shoe leather, they are ideal to be used with leather gloves. For an affordable alternative, baking soda is another good deodorizer.

You should apply deodorizing cream only on the gloves to prevent them from absorbing excess moisture. If the baking soda is not used overnight, it absorbs the odor and helps prevent staleness.

Golf gloves can last from a few days to months. The gloves you choose should have good care and can easily get 15 rounds out of them. Using poor care and putting gloves in soiled areas can become brittle and prone to discoloration. The best approach to determining the glove lasts the most is to explore different options until the glove you choose is right.

Air-drying golf gloves are recommended only when hot. Put them in a flat position without direct heat or sunlight, the gloves will dry in about 24 hours. After drying, put the glove on to stretch out the leather if it is a leather glove.

If the leather has dried up, use a leather cleaner to keep it cool during drying. The cleaner also keeps the glove soiled and protected from impurities and stains.

The golf glove brand doesn’t matter much but taking the right precautions while cleaning or washing them can make a lot of difference.

Therefore, we recommend following the best way to clean golf gloves which is simply washing them in cold water with a gentle rub and air drying. But it is strictly advised not to go for a machine wash as this would damage the material.

Golf gloves are more affordable than other equipment, so don’t replace them if they become dirty. It’s best to keep the golf gloves clean. In fact, a glove that isn’t clean can affect your grip. Even with the form you’ve been perfecting at the driving range and the clubs designed to help you keep the ball on the course, learning how to clean and wash golf gloves will help you maintain a superior grip.

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