Sigpro Softy Golf Mat Review: Best Golf Mat 2024

Sigpro Softy Golf Mat Review - Best Golf Mats 2023
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Sigpro Softy Golf Mat

The Sigpro Softy Golf Mat caters to golfers of all skill levels, offering a good fairway feel that is particularly beneficial for skill enhancement. However, its forgiving nature on fat shots may deter those seeking a more realistic experience on the mat.

sigpro softy golf mat
Feel 8
Compatibility 10
Comfort 9
Durability 8


  • Soft fairway feel
  • Satisfying chipping experience
  • Replaceable hitting strip
  • Accommodates the use of real tees
  • Impressive shock absorption


  • Unrealistic forgiveness on fat shots
  • Durability could be a concern when it comes to hitting strip

I. Is Sigpro Softy Golf Mat Worth It?

The Sigpro Softy Golf Mat, introduced by the indoor golf shop, distinguishes itself with its soft texture, chipping performance, and compatibility with real tees.

If you value a golf mat with a fairway-like feel the Sigpro Softy Golf Mat offers clear advantages. However, it may not suit those who seek the utmost challenge for every shot due to its slightly more forgiving nature. 

II. My Experience With Sigpro Softy Golf Mat Review

Unboxing the Sigpro Soft Golf Mat was a positive experience. The packaging was secure, and all the components arrived in perfect condition. The mat was neatly rolled, making it easy to handle and set up.

Setting up the Sigpro Soft Golf Mat was a simple process. There was no need for complicated assembly or additional tools. I simply unrolled the mat, and it laid flat without any issues. This easy setup saved me time and allowed me to begin my practice sessions promptly.

The mat’s soft fairway feel is notable. Upon contact with the turf, it compresses and absorbs the impact, providing a smooth and natural sensation without the harsh vibrations that are often encountered with other mats.

For chipping practice, this mat offers excellent tactile feedback, and the replaceable hitting strip ensures its longevity over time. However, you may need to replace it more frequently. I also appreciate that it allows you to use real tees, adding an extra layer of realism to your practice sessions.

The Sigpro Soft Golf Mat delivers a comfortable and forgiving practice experience, making it well-suited for casual practice. However, golfers seeking an extremely realistic practice environment should be aware that this mat offers a higher level of forgiveness. 

Overall, it’s a solid choice for those prioritizing comfort and versatility in their practice sessions.

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III. In Terms of Performance Factors

Here is a breakdown of the Sigpro Softy Golf Mat in terms of various performance factors:

1. Feel ( Score – 8 /10 )

The Sigpro softy Golf Mat offers a combination of a realistic feel and cushioning. It provides a feel that closely resembles a golf course, which is especially noticeable when working on shorter chips and pitches. Unlike some harder mats, this one allowed me to confidently use the club’s bounce without worrying about unwanted bounce-back.

However, the mat’s level of forgiveness surpasses what you’d typically encounter on the actual course. While this can be beneficial for certain practice scenarios, it might not fully satisfy golfers who are dedicated to simulating real-world conditions in their training.

2. Compatibility (Score 10/10) 

In terms of compatibility, I’ve found the Sigpro softy Golf Mat to be a great fit, especially if you’re using a golf simulator. It seamlessly integrates with simulators, making it easy to enhance your practice sessions with a more interactive and realistic experience.

What’s also convenient is that this mat allowed me to use real tees during my practice sessions, adding versatility to my training regimen. This compatibility with both simulators and the ability to use real tees has made my practice routine more comprehensive and enjoyable. 

3. Comfort ( Score – 9/10 )

In terms of comfort, the Sigpro softy Golf Mat’s joint-friendly design stands out. With its 1-inch Teeline turf layer on top of a 1-inch super soft foam insert, it provides a remarkably realistic feel similar to hitting off real grass.

What I appreciate about this design is how comfortable it is for extended practice sessions. I can hit balls all day without worrying about joint pain or potential injuries. The gentle impact of the hitting strip ensures a comfortable and injury-free practice experience. 

However, it’s worth noting that the mat is 2.5 inches thick, which could pose a challenge if you’re tall and have limited roof space in your practice area.

4. Durability ( Score – 8/10)

In terms of durability, the mat as a whole holds up well over time. However, one potential concern I’ve encountered is related to the Sigpro softy hitting strip

On the positive side, the mat comes with replaceable hitting strips, which is a feature I appreciate as it can help prolong the mat’s lifespan. The slight downside is that I’ve found myself needing to change the hitting strip more frequently than expected. This, of course, depends on how often you practice, but it’s worth considering if you’re planning for long-term use.

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IV. Features and Benefits 

Sigpro Softy Golf Mat incorporates innovative features and design specifications. Let’s take a closer look at these features and examine how each one benefits the golfer.

1. Soft and Realistic Turf

The Sigpro Softy Golf Mat features a soft and realistic turf-like surface, offering golfers a practice experience that closely resembles hitting from a natural fairway. This characteristic enhances comfort during practice and provides a more accurate representation of shot performance on a real golf course.

2. Accomodates Real Tee

The Sigpro Mat offers the capability to use a real tee that enables golfers to adjust the tee height according to their preferences. This feature grants mat, the flexibility to replicate various tee placements, mirroring on-course conditions.

3. Flexible Barrier

The Sigpro softy Golf Mat incorporates a flexible barrier feature that effectively absorbs the impact of the clubhead. 

This feature is indeed helpful in providing a smoother and more comfortable experience by minimizing unnecessary vibration. It can be attributed to its shock absorption characteristics, which contribute to a reduced risk of potential injury associated with harsh vibrations and ensure a realistic and smooth follow-through. All thanks to air pressure dissipates giving an added layer of comfort during your practice sessions.

4. Specifications

  • Dimensions of mat: 48 inches (length) X 120 inches (width) X 2.5 inches (height) and 31 lbs weight 
  • Dimensions of hitting strip: 28 inches (length) X 12 inches (width) X 2 ⅜ inches (height) and 4 lbs weight

V. Alternatives 

When it comes to golf practice mats, there are several alternatives to the Sigpro Softy Golf Mat, each with its unique features and advantages.

1. Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats offer a durable and realistic practice experience, making them a popular alternative to the Sigpro Softy Golf hitting Mat. With their patented fiber surface, they provide the right balance between forgiveness and authenticity, setting them apart from what other hitting mats produce. This quality makes them suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

2. TrueStrike Golf Mats

TrueStrike Golf Mats present a noteworthy alternative to the Sigpro Softy Golf Mat. Engineered to deliver the most authentic playing experience, TrueStrike mats feature a unique gel-filled divot simulator that accurately replicates the sensation of striking real turf. Designed to mirror the feel of natural grass, these mats offer golfers an immersive and realistic practice experience.

My Take

In summary, the Sigpro Softy Golf Mat offers a comfortable and versatile practice experience with its soft feel and significant shock absorption. It accommodates real tees and features a replaceable hitting strip. However, it may feel overly forgiving on fat shots, which could be a drawback for those seeking a more realistic challenge. 

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