Teton HxD Oversized Hybrid Driver Review

Teton HxD oversized hybrid driver
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Teton HxD Oversized Hybrid Driver

The Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver is a game-changer for golfers seeking improved performance on the course. With notable benefits and suitability for high-handicap players and senior golfers with slower swing speeds, it's a worthwhile investment for enhancing skills.

Teton HxD hybrid driver review
Distance 8
Forgiveness 10
Workability 8
Sound and Feel 8
Looks 7


  • Improved forgiveness compared to a driver
  • High face for stability through the hitting zone
  • Helps achieve high-ball trajectory
  • Shorter shaft for improved control
  • Greater accuracy compared to a driver
  • Affordable price


  • Looks may not be appealing to all golfers
  • Sound is a bit unnatural

I. Is Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver worth it?

The Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver is a worthwhile investment for golfers who value their golf skills but prefer to avoid spending excessive time on the range or constantly adjusting their golf swing.

It offers notable benefits, making it especially advantageous for recreational, high-handicap, and amateur golfers aiming to enhance their performance and have a more satisfying experience on the course.

Furthermore, senior golfers with slower swing speeds can derive significant advantages from the Teton hybrid driver, as it enables them to achieve considerably more distance with optimal effort.

II. My experience review with Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver

Teton HXD clubs got the look of a hybrid but swing like a driver. It caught my eye, and I thought I’d take it for a spin.

During my testing on the golf course, I noticed that Teton HXD doesn’t quite have the distance of my regular driver, but it does fly straight. 

teton hybrid driver look

The compact shaft gave me a bit more control over my swing, and the generous face is forgiving, even when my strike isn’t dead center. It might not be my go-to club every round, but when I am looking to keep it on the fairway, this club can make a difference.

However, it seems this club favors golfers with a smoother swing rather than power hitters. So if you’re the type who prefers to guide the ball down the fairway rather than trying to launch the ball high, then the Teton HxD might be right up your alley.

My test stats

ParametersTest stats
Ball speed147 mph
Launch angle16.2 degrees
Side spin94 L rpm
Backspin2628 rpm
Carry distance256 yards 

In order to better understand the performance of this club, I tested it in a simulator room equipped with a launch monitor.

The launch angle was measured at 16.2 degrees, an optimal range that enables the ball to attain significant height without sacrificing forward momentum. This factor, when combined with the ball speed of 147 mph, could generally contribute to increased carry distance.

The side spin was recorded at 94 L rpm, indicating a slight leftward deviation. Meanwhile, the backspin registered at 2628 rpm. This moderate backspin rate played a role in keeping the ball airborne for a longer duration, which in turn contributed to the overall carry distance.

Regarding carry distance, I achieved a maximum of 256 yards with the Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver. Given that my usual range is between 250-270 yards, this club didn’t provide a significant increase in distance. However, for beginners and seniors, this is a reasonable distance.

Overall, the accuracy and forgiveness of this club can compensate for the lack of other factors, such as distance and playability, at least for beginners and amateurs. 

While it may not have immediate and dramatic improvement, its consistency and control make it a reliable choice for those looking to improve their game.

III. Performance factors of Teton HXD hybrid driver

Here’s how the Teton HXD Oversized Hybrid Driver contributes to different areas of performance:

teton hybrid driver crown

1. Distance (Score 8/10)

This golf club has a unique shape resembling an oversized hybrid club, featuring a larger face that enables noteworthy distance on your shots

It particularly appeals to senior golfers who seek maximum distance without exerting excessive effort or with slow swing speed. But let’s keep it real here – if you’re a mid or low-handicap golfer, you might not experience any significant distance gains compared to your conventional driver.

2. Forgiveness (Score 9/10)

The Teton hybrid is designed with a shorter length compared to a driver, along with a larger hybrid face, giving it a distinct hybrid-like feel when addressing the ball.

This unique combination offers maximum forgiveness, surpassing expectations for this club. Personally, I found it challenging to manipulate the club’s performance, even when intentionally attempting to do so.

The ball trajectory produced by the Teton hybrid exhibits minimal spin and tends to roll out upon landing on the fairway.

However, golfers with faster swing speeds might experience increased spin rates when using this club, resulting in greater control over the golf ball.

3. Sound and Feel (Score 8/10)

As for the sound generated by the hybrid driver, it might not meet the conventional expectation of a pleasing or sweet sound. However, this aligns with the typical auditory experience associated with hybrid clubs.

Rather than a sharp, forceful impact, the sound resembles the ball being gently pressed against the face, resulting in a softer auditory feedback that distinguishes it from other clubs.

When you hit the ball right in the sweet spot of the face, the Teton hybrid provides a satisfyingly soft feel. Even on off-center strikes, it manages to maintain a decent level of performance, although not quite match the feel of those center strikes.

teton hybrid face

4. Workability (Score 8/10)

While the Teton HXD Hybrid Driver shines in terms of accuracy and launch, it might not be the ideal choice for players who aim to refine their shot shaping. 

The hybrid design, beneficial for loft and precision, could potentially limit the ability to intentionally control the trajectory of the ball.

For golfers who want to manipulate the flight of the ball and craft their shots, this driver might seem a bit restrictive. That said, for those who are focused on enhancing accuracy and consistency, the Teton HXD Hybrid Driver brings significant workability to the game.

5. Look (Score 7/10)

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver sports an oversized hybrid head, a design choice that may not appeal to all players. This larger head size can be off-putting for some, as it deviates from the conventional driver head look. 

It’s a noticeable difference and something that gives the Teton HXD a unique visual identity on the course. However, despite its unconventional appearance, this driver has its own charm.

IV. Features and benefits of Teton HXD Driver

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver boasts a range of features that aim to improve your performance on the golf course. Here’s an in-depth look at each:

1. Oversized Head

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver is designed with an oversized head, which offers a larger sweet spot. This results in higher forgiveness on off-center hits, allowing for more consistent shots even if the ball isn’t struck perfectly.

2. Shorter shaft length

The shaft of the Teton HXD Hybrid Driver is shorter than most traditional driver shafts, measuring just 42.5 inches. This feature provides increased control over the club, enhancing accuracy and boosting golfer confidence.

3. Tall face

The tall face of the Teton HXD Hybrid Driver helps increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI), reducing the likelihood of the club twisting during impact. This leads to straighter shots and improved consistency.

4. Titanium construction

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver is constructed from lightweight yet robust titanium. This material, known for its strength and durability, ensures that the club can withstand repeated use while also maximizing power transfer to the ball, resulting in high ball speed.

5. Hybrid technology

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver leverages hybrid technology, combining the best features of woods and irons. This technology allows the club to deliver the distance of a fairway wood with the control and ease of iron, making it a versatile addition to any golf bag. 

V. Is the Teton HxD Hybrid Driver legal in the tournament?

The Teton HxD Hybrid Driver is approved by the USGA and is deemed tournament legal, allowing you to use it confidently in any official golf event or tournament. However, it’s worth noting that it’s uncommon to see many golfers opting for this particular club in professional settings.

VI. Can you hit the Teton Hybrid Driver in the fairway?

Yes, the Teton Hybrid Driver can be effectively utilized to hit shots in the fairway due to its precision. While the hybrid driver is primarily intended for tee shots, it can also be used from the fairway. However, it may not be the optimal club choice for shots off the deck.

VII. Alternatives

The Teton HXD Hybrid Driver has garnered attention for its unique combination of driver power and hybrid accuracy. However, if you’re exploring other options, there are several alternatives worth considering:

1. PING G430 Max Driver

The PING G430 Max Driver is known for its high MOI, which leads to a straighter ball flight, even on mis-hits. This driver’s large profile and high-density back weight create the most forgiving driver in PING’s line, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking both distance and precision.

2. TaylorMade Stealth Driver

TaylorMade’s Stealth Driver features a Carbon twist composite face, which is a first in golf. This innovative design allows for a larger sweet spot and faster ball speeds across a wider area. The Stealth Driver also boasts a high MOI and low center of gravity, which help promote a mid-high launch and mid-low spin, resulting in maximum distance.

My Take

If you’re having difficulty hitting long drives consistently, consider the Teton HxD Oversized Hybrid Driver. While it might not achieve the rare maximum distance of your regular driver, it’s engineered to improve your fairway accuracy without significantly compromising on distance.

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