What Is A Cadet Golf Glove: How is different from Regular?

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove: How is different from Regular?

A cadet golf glove is specifically designed for golfers with wider palms and shorter fingers,  which makes a regular golf glove an ill-fitting choice. It’s projected that around 20% of golfers possess hand sizes that don’t comfortably fit into a standard golf glove. 

Consequently, playing with a glove that fits poorly can significantly impact performance negatively. Therefore, let’s delve into the potential alternate option: cadet gloves.

I. What is A cadet Golf glove?

A Cadet Golf Glove is a uniquely designed golf glove that is tailored to fit a specific hand shape. It comes with shorter finger lengths and wider palms and backs, making it an excellent choice for individuals with broader palms and shorter, wider fingers.

A significant number of golfers prefer cadet size gloves. By choosing the correct glove size, you not only enhance your comfort but also prevent frequent glove replacements, ultimately leading to cost savings.

II. Cadet vs regular golf gloves

The primary difference between cadet and regular golf gloves lies in their dimensions. Cadet and Regular golf gloves cater to different hand shapes. Regular gloves are designed for golfers with proportional hands, while Cadet gloves are designed for those with shorter fingers and wider palms.

Choosing the right type can enhance your comfort, increase the lifespan of your glove, and ultimately save you money. 

Here is a quick glance at the differences between Cadet and Regular golf gloves:

Category Cadet Golf GlovesRegular Golf Gloves
Finger lengthShorterProportional
Palm and back widthWiderProportional
Ideal forGolfers with wider palms and shorter fingersGolfers with proportional hand dimensions
Sizing Cadet sizes available for more precise fitRegular sizes available for average hand proportions

III. Cadet Golf Glove Size Charts

Cadet golf glove sizes vary from small to extra-large, while regular men’s golf gloves range from small to XXL. Although locating women’s cadet gloves can be challenging, women could potentially find a suitable fit within the men’s small to medium range.

We can see how different sizes of cadet gloves align with regular golf gloves. Additionally, the chart provides measurements for middle finger width and palm length, crucial factors in determining the right fit:

Cadet Glove SizesCorresponding Regular Glove SizesMiddle Finger WidthPalm Length
Cadet SmallWomen’s Large1 – 4 inches3 – 5 inches
Cadet MediumMen’s Small3 – 4 inches5 – 6 inches
Cadet Medium LargeMen’s Medium 4 – 5 inches6 – 7 inches
Cadet LargeMen’s Medium Large4 – 6 inches7 – 9 inches
Cadet Extra LargeMen’s Large5 – 7 inches8 – 9 inches

IV. What does an ideal fit feel like?

An ideal fit for a golf glove should feel comfortable and snug, enhancing your grip without restricting your hand’s natural movement. Here’s a brief guide and some key points to identify an ideally fitting golf glove:

  • Snug Fit: The glove should fit your hand comfortably without any loose material. It should feel like a second skin.
  • Seamless Contact: There should be no pinching or excess material at the fingertips. The glove should contact the end of each finger and thumb without bunching or stretching.
  • Flexible Movement: Despite its snug fit, the glove should not restrict your hand’s movement. You should be able to flex your hand and fingers freely.
  • Secure Closure: The closure (usually a Velcro tab) should secure around the wrist without being too tight or too loose.
  • Good Grip: An ideally fitting glove will enhance your club grip. It should provide a secure hold without slipping or needing to grip too hard.
  • Comfortable Feel: The glove should feel comfortable throughout your game, from the first tee to the final green. If it causes any discomfort or distraction, it’s not the right fit.

V. How to determine if you need a cadet golf glove?

The best way to determine if you need a cadet style glove is to measure the length of your middle finger and the width of your palm. Then, you can compare your measurements to a cadet golf glove size chart.

Another option is to try on a regular glove in your size. If it fits well, there’s no need to consider a cadet glove.

However, if the glove’s width is exceeded by your palm or if your fingers are too short for the glove, cadet style gloves would be the right choice.

1) How to measure your hand Size?

To ensure you choose the right glove size, measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand for length, and around your hand just below the knuckles (excluding your thumb) for width.

2) Is a cadet medium smaller than regular medium?

A cadet medium golf glove is typically smaller than a regular medium glove. The fingers of a cadet medium glove are shorter and the palm area is wider, making it the perfect cadet golf glove for those with these hand dimensions compared to a regular medium glove.

3) How much do cadet golf gloves cost?

The price of cadet size gloves varies based on the brand and quality. Basic cadet gloves typically range from $10 to $20, while higher-end gloves with advanced features can cost $30 or more.


From the clubs you use to the gloves you wear, every piece of equipment can significantly impact your game. With its specialized design and proportions, the cadet glove offers a better fit and comfort for individuals with unique hand shapes. A well-fitted golf glove can enhance grip, provide comfort, ensure protection, and increase durability, all contributing to a better golfing experience.


Which hand do you wear a golf glove?

Typically, right-handed golfers wear the glove on their left hand, while left-handed golfers wear it on their right hand.

Should you wear a glove while putting?

Whether to wear a glove while putting is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some golfers prefer to remove their glove for a better feel of the club, while others keep it on for consistency.

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