What Is A Golf Towel Used For? 6 Effective Ways Of Using A Towel

The club, golf balls, and towel are placed on the green grass of the golf course after cleaning.

Golf towels are one of the most essential accessories a golfer should carry. But what is a golf towel used for? This article explains everything about a golf towel.

Keeping a golf towel in your bag is as important as keeping other golf equipment like clubs and balls. A golf towel is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that can help golfers in a variety of situations.

This article gives a detailed breakdown of why golfers need a towel and what functions it serves on the golf course.

What is a golf towel used for? 

A golf towel is a versatile accessory to have in any golfer’s bag. You are mistaken if you think a golf towel is just a piece of cloth. Here are 5 effective ways of using a golf towel:

1. Cleaning a golf club

As you swing your club, dirt and grass can stick to your club’s head. A golf towel is perfect for quickly wiping off dirt and grass from the club head with a simple swipe.

Especially when playing on damp or wet courses, a towel is indeed useful to clean mud or water. Thus, a golf towel is a must-have to keep your golf clubs clean.

2. Wiping sweaty hands

Sweat is inevitable when playing golf, especially during hot weather or a long game. You need to keep your hands dry and sweat-free, so you don’t lose your grip on your golf club.

A towel is just the right piece of golf equipment to wipe away any sweat quickly and effectively. Take off your golf gloves, grab the towel, and clean your hands before your shot.

3. Cleaning dirty golf balls

The cleaner the golf ball is, the better it will fly. A golf towel is perfect for cleaning the dirt off golf balls. Rub the ball against the soft fabric of the towel, and it will be good as new. Before each hole, check your golf ball and clean it up with a towel for a better game.

4. Cleaning shoes

Your golf shoes may get very dirty when you are out on a golf course. A golf towel comes to your rescue once again. To clean dirt, grass, and mud from your shoes, rub them against the towel, and you will be good to go.

Cleaning your shoes not only helps you look presentable but also helps in better grip, which can be a deciding factor on the golf course. Additionally, keeping your shoes clean can make them last for multiple seasons.

5. Wiping grip

Typically, golf grips are made with polymer, rubber, or other synthetic materials that often get slippery due to sweat or climatic conditions.

Moist and slippery grips can affect your swing and impact your performance negatively. Wiping off moisture with a towel is an easy way to ensure that it remains clean and dry.

6. Wash your golf glove

After a good game, your gloves can get quite dirty and sweaty. A golf towel is perfect for washing your glove and making sure that they are ready for the next game. Grab a damp towel and gently rub the glove without damaging the fabric of the glove.

4 factors to consider before purchasing golf towels

A golf towel can be a simple or a complex piece of equipment, depending on your needs and preferences. Choosing the right towel is key to using it and efficiently making the most out of it. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing golf towels.

1. Type of material

Material is an obvious factor to consider when purchasing a golf towel. You need to make sure that the towel material is soft and absorbent enough to pull moisture away quickly. Typically, golf towels come in cotton, microfiber, or a blend of the two. However, we recommend microfiber towels for the following reasons:

  • Absorbs faster
  • Antimicrobial
  • Durable
  • Traps more dirt

2. Size

Golf towels come in a variety of sizes. However, you need to pick the one depending on your requirement. Choose a small towel to dry your hands.

On the other hand, you should choose a large-size towel to clean your golf club and ball. We would recommend you carry golf towels of both sizes for convenience and efficiency.

3. Attachment

Attachment is another factor that you need to pay attention to. If you are someone who likes to have their towel with them at all times, then you might want to pick one with a clip or attachment so that you can easily secure it to your golf bag.


A golf towel is an essential accessory for any golfer as it helps in cleaning your clubs and keeping your hands dry when gripping the club. With its versatile use, a golf towel is a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their game.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about golf towels:

Pro golfers carry multiple golf towels for wiping off sweat, cleaning balls and clubs, etc. However, we recommend you carry two towels- one for cleaning your clubs and another for wiping off sweat and dirt.

Standard golf bags have hooks or rings to attach the golf towel. If you use a cart bag, you can keep your towel in the side pocket.

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