Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

A golfer is playing golf wearing one golf glove

From providing a better grip on the club to reducing blisters, find out how wearing a glove can improve your golf game and make your experience on the green more comfortable.

A golf glove serves a primary purpose of enhancing grip. In instances of rain or sweaty hands, gripping a club with bare hands may cause the club to rotate during a swing. But why do golfers wear one glove only?

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind wearing one golf glove and how it affects the game of the golfers.

Why do golfers only wear one glove?

While swinging, the non-dominant hand, typically the left hand, generates the force and speed, while the right hand (dominant hand) directs the club face for a fluid connection with the ball. Since, the left or non-dominant hand is in charge of the club’s speed and power, golfers wear just one glove for added grip on their non-dominant hand.

If you play right-handed golf, you should wear a golf glove on your left hand. Left-handed golfers, on the other hand, wear a golf glove on their right hand. 

This is standard procedure. So, if you buy a golf glove, the package will state “Right” and include a glove for the left hand, and vice versa. Of course, like with anything in golf, wearing one (or two) golf gloves is a matter of personal preference.

Reasons to wear a golf glove

Golfers wear gloves for several reasons:

Improved Grip

Grip is the main benefit of wearing a golf glove. Since a golf glove is more adhesive than human skin, it helps in avoiding the twisting of the club in the golfer’s hand, especially in hotter conditions. In addition, a glove increases grip strength and friction with the club which is beneficial for players who utilize a looser grip. This enables them to play with more precision and consistency.

Preventing blisters

The constant rubbing of the club against the skin of the hand can cause blisters and calluses, which can be painful and affect the golfer’s grip. A glove provides a layer of protection between the skin and the club.

Keep hands dry

In certain weather conditions, when your hands sweat, the moisture can make it difficult to grip the golf club properly. This can affect your swing and overall performance.  Wearing a golf glove can help to absorb moisture from the hand while ensuring a sturdy swing.

Can golfers wear two golf gloves?

Absolutely, golfers are permitted to use two gloves while playing. In fact, wearing two gloves while playing golf is extremely typical, especially for people with sensitive skin or a predisposition to perspire frequently. Two gloves can increase grip, reduce the risk of blisters, and give the hands additional padding and support.

Golfers usually wear just one glove on their lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers and right hand for left-handed players), however some golfers like to wear two gloves (right hand for right-handed golfers and left hand for left-handed golfers). It is purely a matter of comfort and personal preference.

Note: Some golf clubs or courses may have dress regulations that dictate specific attire, including the use of one or two gloves. Just before playing, it’s usually a good idea to verify with the course or club.

How often do pros change golf gloves?

Professional golfers typically switch their gloves every few holes, or at least every round. 

However, many golfers carry extra gloves with them during a round or practice session due to the requirement to replace out their gloves as needed. In certain cases like grip loosening, golfers will even switch gloves in between swings for better grip. In the end, how often a golfer changes gloves will depend on their personal preferences, the particulars of the course, and the weather.

The purpose of holes in between fingers on a golf glove

In order to promote ventilation and moisture management, certain golf gloves contain holes between the fingers. For people who often perspire or who live in warmer areas, this feature is fantastic since it allows air to flow through the glove and keep hands dry.

Why do golfers put their gloves in their back pocket?

Most golfers take off their gloves after each swing, stash them in their back pockets, and head to their next ball. The removal of glove signifies a successful shot.

When not in use, golfers frequently store their gloves in their back pockets since it is a practical and accessible location. When putting on or taking off their gloves, golfers may easily access their gloves.

Furthermore, keeping the glove in the back pocket keeps it close at hand and secure, preventing loss or damage. Some golfers store their gloves in their back pockets to allow them to dry

Overall, folding up the glove in the rear pocket or golf bag is a matter of taste and is a useful approach to keep it accessible, dry, and secure throughout a round of golf.

Do any pro golfers not use a glove?

Although it is a standard practice among most players, certain professional golfers, such as Fred Couples, Rocco Mediate and Tommy Gainey choose not to wear gloves when playing. Some golfers don’t use gloves because they find them to be unpleasant or constrictive, among other reasons.

7 best golf gloves on the market

A solid golf glove will give players a secure grip on the club while minimizing blisters and calluses, making the game more enjoyable, especially if you hit the green frequently. 

A well-made glove also protects the hand while still allowing the golfer to feel the club naturally. The majority of golfers will wear a glove on their non-dominant hand, and a correct golf grip is purposefully light and tension-free. 

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Golfers use gloves to strengthen their grip on the club and limit the possibility of it slipping during the swing. Wearing golf gloves also aids in the prevention of blisters and calluses on the hand that handles the club. While not required, wearing a glove is a widespread habit among golfers of all skill levels. Hence, whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer, wearing a golf glove may just improve and enhance your game.

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