Callaway Warbird Golf Ball Review 2022

Two packs of Callaway warbird golf balls

Callaway Warbird golf balls are designed for players with moderate to slow swing speeds. This article highlights the features, benefits and our experience with this golf ball type.

Performance rating chart of the Callaway Warbird golf balls based on the experience review of the product.


Callaway is one of the best-known golf brands, and the Callaway Warbird golf ball is one of their most popular models.

The Warbird is a two-piece golf ball that packs a powerful punch. It was made to give a high launch and more distance at different swing speeds.

What sets the Warbird apart from other golf balls is its extra-large, high-energy core, which delivers a significant increase in distance and a powerful ball flight. 

This, along with the soft feel and HEX technology, has been a winning combination for golfers for years, and the latest model is no exception.

Callaway’s tagline for this ball is “designed for distance.” Does this live up to that promise? Read on to find out my personal experience with the Callaway Warbird golf ball and how it performs on the green.

Who is this ball suitable for? 

Callaway warbird golf balls certainly live up to their promise in terms of distance. It is designed for players with a slower swing speed who are looking for a ball that will give them more distance.

The Warbird golf ball is mainly designed for those who crave speed and distance off the tee. However, according to the manufacturer, this ball is perfect for players with moderate swing speeds and for beginners.

My Experience Review With Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

As a golf enthusiast with a moderate swing speed, I was interested in trying out the Callaway Warbird golf ball, which is specifically designed to provide speed and distance off the tee.

After using these golf balls for several rounds, I can say that they effectively deliver on the manufacturer’s advertised benefits.

When I first teed up with the Warbird, I immediately noticed an increase in my ball speed and distance compared to my current golf ball. 

During my testing, I found that the Warbird was able to give a decent amount of distance and a fairly straight ball flight, even when I hit it poorly. 

I would say that this forgiveness, along with the faster speed and longer distance, gives you confidence on the course and helps you get a better score overall.

My test stats

I used the Callaway Warbird golf balls on the golf course and in a simulator room with a launch monitor to see how well they performed. 

To test its performance on the course, I played with it from the tee and fairway, I was happy with its performance in all areas. 

Off the tee

The Callaway Warbirds played better than I thought they would from the tee box. The 2-piece design and higher compression gave the club a great bounce, which caused the ball to fly high and far.

Based on my personal experience with a moderate swing speed, I observed that the Callaway Warbird golf balls were capable of providing an additional 25-30 yards of distance when teeing off, indicating their effectiveness in optimizing distance.

From the fairway

Next, I moved off the tee and onto the fairway, I noticed a slight drop in the Callaway Warbird ball performance. Although they performed decently, they didn’t stand out as exceptional.

Overall, the balls functioned effectively for a 2-piece golf ball in terms of reaching the green, but the performance did not leave a strong impact on me compared to their performance off the tee.

ParametersTest stats using 7-ironTest stats driver
Ball speed106 mph131 mph
Launch angle21.1 degrees17.0 degrees
Spin5107 rpm2291 rpm
Peak height26 yards26 yards
Descent angle45 degrees35 degrees
Carry distance 150 yards217 yards
Total distance155 yards 235 yards 

As I said, I tried to test Callaway Warbird golf balls in a simulator and launch monitor with my 7-iron and driver to understand the ball’s performance better.  

Using my 7-iron, I was able to carry the ball a distance of 150 yards, which is a great distance for that club. The ball flight was strong and had a good rollout, resulting in a total distance of 155 yards.

I also tested the Callaway Warbirds with my driver, and I found their performance to be satisfactory. The ball reached a peak height of 26 yards and carried an impressive 217 yards. The spin rate of 2291 rpm was also very manageable, which allowed the ball to stay in the air longer and fly more consistently.

Overall, the Callaway Warbird golf balls exhibited a consistent ball flight, good distance, and manageable spin rates. Needless to say, I would recommend Callaway Warbird golf balls for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

In terms of performance

With its advanced design and technology, the Callaway Warbird golf ball delivers outstanding performance on the course. If you’re considering trying this ball, here’s a breakdown of the performance factors you can expect from the Callaway Warbird:

1. Feel and control (Grade B+)

I have found the Callaway Warbird golf ball to be notable for its feel and control. The optimized ionomer cover and large core combine to create a great feel and greenside control in a 2-piece design.

This makes it easy to adjust your swing and make the most of every shot, whether you’re hitting off the tee or going for a green in regulation. 

2. Distance (Grade B)

The high-energy core and advanced construction allow for a powerful ball flight that really takes off, helping you achieve longer and more accurate shots.

3. Launch (Grade A+)

The Warbird’s high-energy core also helps to promote a high launch at different swing speeds, making it a versatile golf ball that can be used by golfers of all skill levels. 

4. Durability and lifespan (Grade A+) 

The durability of the Callaway Warbird golf ball can be questionable as the ball is quite soft. However, the ionomer cover does give great protection most of the time. It shouldn’t bother a recreational golfer, but professionals may happen to experience issues with the ball’s lifespan.

Specifications of callaway warbird golf balls

Here are the specifications of Callaway Warbird Golf Balls that make them stand out:

1. Two-piece Construction

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is a 2-piece construction ball and comes in a pack of 12. Moreover, the two-piece construction usually consists of a high-energy core and an ionomer cover.

This type of construction in these balls make it exceptionally best not only for golfers who are mid-high handicappers but also for any golfers who can work well with any club above their 6 iron.

2. Ionomer cover

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is made of ionomer, which has a soft feel. The cover of the ball is quite thin, which provides good control. The ball has 332 dimples that helps in reducing drag and gives it a good lift. The Hex aerodynamic dimple design on the cover also provides a longer carry. 

Although it’s a low-spinning ball, it can provide an optimized flight angle with moderate swing speeds. Lastly, the Warbird logo on both sides of the lettering proves to be useful for alignment.

3. High-energy core

The core is made up of the extra large core. This core is of a solid rubber core, which is soft inside and provides good compression. The larger, softer core is engineered for maximum ball speed which leads to longer distance. This helps for a straight shot and ample rollout with drivers, irons, and wedges.

Features and benefits

The Callaway warbird balls are specially engineered for a great feel and more speed. But, the delta pattern design is an exceptional factor as it enhances more potential distance.

The benefits of these balls include maximum speed and high launch with feel. It also helps in getting more straighter and approach shots for the long game and short game. These balls feel really great and the core promotes high launch.

Hex Aerodynamics

The HEX Aerodynamics design reduces drag and promotes the launch angle for more carry. This is the reason why the new Callaway Warbird golf ball has an improved speed, more hang time, and good distance without sacrificing the spin side control in this ball.


The Warbird is a 90 compression ball, making it one of the firmest on the market. This Ultra-high compression core helps generate long distance and ball speed for golfers with a slow swing speed. 


As the company recently upgraded its product there are two available versions of the ball on the market.

  • Callaway Warbird.
  • Callaway Warbird 2.0

Color available

If you are particular about the style, the ball is available in two colors.

  • White.
  • Yellow ( for enhanced visibility and style)

Quick Glimpse of Features and Benefits of Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

Features Benefits
2-piece construction for high ball speed and accuracyExcellent choice for moderate swing speeds and helps you hit longer
High energy core and Ionomer coverDesigned to hit the ball farther with long lasting cover
HEX Aerodynamics packageHelps in reducing drag and enhances feel for approach shots

Whether or not to buy this ball

After knowing the features and benefits of the ball, we think you are all set to purchase one for yourself. But, before that do check out the below mentioned key points that are totally based on our test and experience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Maximum distance with a good ball speed
  • Great greenside control
  • Affordable price
  • Quite responsive

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not suitable for low handicappers
  • Slightly higher trajectory
  • Doesn’t provide enough spin on the greens

Alternatives to Callaway Warbird 

Choosing the right ball for you is not really an easy task. So, keeping this in mind, we have mentioned some of the alternatives that you can also consider while purchasing distance balls.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

The Titleist Velocity golf balls are specially designed for high launch and low spin. These balls are the best balls on the market, with a mid-range compression of 65. The balls are suitable for all skill levels of golfers.

Titleist Velocity golf balls have 350 octahedral dimple designs, which promotes high and consistent trajectory. You can consider these balls as an alternative, but the only drawback they have is they spin less around the greens.

Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Balls

When we talk about the mid-swing speed players, these balls are their top choice. The tour velocity distance is not as popular as other balls, but it is really an excellent distance ball. It has a high-energy compression core that helps in hitting the ball with long and short golf clubs. 

Moreover, the Wilson tour velocity distance ball fits in every budget and delivers maximum roll and distance but feels a little firm in the case of greens.

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Distance+ balls are one of the most popular and recommended balls on the market. The soft ionomer cover and reactive core are specially engineered for compression and enhanced durability. These balls are similar to high-performing balls and are a great alternative to Callaway at a lower cost.

My take

The Callaway Warbird golf ball is a great option for those looking for an affordable yet high-performing golf ball. It promotes maximum speed and a high launch, resulting in maximum distance.

Additionally, the Warbird provides a supreme feel, making it a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. So if you’re looking for a golf ball that offers great value for the price, then you need to try the new Callaway Warbird.

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