Golftec Review – Are The Lessons Worth It?

Golftec Review - Are The Lessons Worth It?

GolfTec lessons might come with a hefty price tag, but the personalized coaching, data-driven insights, and customized game plan come together to form a winning formula for success out on the course.

I. Summary: What is Golftec all about?

Golftec, a multinational company, offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your golf game through a unique blend of advanced technology and expert coaching.

One of Golftec’s standout features is its commitment to personalized coaching. At the core of their offerings lies a bespoke game plan meticulously tailored to your golfing needs.

With Golftec, you have the flexibility to sign up for continual gameplan lessons spanning three, six, or twelve months. Alternatively, if you prefer a more focused approach, you can explore individual lesson packs designed to fix specific aspects of your game. 

Here is an overview of Goltec lessons: 

Available locationsUSA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, and Hong Kong
Golftec swing analysis pricing 2023$150
Golftec Lessons Cost 2023$100-120 per lesson
Golf tec pricing for club fitting 2023$150

II. Services included in Golftec lessons

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program; rather, it offers personalized coaching. Here are the services you can expect from Golftec lessons:

  • Expert coaching
  • Structured lessons
  • Swing Evaluation
  • Golf Club fitting
  • Video practice sessions
  • Personalized game plans
  • Data-driven insights 

III. Are Golftec lessons worth the money?

The Golftec lessons are expensive compared to other options, but well worth it for the personalized coaching they offer. The blend of technology woven into the coaching process, coupled with expert guidance, resulted in the substantial improvement that dedicated golfers aspire to achieve.


  • Customized club fitting
  • Useful studio setting with video feedback
  • Effective swing training support
  • Guidance from expert coaches
  • Robust technology for swing diagnosis
  • Data-driven club recommendations based on extensive analysis


  • Expensive compared to other lessons
  • Experience may vary from coach to coach
  • Fixed completion timeframe
  • Mandatory lesson package purchase

Overall rating: 9/10 

IV. How do Golftec lessons work?

With the buzz surrounding Golftec lessons piquing my curiosity, I was determined to up my golf game. However, before you jump into reading my experience with Golftec lessons, let me walk you through the steps to start the lessons with Golftec:

  • Assigns a personal coach
  • Golf swing evaluation
  • Setting goals and a game plan
  • Club fitting 
  • Starting lessons

V. My experience with Golftec lessons

I live in Pittsburgh, so I headed to the Golftec website to locate the nearest studio. With my slot reserved and excitement brewing, I delved into the Golftec studio to discover how this whole thing works. Now, here is how it went in each stage of the process: 

1. My personal coach

First things first, my GolfTec journey kicked off with a personal coach being assigned to me. All of GolfTec instructors are certified and friendly, and my coach proved to be no exception. He was well-versed in the art of golf wizardry and had a deep understanding of GolfTec’s top-notch technology. 

In our conversation, I got the sense that these coaches undergo weeks of rigorous training, honing their coaching skills and mastering the art of club fitting, all to ensure they’re fully equipped to fine-tune your swing.

However, this might change from person to person or from center location to another. 

2. My swing evaluation

After your coach assignment, the next step is a swing evaluation. The swing evaluation starts with the coach wanting to know the current state of your game. 

He told me to wear golf shoes and other usual accessories, just like I would on the course. Then, I took 10 swings using different golf clubs. This swing evaluation felt like my coach was delving right into the core of my golfing essence.

They wanted the full scoop on my game, the highs when I’m nailing it and the lows when I’m wrestling with the rough. This insider info set the scene for the next chapter in the playbook.

Swing Evaluation by Golftec

3. Setting my goals and selecting a game plan

Together with your coach, you set achievable goals and create a customized game plan. This strategic approach keeps you focused and motivated. Now, about those expenses, let’s not lose our focus just yet – I’ll circle back to that.

4. My Golftec lessons experience review

With my game plan in hand, it was time to jump into the lessons. Alongside my coach, I focused on refining the finer points, aiming to address and improve my weaknesses under his guidance. 

The indoor sessions took on an almost laboratory-like atmosphere, complete with technology, cameras, and screens meticulously tracking every facet of my swings. This innovative approach allowed me to pinpoint areas for improvement with remarkable precision, giving me a solid foundation to build upon.

But the excitement didn’t stay confined to the indoor setup alone. Once a week, my coach switched things up, leading us to local Pittsburgh golf courses instead of the usual Golftec spot. 

During these outdoor golf lessons, we embarked on a 9-hole journey. While we didn’t have an in-depth analysis of my golf swing, my coach focused on fine-tuning my alignment and engaging in insightful discussions about golf clubs and shot choices.

I vividly recall one instance where I struggled with a challenging lie while attempting a shot. My coach’s expertise shone through as he made subtle adjustments to my approach, resulting in a visible improvement when I took another swing. 

After mastering those short game lessons indoor, there’s a unique authenticity in diving into the nitty-gritty of the rough and bunkers. Shifting from rehearsed simulations to the real golf course experience has been an absolute thrill.

While this collaborative journey with my coach has undoubtedly helped me, there’s a possibility of undergoing a coaching transition. In some cases, your original instructor might be replaced, potentially affecting the rapport and continuity you’ve established. 

However, in a nutshell, I was happy I signed up for Golftec lesson. 

VI. How much do Golftec lessons cost? 

As I mentioned, I am here to give you the Golftec pricing details. Here is a list:

  • Before you kick off your GolfTec lesson journey, you’ll first need a swing analysis, which usually costs around $150.
  • When it comes to the lessons, they usually come in packs, with each lesson falling within the range of $100 to $120 on average.

Now, let’s delve into the package options:

  • Game Plan 3 – 10: This includes a total of 10 lessons, and you have the flexibility to complete them over a span of 3 months.
  • Game Plan 12 – 52: In this package, you’ll have a total of 52 lessons designed to be taken throughout the course of an entire year.

While the Game Plan 12 – 52 option might have a higher upfront cost, it could potentially translate to a lower cost per lesson when compared to the Game Plan 3 – 10. The prices might vary from state to state due to varying tax rates.

VII. Golftec technology and benefits

Golftec is committed to fusing expertise and technology to help you learn and master your golf game in a whole new dimension. I will walk you through some of the technological advancements I have experienced in my lessons at golftec.

1. Launch monitor

Getting with the times, Golftec has brought the launch monitor action to their studios. This device provides a deep dive into your swing dynamics, offering insights into critical metrics like ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. With this data, you can fine-tune your technique for maximum impact.

However, I gotta admit, launch monitors are pretty common in the golf world, so it wasn’t a big surprise for me. But let me tell ya, what really got me excited were the other technologies they got.

2. Video cameras

Multiple high-speed cameras capture your swing from various angles, transforming your lesson into a visual experience. This real-time footage serves as a powerful tool for analysis and improvement.

3. Motion measurement technology

GolfTec’s Motion Measurement technology was a revelation. It dissected every facet of my swing – from posture to wrist angles. This granular analysis unveiled hidden flaws, allowing focused improvement. Witnessing my swing in such detail was pivotal for honing my technique and rectifying long-standing issues.

4. Practice button box

The Practice Button Box became my swing companion at GolfTec. With a simple press, I could capture and review my swings without leaving the hitting bay. Its convenience allowed me to focus on refining my technique, making practice more efficient and targeted. A small device that made a big difference.

Golftec Hitting Bay

5. Tecswing interface

The Tecswing interface in GolfTec classes proved to be a game-changer for me. It seamlessly merged insights from Motion Measurement technology and HD cameras, allowing my coach to provide informed guidance.

Reviewing my swing data on Tecswing made it easier to grasp my progress and tailor lessons to my needs, fueling my improvement journey.

6. Tecfit Integration

TECFIT takes all the data from your swing, club, and launch monitor – mashing them all together, just like mixing a mean cocktail. What comes out is a custom combo of lofts, lie angles, shafts, and clubhead designs, all tailor-made to match your unique golf swing.

It feels like a symphony of precision, fine-tuned just for you. And let me tell ya, it’s not like they’re throwing darts blindly here, it’s like they got a secret formula for success that’s gonna take your game to a whole new level.

7. Tecputt

Tecputt is a tool designed to analyze your putting stroke. This nifty tech dissects your putting stroke, breaking it down into every little detail. It’s like shining a spotlight on those sneaky nuances that can make or break your game on the greens.

With Tecputt, I felt like I was getting a masterclass in the art of putting, helping me fine-tune my stroke and step up my game in that all-important aspect of play.

8. GolfTec Clubhouse access

As your GolfTec journey unfolds with lesson credits, the GolfTec Clubhouse steps in as your golfing dashboard. It’s a treasure trove of past session notes and feedback, now enhanced with game improvement tracking and skill challenges. 

The Clubhouse doesn’t stop at insights, it simplifies lessons and fitting bookings, all at your fingertips.

VIII. Who should take GolfTec lessons?

GolfTec lessons are a slam dunk for anyone looking to improve their golf game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just teeing off for the first time, GolfTec’s got something to offer. It’s not about your skill level – it’s about that drive to improve and the passion for the game.

However, I would recommend mid and low-handicappers who want a deeper understanding of swing mechanics to try out these lessons.

My take

Golftec lives up to its reputation as a hub of golf improvement. While the cost and tech-driven approach might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the results speak for themselves. 

If you’re committed to taking your golf skills to new heights and are willing to spend some bucks for innovation, Golftec could be the transformative experience you’re looking for. 

One piece of advice I’d like to emphasize is to carefully choose your center and coach, as the experience can vary significantly.

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