TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Review 2023 (New And Updated)

TaylorMade Sim 2 Max Driver
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Taylormade SIM2 MAX Driver

The SIM2 lineup offers value for golfers with older drivers seeking forgiveness and versatility across its three models. However, those already using SIM drivers might not see substantial overall performance gains.

taylormade sim2 max driver
Distance 10
Forgiveness 10
Playability 9
Looks 9
Sound & Feel 9


  • Solid feel without harsh vibrations
  • Vibrant blue accents
  • Higher launch and lower spin for max distance
  • Promotes increased club head speed
  • Improved forgiveness compared to SIM Max


  • Limited advancements compared to the SIM Max driver
  • 12° loft is unavailable for left-handed golfers

I. Is TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Worth It?

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver is worth considering, particularly for mid-high handicappers, due to its focus on energy transfer enhancement upon impact. This leads to improved ball speed and overall performance.

The driver offers forgiveness and alignment features that can benefit players seeking consistency in their shots. Additionally, the potential for increased distance adds to its appeal.

Notably, the driver doesn’t exhibit any significant weaknesses that could hinder your golf gameplay. However, it is not available for left-handed golfers.

II. My Experience Review With TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

I previously tested the TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, and my experience with it was satisfactory. Consequently, with the release of the SIM2 Max, I decided to assess its improvements over its predecessor.

Off the tee, the SIM2 Max Driver demonstrated reliability in sending straight shots down the fairway. Its forgiving nature instilled confidence, even with off-center hits having a decent chance of landing well. The balance between forgiveness and distance provided a reassuring swing.

In terms of shot shaping, the SIM2 Max offered a moderate level of workability. While not as extreme as the SIM2, I managed to effectively incorporate draws and fades. 

It’s not a master shot shaper, but it provides sufficient flexibility for navigating obstacles and different hole layouts, particularly suitable for mid-handicappers. Moreover, it displayed better playability compared to the SIM Max.

The stock shaft options encouraging a higher launch played a significant role. This allowed confident pin attacks and hazard management. The consistent high ball flight stood out, aiding accurate approach shots. 

Adapting to lower shots, the SIM2 Max worked well for punch shots, though it’s not its primary strength. With finesse, I maintained lower ball trajectories, proving useful during windy conditions and when maneuvering around tree branches.

Negotiating fairway bunkers was eased by the SIM2 Max’s forgiveness on off-center hits. Even slightly mis-hit shots covered respectable distances and managed to return to the fairway, thanks to the additional ball speed and forgiveness.

My Test Stats

To delve deeper into the driver’s performance, I conducted tests using a launch monitor, yielding the following average shot statistics:

ParametersTest Stats
Ball speed168.5 mph
Launch angle12.3 degrees
Back spin2287 RPM
Side angle-1.3 degrees 
Carry distance303 yards
Total distance 321 yards 

The driver’s ability to generate notable ball speed was evident, resulting in energetic shots off the face. This ball speed played a significant role in achieving the distances.

The launch angle was noteworthy, striking a balance between carry and roll, creating a commanding flight that covered substantial distances and landed softly for better approach shot control.

TaylorMade Sim Max 2 Driver Face

Back spin levels indicated a healthy spin rate, adding stability and predictability to shots in the air. This consistency minimized deviations during flight, contributing to accurate shot dispersion.

The side angle data showed a slight draw bias, adding a controlled curve that facilitated navigation around course obstacles without compromising control.

The carry distance stood out as shots sailed down the fairway, a result of combined factors including ball speed, launch angle, and spin control.

Total distance highlighted the driver’s comprehensive attributes. The synergy of ball speed, launch angle, and spin produced notable carry and roll, resulting in shots that covered considerable distances, potentially facilitating shorter approach shots to the greens. 

Overall, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver offers a multi-dimensional enhancement to the golfing experience.

III. Performance factors of SIM 2 Max Driver

Having taken the SIM lineup for a spin, whenever I dive into the performance factors, I can’t help but draw connections between this TaylorMade driver and its earlier models. 

So, you might catch a few comparisons popping up here and there in this review of the new driver:

1. Distance (Score 10/10)

The Inertia Generator design appeared to enhance aerodynamics throughout my swing, which seemed to contribute to increased ball speed and added distance. 

The ball speed measurements were on par with those of the SIM2 driver and slightly superior to the SIM Max. I observed an average gain of approximately five yards in total distance compared to the SIM Max driver.

2. Forgiveness (Score 10/10)

The SIM2 Max displays greater forgiveness compared to the SIM. My mis-hits exhibited improved results with this driver, and even less-than-perfect mis-hits often remained within the fairway. From my standpoint, the SIM2 Max stands as one of the more forgiving drivers currently available.

3. Playability (Score 9/10)

Coupled with the stock shaft options that encourage a higher launch, I observed a reliable and consistent higher ball flight with a neutral shot shape. If you’re looking to shape shots, there’s some flexibility available.

Nonetheless, unless you’re aiming for extreme shot shaping, the SIM2 Max is likely to meet the needs of the majority of players.

4. Sound and feel (Score 9/10)

The SIM2 Max delivers a solid crack upon striking the ball. This club offers not only a satisfying sound but also a decent feel. 

TaylorMade Sim Max 2 Driver Address

Despite its forgiving design, the SIM2 Max driver provides clear feedback through the hands. You can easily identify where the ball made contact with the face, keeping you in tune with your shots.

5. Looks (Score 9/10)

The SIM2 Max driver incorporates vibrant blue accents that enhance its visual appeal. With familiar design elements, including a slightly larger footprint, subtle elongation at the back of the head, and a slightly shallower face, it maintains the classic TaylorMade look.

The signature dark carbon crown and contrasting color near the leading edge add a modern touch. If you’re drawn to a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, the SIM2 Max driver’s vibrant blue accents stand out.

IV. Features and benefits of SIM 2 Max Driver

Here’s a breakdown of the features of the TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver and their potential impact on your game:

1. Forged Ring Construction

The Forged Ring Construction introduces a new dimension to the golf industry by precisely enhancing energy transfer, resulting in improved ball speed and overall performance, potentially leading to longer drives.

It incorporates lightweight, high-strength aluminum that wraps around the club’s back in an exacting shape, effectively saving weight and boosting forgiveness for off-center hits.

2. SIM Inertia Generator

The SIM Inertia Generator, featuring a 24g tungsten weight in the rear and a TPS weight on the sole, enhances stability and forgiveness by modifying the club’s geometry.

This adjustment aims to reduce the impact of mishits by creating smoother and more consistent ball flights.

3. Speed Injected Twist Face

The Speed Injected Twist Face technology is designed to control spin and direction, ensuring shots stay within the legal speed limit and maintain accuracy, even when not perfectly centered. 

This feature promotes straighter, more accurate shots, particularly on off-center hits.

TaylorMade Sim Max 2 Driver Sole

4. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

For distance seekers, the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket feature aims to reduce drag on the clubhead during contact, particularly on lower face hits. 

This could potentially result in higher launch angles and increased yardage.

5. Split Mass Weighting

The integration of the Split Mass Weighting design, featuring a massive rear weight along with a complementary TPS weight on the sole, serves as a crucial element in elevating shot control. 

This arrangement contributes to a well-balanced club head that fosters optimal impact dynamics. 

Through the meticulous implementation of custom weighting, forgiveness is magnified, and spin properties are fine-tuned. This synergy results in enhanced control over ball flights and a reduction in undesired curves.

V. Stock information

The SIM2 Max driver is available in three standard lofts: 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. While the 9 and 10.5-degree lofts are available for both right and left-handed golfers, the 12-degree loft is not available for left-handed golfers.

As an alternative, left-handed golfers can opt for a lower-degree loft and then adjust loft sleeve mechanism.

  • Available stock shafts: Fujikura Ventus Blue (for mid-high launch) and KURO KAGE Silver (for mid-launch) Aldila Silver 60 X-stiff shaft (Custom option)
  • Available stock grip: TM Z600

VI. Alternatives

When considering alternatives to the TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver, two options worth exploring are the PING G430 Max Driver and the Srixon ZX5 Driver. Let’s delve into each of these alternatives:

1. Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max Driver offers both forgiveness and longer drives. It’s designed for players who want these benefits. The driver has a feature that lets you adjust the weight on the sole easily, so you can customize it the way you like.

This is especially helpful for new golfers and those who struggle with slices. It’s also great for stability and forgiveness. The Epic Max driver has an A.I. Designed Jailbreak Speed Frame that adds to its performance improvements.

2. Srixon ZX5 Driver

Featuring a carbon crown and adjustable hosel, the Srixon ZX5 Driver is a valuable contender for mid-high handicap golfers in search of a game-improvement driver.

This driver strikes a balance between forgiveness and affordability, designed meticulously to elevate the performance of golfers. 

The carbon crown contributes to the driver’s optimized weight distribution, potentially enhancing launch conditions and overall playability.

My Take

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver presents a well-rounded package for golfers. It offers a solid feel, potential for increased club head speed, and noticeable forgiveness improvement over its predecessor. 

While not a drastic departure from previous models, it delivers a balanced performance that can benefit players seeking enhanced distance and accuracy.

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