David Leadbetter StraightAway Swing Aid Review (2023 Top Pick)

StraightAway Swing Aid

I. What is a StraightAway swing aid?

The StraightAway swing aid is a training tool designed to help golfers improve their swing mechanics and achieve a straighter shot. It focuses on the principles of David Leadbetter’s swing theories and provides visual and tactile feedback to assist golfers in developing a more accurate and consistent swing.


  • Focuses on key swing fundamentals: takeaway and backswing
  • Useful for post-surgery recovery and limited mobility practice
  • Offers a structured approach for repeatable takeaway motion
  • Provides realistic feedback for gradual improvement


  • Concentrates on initial movement, neglecting overall swing
  • Effectiveness varies with different swing styles
  • Risk of dependency, hindering self-correction development

II. Is StraightAway swing aid worth it?

The StraightAway swing aid is all about refining those essential swing basics. If you’re recovering from surgery or dealing with limited mobility, this device could be your practice partner. It sets you on a solid path for a consistent takeaway motion – and the real-time feedback it provides is a positive feature.

However, its effectiveness might vary based on your swing style. Sure, it’s a handy tool, but here’s the thing: there’s a chance you could become a tad too reliant on it, potentially slowing down your ability to self-correct.

The Straightaway swing aid is worth considering if you’re a mid-high handicapper or facing mobility issues.

Overall Rating – (8.5/10)

III. My experience with StraightAway swing aid

My trainers always point out that I tend to unknowingly slip into the chicken wing and club inside issues. 

So, when the buzz started about the Straightaway swing aid being a potential game-changer, I couldn’t help but wonder – does it truly live up to its claims? Priced at around 80 bucks, truth be told, it doesn’t look like much – just a piece of plastic.

However, I still thought maybe I should give it a try on the golf course. After all, we never know what a little gadget can achieve. I just didn’t want to dismiss it without trying, so I went ahead and gave it a whirl.

Now, let’s set the record straight – this isn’t a miraculous wand that instantly upgrades you to a pro golfer. But, I’ll be honest, it’s got its perks. Getting it onto my club was a breeze, and it settled in snugly and securely. No awkward fumbling, which is always a promising start.

As I swung, that small yellow arrow became my guiding star. 

David Leadbetter Straightaway Swing Aid Review
For a Perfect Tour Takeaway – The yellow guide arrow will point straight away from you while being parallel to an alignment stick on the ground.

Did it perform magic and turn my swing into perfection? Not quite. But here’s where it gets intriguing. It honed in on my takeaway – you know, that crucial initial motion that often slips under the radar. And guess what? It worked. It helped me align that club head right from the start.

Did it make a difference? Definitely, it did. That solid takeaway translated into a more consistent swing. But let’s not overlook the flip side – it also nudged me about over-relying on it. There’s a fine line between support and dependence, and I quickly realized the need to mix it up so it doesn’t turn into a crutch.

And here’s the thing – it’s not a universal remedy. Swing styles are all over the map, and this aid’s effectiveness hinges on that fact. It doesn’t read minds; it’s a tool that collaborates with your unique swing style.

IV. Key features and benefits of StraightAway swing aid

The Straightaway swing aid boasts an array of key features and benefits. Here’s a rundown:

1. Fixes swing faults at the core: The Takeaway

The Straightaway swing training aid hones in on a fundamental aspect of the swing – the correct takeaway position. It claims to address the root cause of many swing faults by focusing on this critical phase.

2. Effortless setup

One advantage of the Straightaway is its easy setup. It’s designed to be clipped onto any club swiftly, so you can spend more time practicing and less time figuring out how to use it.

3. Practice flexibility

Whether you’re working on your practice swings or hitting actual shots, the Straightaway accommodates both scenarios, providing you with feedback and insights.

4. Real-time feedback

An interesting feature is its ability to offer instant feedback about your takeaway position. If it helps you replicate the ideal takeaway that pros use, it could be a valuable tool.

5. Strong start for a strong swing

The Straightaway’s emphasis on getting your hands and club head right from the start might contribute to a smoother overall golf swing.

6. Tempo Harmony

By synchronizing your arms and body, the Straightaway aims to assist in achieving a consistent swing tempo, a factor often sought after by golfers.

7. Reducing Mid-Swing fixes

Another touted benefit is the potential to eliminate the need for mid-swing corrections. A solid takeaway can pave the way for a more seamless downswing.

8. Short game enhancement

While primarily focusing on full swing, the Straightaway’s potential to enhance chipping and pitching skills could be a welcomed bonus for golfers looking to improve their all-around golf game.

V. Why Is the Swing Aid Called the StraightAway?

This aid aligns straight down the shaft during setup, similar to the 6 o’clock position on an imaginary clock face. As you swing, the yellow arrow directs towards 9 o’clock (3 o’clock for lefties) on the same clock face. Using an aim stick as your guide, you secure the perfect Tour Takeaway.

When correctly set, the arrow aligns inside and parallel to the stick, confirming the precision of your takeaway. This is why it’s aptly named “Straightaway” – embodying the pursuit of a seamless, straight-line start.

Notably, its design is centered around aiding golfers in achieving a precise and straight takeaway position. The name reflects its emphasis on setting a solid foundation for a consistent swing right from the start.

VI. Is it easy to use the straightAway?

Yes, using the Straightaway swing aid is designed to be straightforward. The aid easily clips onto your club, and its alignment system provides visual cues to guide your takeaway.

VII. How to set up your straightAway swing aid?

Here are the steps to set up your StraightAway swing aid:

  1. Clip the Straightaway onto the club shaft, about 2” above the grip. Right-handers point the SA up, while left-handers point it down.
  2. Align the red arrow downward, pointing it straight to 6 o’clock on the imaginary clock face. Tighten both screws for secure placement.
  3. Address the ball and position an alignment stick or club on your toe line, parallel to the target line. 
  4. Make sure your toes touch the stick for accurate visual alignment.
  5. Begin your backswing by moving your core (belly button) while keeping the left arm connected to your chest.
  6. Shift the butt end of the club and hands slightly inside toward your right thigh. Feel the clubhead tracking slightly inside the target line, resembling a small circle within a larger one.
  7. The club’s butt end (around 9 inches, depending on the club) should move within a short distance around your right hip pocket. The clubhead’s movement varies, with a maximum of around 36 inches.
  8. Pause and check a crucial position. Looking down, verify that the yellow arrow is parallel to and inside the alignment stick on your toes. 
  9. The yellow arrow should point Straightaway toward 9 o’clock (3 o’clock for left-handers). This stance signifies the Tour Takeaway Position: hands in, club out. The yellow arrow must align with the stick on the ground, neither veering right nor left.
  10. Practice the connected core movement, ensuring the yellow arrow points at 9 o’clock. 
  11. Reach this position and hit balls from here. Essentially, you’re dividing the swing into two parts: the takeaway and the rest leading to the finish.
Straightaway Swing Aid – How it works

VIII. Does the StraightAway Only Work for David Leadbetter’s Swing Theories?

While the Straightaway swing aid is linked to David Leadbetter’s principles, its scope isn’t confined to his theories alone. The fundamental concept of a strong takeaway, where the club head, hands, and body synergize to initiate the swing, is widely endorsed among swing trainers.

The subsequent phases of the swing, whether they lean towards flat, upright, one plane, or two planes, display diversity, just as we observe among top professional players. Regardless of the theoretical approach, the foundation of a solid start remains crucial for constructing a consistent and good swing.

In essence, unlike most training aids, the Straightaway swing aid’s value extends beyond specific theories to enhance that essential launch of your swing.

IX. Conclusion

While it’s not a magical solution, hitting balls with the Straightaway swing aid did help me rectify my swing issues. However, while it does impact your initial swing aspects like takeaway and backswing, it doesn’t contribute significantly to the overall swing correction. 

Hence, if refining your initial swing is your primary focus, this tool holds value and is worth contemplating.

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