Wilson D9 Hybrid Review

Wilson D9 Hybrid Review
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Wilson D9 Hybrid

The Wilson D9 Hybrid provides solid performance and attractive aesthetics at an affordable price, making it a competitive option among higher-priced hybrids. While there may be hybrids with greater distance capabilities, the D9 stands out for its consistency and forgiveness.

wilson d9 hybrid
Distance 7
Forgiveness 9
Workability 8
Looks 9
Sound & Feel 6


  • Sleek design when addressing the ball
  • Forgiving and easy to use
  • Offers great value for money


  • Inconsistent spin rates
  • Feel and sound could be better

I. Is Wilson d9 Hybrid Worth It?

The Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid is a high-quality and versatile club designed to provide golfers with enhanced forgiveness. It is particularly well-suited for beginners and high handicappers who often struggle with long iron shots. 

Its precise head shape promotes confidence at address and allows for precise shot-making capabilities, ensuring players can easily navigate various lies and conditions.

This club offers consistent ball flight and an appealing aesthetic that significantly benefits your game. Additionally, its affordable price point makes it a worthwhile investment considering the level of performance it delivers. 

II. My experience review with Wilson D9 Hybrid

Earlier, I tested Wilson D9 forged irons and had a good time playing with them. This time, I was eager to get my hands on the Wilson D9 Hybrid and see how it performs on the golf course. 

Upon my initial examination, the aesthetics of the Wilson D9 hybrid were pleasing, and as I took my first swing, I quickly noticed its forgiving characteristics.

The club proves to be a versatile and reliable option across a range of on-course situations, including approach shots, challenging lies, and shots from the rough. This adaptability can be attributed to the club’s well-designed structure and incorporated technology, equipping golfers with the necessary tools to excel in different scenarios.

However, I did observe that the club’s performance in terms of distance did not necessarily provide any noticeable gains. To gain further insight into this concern, I decided to conduct a more thorough analysis of my shots using an indoor setting with a launch monitor.

My test stats

Ball speed124.7 mph
Club head speed87.6 mph
Smash factor1.42 
Backspin3352 rpm
Carry distance180.2 yards
Total distance181.7 yards 

The Wilson D9 hybrid demonstrated notable ball speed, averaging at 124.7 mph, indicating its potential for generating power and energy transfer upon impact. Additionally, the club head speed, averaging 87.6 mph, felt relatively lightweight and allowed for a decent swing speed, enhancing overall power. 

The smash factor, measuring the efficiency of energy transfer, yielded a solid value of 1.42. This indicated clean ball strikes and resulted in a good amount of power. 

Wilson D9 Hybrid Shot

However, I observed a slight drawback concerning backspin. My shots produced a backspin of 5325 rpm, which is relatively high. This affected the distance achieved as the ball tended to balloon in the air and experienced reduced carry. A lower backspin would have been preferable for increased distance. 

In terms of distance, the carry distance averaged 182.2 yards, with a total distance of 184.7 yards. 

Although respectable, the high backspin raised questions about the overall distance potential. It is worth noting that the club exhibited forgiveness and launch capabilities, as indicated by the decent carry distance. 

III. In terms of Performance Factors 

To evaluate the impact of each factor on the performance of the Wilson D9 Hybrid on the golf course, a thorough analysis is required. 

1. Distance (Score – 7/10)

The Wilson D9 Hybrid offers satisfactory distance, although it may not be the longest hybrid in its class. 

While most shots with this club provide good distance, there may be instances where some shots fall slightly short. This could be attributed to the spin, which at times tends to be higher and leads to a loss of distance.

2. Forgiveness (Score -9/10)

The Wilson D9 hybrid shines in terms of forgiveness. Even when golfers make off-center hits, the club demonstrates a high level of forgiveness, reducing the impact on both distance and accuracy. 

This forgiveness feature enables golfers of all skill levels to enjoy consistent performance and maintain better control over their shots

3. Workability (Score – 8/10)

The Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid is designed to provide golfers with a good deal of workability. It’s ideal for shaping shots and working the golf balls around corners. 

The club head is well-balanced, which makes it easier to control the direction of the ball. It offers a lot of versatility on the course. 

4. Looks (Score – 9/10)

The Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid has an appealing and modern design with a sleek black matte finish on the head.

Wilson D9 Hybrid Clubhead

It stands out among other hybrids on the market and has a classic shape with a compact head, providing it with a definitive appearance.

5. Sound and Feel (Score – 6/10)

The Wilson D9 hybrid may vary in meeting individual expectations regarding feel and sound. It generates a satisfactory sound, yet certain golfers might perceive it as excessively loud or lacking vibrancy. The club head offers a sturdy sensation, accompanied by a relatively minimal level of vibration.

IV. Features and Benefits of Wilson D9 Hybrid 

Wilson Labs team incorporated innovative features in the Wilson D9 hybrid that attract both low and high handicappers alike. So, let us take a look at these features and how they can influence your game: 

1. Variable Face Technology 

The Wilson d9 Hybrid features Variable Face Technology that enables golfers to hit their shots with greater accuracy and consistency due to its expanded sweet spot. 

The club’s face is uniformly thick, providing high ball speeds, even on off-center hits. This technology is particularly beneficial for golfers looking to boost their performance and increase their confidence when playing.

2. Premium Carpenter Custom 455 Steel Face 

The Carpenter Custom 455 Steel Face incorporated in the Wilson d9 Hybrid offers a combination of strength and durability for optimal performance.

Wilson D9 Hybrid Face

Its lightweight and flexible design facilitates improved ball speed and more distance performance, making it a favorable option for individuals seeking to enhance their game. 

Additionally, the steel face’s black matte finish gives it a modern and refined aesthetic that sets it apart from other hybrids available in the market.

3. Progressive Head Shape 

The Wilson d9 Hybrid features a Progressive Head Shape that effectively lowers and deepens the center of gravity, resulting in higher ball speeds. Its compact design retains its performance capabilities while providing an aesthetic appeal.

4. Non-adjustable Bonded Hosel

The Wilson d9 Hybrid’s Non-adjustable Bonded Hosel ensures a reliable connection between shaft and clubhead, enabling consistent swings and a strong feel at impact. 

The non-adjustable design keeps the clubhead in position, leading to reliable swings and confident play.

V. Alternatives to Wilson D9 Hybrid 

If you think the Wilson D9 hybrid does not fit your golf needs, there are a few noteworthy alternatives to consider:

1. TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

The TaylorMade Sim Max Hybrid is a versatile alternative to the Wilson D9 Hybrid. While the Wilson D9 Hybrid has its own advantages, the Sim Max Hybrid excels in distance and playability. 

With a larger head size, low center of gravity, and innovative features like Twist Face technology and a Speed Pocket, it offers distance. 

2. Callaway Big Bertha 21 Hybrid 

The Callaway Big Bertha 21 Hybrid is precisely engineered to offer forgiveness and versatility. 

Its advanced A.I.-designed Flash Face SS21 architecture provides higher ball speed and ensures consistent performance across the face. Big Bertha 21 hybrids also come with Urethane Microspheres that avoid unwanted vibrations.

3. PING G425 Hybrid 

The PING G425 Hybrid golf club offers a notable alternative for golfers prioritizing customization and precision. PING’s emphasis on engineering and custom fitting options allows players to optimize their launch conditions and shot shape. The G425 Hybrid incorporates a maraging steel face, enhancing ball speed and forgiveness

With an adjustable hosel and CG position, golfers can fine-tune their performance to align with their desired ball flight and shot-making preferences.

My Take 

The Wilson D9 Hybrid is specifically designed to offer forgiveness and consistent performance for golfers of varying skill levels. 

It is particularly well-suited for high handicappers and beginners who seek forgiveness in their shots. However, if your main focus is maximizing distance, it may be worth exploring alternative options that are specifically tailored to prioritize distance.

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