Wilson D9 Irons Review 2024

Wilson D9 Irons
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Wilson D9 Irons

The Wilson D9 Irons, with their strategically placed Power Holes, deliver high ball speed and distance, perfect for mid to high-handicap golfers. Their expansive sweet spot ensures forgiveness on off-center hits, keeping shots on target, making the club a worthwhile investment.

wilson D9 iron
Distance 9
Forgiveness 9
Playability 7
Looks 8
Sound & Feel 8


  • Soft feel at impact
  • Better greenside control
  • Easy launch with ample forgiveness


  • Shorter irons are chunky
  • Distance gap between irons

My First Impressions

With Wilson’s innovative approach, I expect the D9 irons to redefine my game’s standards, particularly in speed and precision. The weight distribution of these irons was nice, providing a comfortable grip that wasn’t too heavy nor too light.

Wilson D9 Irons Address

The club’s low cg design offers to hit the ball higher, which is important for my approach shots. I was also excited about the possibility of the ball coming down at a sharper angle, giving me more control when it lands on the green. This will help me aim closer to the pins without losing ease of play. 

Who is it for ? 

  • For mid to high-handicap golfers.
  • Golfers needing a forgiving sweet spot.
  • For players who want to gain more distance in their mid-range game.
  • Who are looking for quality irons at a competitive price point.
Wilson Staff D9 Iron Set Golf Clubs
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My Profile

  • Average Score: 78
  • Handicap: 8.5
  • Hand Orientation: Right-Handed
  • Golfing Experience: 8 years

Club I Used: 

  • Model Name: Wilson D9
  • Club Tested: 8-iron
  • Loft Setting: 35 degrees
  • Shaft Type: True Temper DG 95R VSS Steel
  • Shaft Flex: Regular

My Test Conditions and Setup

Course Details: 

  • Coastal course with varying elevation, known for its poa annua greens and challenging layout.

Range Facilities:

  • High-quality turf hitting bays.
  • Premium range balls for consistent performance.
  • Advanced launch monitor technology for accurate shot tracking.

Weather Conditions:

  • Wind: 10-15 mph coastal winds.
  • Temperature: 60-65°F.
  • Humidity: Moderate, around 60-70%.

On Course Performance Review 

Here’s an analysis of the Wilson D9 Iron’s performance for different types of shots on the course:

Performance Off the Tee:

  • Distance: My experience with the D9 irons was great when it came to distance. Each swing translated into long, satisfying distances that met my expectations and contributed significantly to my game.
  • Trajectory Control: I found the trajectory control to be good. Even when the wind picked up, the ball’s flight was high, providing a reliable trajectory that benefited my play and strategy on the course.
  • Accuracy:  The D9 irons offered a tight shot dispersion that increased my confidence at each tee box, knowing that the ball would land where I intended more often than not.
Wilson D9 Irons top profile

Punch or Knockdown Shots:

  • Shots: I was able to effectively manipulate the ball flight, keeping it low and controlled under the wind, which was invaluable for me on a breezy day.
  • Consistent Performance: Despite reduced swing speeds, the D9s maintained their direction and didn’t fall short on distance, ensuring that I could still play aggressively in less-than-ideal conditions.

My Test Stats 

During my time in the simulator room with the Wilson D9 irons, I gained valuable insights into how they perform with the Uneekor EYE XO simulator. I recorded each shot’s stats to get an accurate depiction of the clubs’ performance.

ParametersTest Stats
Ball Speed113.3 mph
Clubhead Speed83.4 mph
Launch Angle22.7 degrees
Side Spin78L rpm
Back Spin3799 rpm
Carry Distance168 yds
Total Distance179 yds

The D9s delivered promising results, with ball speed at 113.3 mph, indicating a strong and responsive face. The launch angle was ideal for maximum carry without sacrificing control. The side spin was minimal at 78L rpm, which worked to my advantage, producing straighter shots that are crucial on the fairway. 

Wilson D9 Irons Clubface

Despite the low-side spin, the backspin was on the higher end, ensuring the ball stopped quickly on the greens, thereby enhancing my short game. 

An average carry of 168 yards translated well when considering the total distance, showing the irons’ ability to yield a solid combination of carry and roll

What I liked about Wilson D9

  • Strategic Power Holes: The strategic placement of power holes significantly enhanced the flex on the clubface, leading to greater ball speed and longer distances.
  • Forgiveness: I was grateful for the expansive sweet spot on the D9 irons. Even when my swing wasn’t perfect, the irons were forgiving, helping to keep my shots on target and minimizing the consequences of mishits.
  • Looks: The aesthetics of the D9 irons struck a pleasing balance.The modern yet traditional cavity-backed design with its sleek black and gold insert was visually appealing to me on the green.
  • Spin: During my rounds, I noticed that the irons produced a moderate spin that helped with stopping the ball on the greens. While the spin wasn’t overly aggressive, it was sufficient to provide control, especially from the fairway. 
  • Launch: The D9 irons are designed with a low center of gravity, which I found to be effective in achieving a high launch angle. This made it easier to get the ball airborne, a feature that was particularly beneficial on longer shots where extra carry was needed. 
  • Shaft Performance: The True Temper DG 95R VSS steel shaft, which I used with the Wilson D9 irons, complemented the clubheads well. This shaft provided stable and consistent performance throughout the set.   
  • Sound & Feel: The muted sound upon impact and the clear feedback through the hands were nice. The solid feel and responsive feedback gave me a good understanding of the quality of my strikes.

What I didn’t like about Wilson D9

  • Distance Control: While the distance was nice, it was difficult to reduce the power when I needed to make more precise and controlled shots.
  • Shot Shaping: As much as I appreciated the straight and high ball flight, I found it difficult to shape shots when necessary. 
  • Adjustment Period: The strong lofts and unique feel of the D9 irons meant there was an adjustment period. Initially, the difference in feel compared to other irons might be jarring, and it took me some time to get accustomed to the new dynamics they bring to the game.


If you are still looking for something else that will satisfy your requirements better, here are a few of my recommended options that you can consider: 

1. Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

The Wilson Staff Model CB Iron’s forged 8620 carbon steel construction is paired with a sleek muscle back design that appeals to the eye of a golfer. Suitable for low to mid-handicappers, these irons offer precision with a hint of forgiveness, making them a worthy option for those who demand more feedback from their shots.

2. Wilson D9 Forged Irons 

The D9 Forged irons feature a forged 8620 carbon steel face backed by Wilson’s Power Hole Technology. The sophisticated looks and its enhanced playability make the D9 Forged irons a go-to for mid to high-handicappers looking to improve their game with irons that offer a balance between classic forging and modern technology.

My Take

Suited for mid to high handicappers, the Wilson D9 Irons offer substantial forgiveness, making them ideal for golfers looking to improve their game without the intimidation of a club too focused on playability over forgiveness. 

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