Wilson Launchpad Irons Review (2022 Model)

Wilson Launchpad Irons Review (2022 Model)
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Wilson Launchpad Irons

The Wilson Launch Pad Irons are typically best for those looking to improve their game and enjoy a more straightforward, forgiving club. However, the irons' tendency to produce a very high launch might not suit golfers with already high ball flights.

wilson launchpad irons
Distance 8
Forgiveness 10
Playability 7
Looks 8
Sound & Feel 8


  • Easy to hit
  • High launch and distance
  • Better turf interaction


  • Looks may not appeal to all
  • Lacks workability

I. Is Wilson Launchpad Irons worth it? 

The Wilson Launchpad Irons is a worthy consideration for mid-to-high handicap players. Its thoughtfully designed sole keeps the club head above the grass, preventing those frustrating chunked shots. 

Wilson has managed to remove some weight from the irons, helping shots to get airborne more easily and travel further with less effort. The durability of the irons is quite great, maintaining their appearance even after a few rounds. 

Despite their capabilities, the aesthetic and chunkiness might not appeal to everyone, and I noticed that there’s no 4 iron included in the set, which may be a drawback for some players. However, overall, these irons offer solid performance and could really add enjoyment back into the game for many golfers.

II. My Experience Review with Wilson Launchpad Irons

Searching for a golf iron that could consistently get my ball high and improve my game, I stumbled upon the Launchpad series. So I decided to give the Wilson Launchpad Irons a try. I took a 7 iron, equipped with the KBS MAX Ultralite Shaft.

Out on the course, these clubs have been pretty forgiving. Upon initial contact, the ball flight was quite high, a characteristic that persisted even with subsequent strikes.

Whether I was hitting off a tight fairway or digging out of the moderate rough, they seemed to get the ball airborne without much effort. Although I did notice fewer fat shots, which didn’t feel that great.

Wilson Launchpad Irons ClubFace

With chip and pitch shots, the interaction with the turf was somewhat different from that of a player’s irons. I did make some adjustments to my short game strategy and it was worth it.

While the overall performance was admirable, the irons did occasionally produce a ball flight too high for my liking, exposing my shots to the wind.

My Test Stats

After spending some quality time on the course with the Launch Pad Irons, I’ve gathered some interesting data that really highlight how they perform under real-world conditions:

ParametersTest Stats
Ball speed126.5 mph
Clubhead speed87.9 mph
Launch angle18.3 degrees
Spin rate5908 rpm
Carry distance180 yards
Total distance185.5 yards

From the tee to the green, these irons made a noticeable difference in how I play. I found that the increased ball speed of 126.5 mph helped me get the ball airborne more quickly and was especially useful in getting over hazards. 

A moderate 18.3 degree launch angle proved to be a sweet spot, offering height without sacrificing too much distance. 

Spin rate numbers seemed on par for irons in this category, helping maintain control on landings. Lastly, the difference between carry and total distance was minimal, suggesting consistent, reliable yardage after the bounce, essential for planning shots. 

III. Performance factors 

After a few rounds of golf with the Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons, I’ve gathered quite a bit of insight into how they perform across various aspects. So, let’s look into the key factors that will help you with the decision to add these irons to your bag.

1. Distance ( Score 8/10) 

My experience with the Launch Pad Irons indicated that they offer a solid distance, largely in part to a well-engineered clubface. A particularly good hit really does travel, giving that much-needed boost to my long game

However, while they do provide a nice distance, other irons in a similar category might edge them out slightly if you’re purely looking for yardage.

2. Forgiveness ( Score 10/10) 

Forgiveness is something these irons perform well at. My off-center hits still translated decently into the distance, maintaining my game’s integrity even on those less-than-perfect swings. They maintained ball speed and direction, reducing the penalties of a mishit.

This feature is a sigh of relief for mid to high handicappers who usually encounter varying degrees of inconsistency. 

3. Playability ( Score 7/10) 

When it comes to playability, the irons do provide a level of versatility. Adjusting to different lies was facilitated by the design, and the clubs’ interaction through the turf was with ease. I also appreciated the smart gapping between clubs which helped me manage my shots across different situations.

Wilson Launchpad Irons Address

However, while the forgiving nature of the irons slightly limits their workability, the clubs make up for it by providing accurate and controlled shots in various situations.

4. Looks ( Score 8/10) 

Standing over the ball, the irons have an aesthetically pleasing look. The silver finish and styling reflect the brand’s proficiency and care for design. They strike a nice balance between looking contemporary without being overly flashy, which aligns well with players who appreciate a more traditional appearance with a touch of modernity.

However, I found the design to be a bit plain. Additionally, the head size and significant offset did not appeal to me much.

5. Sound & Feel ( Score 8/10) 

The sound and feel at impact are quite satisfying. The strike felt solid, and the sound upon impact is a resonant ‘click’ that translated to a satisfying confirmation of a good hit. 

Even mishits provided feedback without the jarring sensation that sometimes comes with lesser forgiving irons. However, I’ve experienced richer feedback from other irons.

IV. Features and Benefits

Let’s look at each of the features of Wilson Launchpad Irons that contribute to the performance that can significantly impact a golfer’s game.

1. Optimized Sole Design

The wide sole of the Wilson Launch Pad Irons is engineered to perform admirably with the turf. This design, coined as the launch pad sole, ensures that the club stays above the turf, minimizing fat shots which can affect distance and accuracy. I’ve also noticed that this feature promotes a higher ball speed and launch angle, enhancing the overall distance achieved per stroke.

Wilson Launchpad Irons Sole

2. Weight Distribution and Ease of Use

The Wilson Launchpad Irons are engineered with a strategic reduction in weight and a lowered center of mass. By removing excess weight from the head and positioning the mass lower in the club, the launchpad Irons provide improvement in playability.

This thoughtful weight distribution greatly assists golfers in launching the ball higher into the air. A higher launch angle is beneficial as it can result in longer carry distances, making those far-off greens more accessible

3. Hollow construction

The Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons’ hollow construction plays a significant role in enhancing speed and distance. This design facilitates weight redistribution towards the perimeter of the clubhead, thereby increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI). As a result, even off-center strikes can yield satisfactory shots with minimal speed loss, which is vital for consistent performance throughout the game.

4. Durability and Longevity

The new finishing techniques on the Launchpad Irons makes them resistant to the typical wear and tear I’ve seen on other irons. 

After several rounds, I observed minimal scuffing or chipping, which speaks volumes about their durability. It’s reassuring to know that these clubs are built to maintain their appearance and playability over time.

V. Specifications

Let’s look at the specifications of Wilson Launchpad Irons: 

ClubLoftLieLengthOffsetSwing weightHand Orientation


KBS MAX Ultralite

  • Material : Steel
  • Flex : Regular, Stiff

Project X Evenflow

  • Material : Graphite
  • Flex :  Regular, Senior

Grip : Wilson Staff Midsize

VI. Alternatives

After having the chance to play a few rounds with the Launchpad irons, I’ve found a couple of alternatives worth considering.

1. TaylorMade SIM Max Irons

The TaylorMade SIM Max Irons are a solid alternative to Wilson Launchpad Irons. They’re designed for maximum forgiveness, much like the Launchpad, and I noticed they offer a similar satisfying feel at impact. 

They help to achieve high ball flights and are geared towards golfers looking for improved distance and accuracy.

2. Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Another great alternative for the Launchpad Irons is the Callaway Mavrik Max Irons. It features AI-designed face construction that promotes faster ball speeds across a more expansive area of the face for off-center hits. The inclusion of tungsten weighting enhances the ball’s launch and trajectory. 

My Take

For beginners and high handicappers, the Wilson Launchpad Irons are easy to hit due to their design that encourages higher ball flight and forgiveness. 

However, golfers with faster swing speeds or those who prioritize control over forgiveness should consider other models. 

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