Cobra LTDx Driver Review (Updated 2024)

real photo of cobra LTDx driver
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Cobra LTDx Driver

The Cobra LTDx driver is a solid option for mid-high handicappers. Offering reasonable forgiveness and decent distance, it presents a combination that can enhance your game. Additionally, its price range and good looks make it an appealing choice.

cobra LTDx driver
Distance 8
Forgiveness 8
Playability 8
Looks 10
Sound & Feel 9


  • Adjustable hosel
  • Contemporary design
  • Reasonable speed and distance
  • Inclusion of Arccos Sensors
  • Multiple color options


  • Limited gains over the previous model
  • Absence of adjustable CG weight
  • LTDx Max offers better forgiveness
  • LTDx LS offers enhanced distance potential

I. Is the Cobra LTDx driver worth it?

The Cobra LTDx driver is a solid choice for mid-high handicappers, offering features like adjustable hosel, contemporary design, and Arccos Sensors integration. 

However, it falls short in terms of substantial improvements over the previous model and lacks adjustable CG weight. For better forgiveness, the LTDx Max, and for enhanced distance, the LTDx LS might be preferable within the Cobra LTD driver lineup.

II. My experience review with Cobra LTDx driver

Upon unboxing, the Cobra LTDx driver revealed a contemporary design that combined traditional and modern elements. The adjustable hosel added customization potential by enabling fine adjustments to loft and face angle.

On the course, this Cobra driver showcased a mix of power and precision. The initial tee shot was impactful, generating a satisfying sound and a controlled flight that conveyed a sense of control. The driver’s ability to shape shots was apparent as well. 

Minor adjustments to loft and face angle resulted in controlled fades, showcasing the driver’s versatility and accommodating various strategic preferences.

Distance, a key aspect of driver performance, was evident with the Cobra LTDx. Its adjustable center of gravity contributed to shots with promising travel potential, emphasizing the driver’s design focus.

real photo of cobra LTDx driver loft

Yet, while the LTDx demonstrated strengths, it also had limitations. The lack of adjustable CG weights, despite the attention to design and the adjustable hosel, was noteworthy. Additionally, when compared to its predecessor, the incremental gains prompted consideration of the extent of the upgrade’s impact.

Within the broader golfing landscape, the Cobra LTDx driver was part of a lineage that included other models. The LTDx Max driver emphasized forgiveness, appealing to those seeking a balance between power and correction for errors.

Conversely, the LTDx LS aimed to enhance distance potential, broadening options for golfers in pursuit of specific performance attributes.

My Test Stats

So, in order to better comprehend the performance of the Cobra LTDx, I conducted tests in a simulator room with a launch monitor, comparing it with the other Cobra drivers in this lineup – the LTDx LS and LTDx Max. Here are the average test statistics:

ParametersLTDxLTDx Max LTDx LS
Club speed114.2 mph114.9 mph114.3 mph
Ball speed167.3 mph171 mph173.8 mph
Launch angle10.2 degrees13.1 degrees10.3 degrees
Spin rate2896 Rpm2782 Rpm1895 Rpm
Attack angle0.3 degrees2.2 degrees2.6 degrees
Carry distance271 yards285 yards302 yards 
Total distance 279 yards291 yards310 yards

Analyzing the data, the LTDx exhibited a club speed of 114.2 mph, showcasing a seamless swing acceleration and impactful contact. Consistently delivering a ball speed of 167.3 mph, the LTDx demonstrated responsive strikes, contributing to a sense of control and power.

The launch angle at 10.2 degrees balanced the trajectory and distance by optimizing carry and roll for effective shot performance.

With a spin rate of 2896 RPM, stability and lift dynamics maintained the intended path while aiding potential distance. An attack angle of 0.3 degrees highlighted the driver’s adaptability across various swings, ensuring consistent results.

Compared with the LTDx Max, there were discernible differences in power dynamics. The club speed measured at 114.9 mph, and a ball speed of 171 mph showcased a nuanced power profile for the LTDx Max. 

In contrast, the LTDx LS highlighted its strengths through a unique perspective for golfers seeking to maximize distance.

A fast ball speed of 173.8 mph and a total distance of 310 yards emphasized its efficient distance coverage with a penetrating ball flight. Remarkably, the low spin rate of 1895 RPM underscored its ability to create a flatter, more penetrating trajectory.

III. Performance factors of Cobra LTDx drivers

When evaluating the performance of the driver, several factors come into play. So, let’s look at the major performance factors of the Cobra LTDx driver.

1. Distance (Score 8/10)

The LTDx driver showcases noteworthy performance in terms of distance. It positions itself as a contender for “longest total distance,” aligning with modern drivers I’ve tested.

The raw ball speed potential is decent, further highlighted by the strategic implementation of back weighting. This weighting mechanism functions like a launch facilitator, particularly beneficial for players with moderate swing speeds.

However, when examined alongside the LTDx LS, it’s worth noting that while the LTDx is no underperformer, LTDx LS driver performs better in terms of distance.

2. Forgiveness (Score 8/10)

The LTDx driver offers a slightly above-average level of forgiveness. While it contributes to maintaining shots on the fairway, more often than not, it doesn’t achieve a remarkable level of forgiveness.

While not at the top of the charts for extreme forgiveness, the LTDx still provides a decent level of forgiveness. This can be attributed to the incorporation of technologies like PWR-COR and H.O.T face, which contribute to ball speed improvements, along with the influence of the tungsten back weight on MOI.

real photo of cobra LTDx driver crown

3. Playability (Score 8/10)

The LTDx driver finds a balanced middle ground in terms of trajectory – not excessively high or low, but right in the middle. It tends towards a neutral or subtle draw flight.

There’s flexibility with the back weight adjustments and the MyFly hosel, allowing you to fine-tune loft and bias, providing additional adaptability to your shots.

4. Looks (Score 10/10)

The driver’s setup behind the ball is visually appealing, framing the ball distinctly at the address. The design offers two distinctive color choices: matte black with gold or gloss peacoat with red, providing aesthetic variety.

real photo of cobra LTDx driver head

5. Sound and feel (Score 9/10)

Striking the ball dead center yields a solid, controlled feel with a satisfying “crack” and “pop” sound. Off-center hits bring milder sound and dampened feel, providing useful feedback on impact quality, though balancing feedback with consistent feel is a consideration.

IV. Features and benefits of Cobra LTDx driver

Let us have a look at the features and benefits offered by this driver.

1. H.O.T Face Technology

H.O.T Face technology, which stands for High-Output Titanium, is designed to optimize golf ball speed, even when shots are not perfectly centered. With this technology in play, the ball seems to launch with increased energy, translating to enhanced distance and power. It’s a significant feature that can make a difference in your game, especially when it comes to those critical moments on the course.

real photo of cobra LTDx driver hot face

2. PWR COR Technology

This feature, referred to as Power Cell Technology, is focused on refining the energy transfer from the club to the ball. It’s similar to having a well-tuned engine in your clubhead.

When there’s a need for that added momentum, this technology seems to come into play, offering an additional burst of speed and distance. Particularly useful on extensive fairways, it feels like having a dependable ally that consistently delivers that extra push, providing a notable advantage during play.

3. Multi-material construction

The driver’s design incorporates a thoughtful blend of various materials, all selected with the intention of improving performance. The result is a well-balanced club that seems to have found its sweet spot between weight and feel.

The experience is akin to effortlessly maneuvering a finely-tuned sports car – there’s a notable sense of harmony and incredible control with every swing. It’s as if you’re naturally synchronized with the rhythm of the game.

4. CNC Milled Infinity Face Wraps

The Cobra LTDx driver features CNC Milled Infinity Face Wraps. This design provides forgiveness for off-center shots and amplifies the impact of well-centered hits. Achieved through precise computer-controlled milling, it offers a satisfying sweet spot that minimizes the impact of mis-hits and maximizes the reward of accurate strikes.

V. Alternatives

While the Cobra LTDx driver is a strong contender, it’s essential to consider alternatives based on your specific needs. Here are a few options worth considering:

1. PING G430 Max Driver

An alternative to the Cobra LTDx is the PING G430 Max Driver. Known for forgiveness and stability, its larger profile and low-back CG aid in straighter shots and higher launches. It’s a solid choice for those seeking consistent performance across the face.

2. TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Another option is the TaylorMade Stealth Driver. With its adjustable weight system and Twist Face technology, it aims for straighter shots and less side spin on mis-hits. This could suit players who prioritize customization and correcting ball flight errors.

My Take

The Cobra LTDx driver is a well-rounded club that delivers solid performance across various aspects, including distance, forgiveness, and playability. 

If you are a mid-handicapper looking for improvement in your game, this is a good option. However, if you are seeking forgiveness, you might need to consider LTDx max driver.

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