Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review (Updated Version)

Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood Review
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Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood

The Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood is a versatile club suitable for golfers of all skill levels, with a particular advantage for high handicappers. It's easy to hit, forgiving, and adaptable in various playing conditions.

cobra radspeed fairway-wood
Distance 9
Forgiveness 9
Playability 10
Looks 8
Sound & Feel 9


  • Easy to hit
  • Forgiving and versatile
  • Notable performance from rough lies
  • Available in multiple color options


  • Complex clubhead design
  • Limited workability compared to other RADSPEED models

I. Is Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood worth it?

The Cobra KING RADSPEED Fairway Wood offers a balance of forgiveness and performance suitable for golfers of varying handicaps. 

It’s particularly a solid option for high handicappers, providing ease of use and forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, its notable performance from rough lies can be a valuable asset on the course.

For those who appreciate personalization, the club is available in multiple color options, allowing golfers to add a touch of style to their game. However, if shot-shaping is your priority, then you should consider other models in Cobra.

II. My experience with Cobra King RADSPEED Fairway Wood

I’ve got to say, after having a positive experience with both the Cobra RADSPEED irons and hybrids, I was pretty curious about this new fairway wood from Cobra.

You know how it goes, sometimes, sticking with one brand for your club sets can help with those club gapping issues. So, I figured, why not give these new clubs a shot and see if they can make a difference in my fairway play?

This club offers a solid performance off the tee with a confident feel, delivering a favorable trajectory and respectable distance. It proves reliable, akin to a dependable partner when targeting the fairway’s sweet spot.

In the fairway, exudes stability and dependability, facilitating precise shots. It aligns well and provides a sense of control, particularly beneficial on narrow fairways where accuracy is crucial.

Now, where this club really earned some brownie points is in the rough and those annoying tight lies. I’ve been in some tight spots, but this club has a knack for getting you out of trouble.

Cobra King Radspeed Fairway Wood Head

In my experience, it outperforms hybrids and long irons in these situations. The compact head size and those reliable rails are the key ingredients here. They allow you to dig into the ground, even when you’re dealing with less-than-ideal lies.

One intriguing aspect is how these rails almost mimic the wedge bounce. There have been instances where I’ve caught the ground behind the ball, but it didn’t result in a loss of distance or control. 

My test stats

To conduct a more in-depth analysis of its performance, I put the club to the test in an indoor setting, utilizing a launch monitor. Here are the average key metrics from my shots:

ParameterTest Stats 
Ball speed163.2 mph
Launch angle11.6 degrees
Backspin3182 RPM
Side angle-2.1 degrees
Carry distance269 yards
Total distance 282 yards 

The Cobra KING RADSPEED Fairway Wood generated a ball speed of 163.2 mph. This ball speed provided my shots with the initial burst of energy necessary for achieving desired distance. 

With a launch angle of 11.6 degrees, the club allowed me to send the ball on a trajectory that struck an ideal balance between distance and control. 

Backspin came in at 3182 RPM, contributing to the stability and control of my shots in flight. A side angle of -2.1 degrees indicated a slight draw bias. This meant that my shots tended to curve slightly to the left. 

This draw bias can be advantageous in specific situations, such as navigating doglegs or avoiding hazards on the right side of the fairway. Indeed a good sign for skilled golfers. 

Regarding total distance, the club delivered a notable 282 yards. Overall, it offers a compelling combination of distance, forgiveness, and versatility.

Cobra Golf Radspeed Fairway Wood Black/Yellow
  • Easy to hit
  • Forgiving and versatile
  • Notable performance from rough lies
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Complex clubhead design
  • Limited workability compared to other RADSPEED models
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III. In terms of performance factors

In the RADSPEED lineup, there are four different models: Rad Speed, Rad Speed Draw, Rad Speed Big Tour, and Rad Speed Tour. 

Each caters to different types of golfers.  Now, let’s talk about the Rad Speed fairway wood.

1. Distance (Score – 9/10)

The Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood is noteworthy in the distance department due to its balanced front and back radial weighting. 

This setup minimizes spin and maximizes launch, resulting in a good distance off the tee and excellent stopping power near the green. However, for golfers craving an additional 10-15 yards, the RADSPEED Big Tour is a compelling option to consider.

2. Forgiveness (Score – 9/10)

The Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood prioritizes forgiveness, thanks to its innovative hollow split rails acting as swing shock absorbers. 

Cobra King Radspeed Fairway Wood Address View

These rails soften mishits, ensuring reasonable distance and minimizing course hazards. Importantly, this forgiveness maintains the integrity of your game, promoting fairness.

However, if forgiveness is your top concern, the Cobra RADSPEED Draw fairway wood within the same lineup offers an even higher level of forgiveness, ideal for golfers seeking performance improvement.

3. Playability (Score – 8/10)

When it comes to playability, the Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood is a versatile companion, handling various lies with ease. It particularly shines when you find yourself in the rough, delivering notable performance even from challenging lies.

However, if you’re someone who loves to shape your shots, this club might not provide as much room for shot shaping compared to other models in the RADSPEED lineup. 

While it excels in versatility and performance, especially in demanding situations, it leans more toward straightforward play rather than intricate shot manipulation.

4. Looks (Score – 8/10)

The Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood offers a sleek design, and matte finish and comes in multiple color options, including red/blue and black/yellow. It has a modern and techy aesthetic that appeals to many golfers. 

However, some may find the clubhead design a bit complex, with numerous design elements. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to visual appeal.

5. Sound and feel (Score – 9/10)

The RADSPEED has this solid, authoritative sound at impact. It’s like a crisp thwack that lets you know you’ve made good contact. 

Cobra King Radspeed Fairway Wood Face

The feel is, well, it’s a balance. You can feel the ball on the clubface, and that’s important for feedback, but it’s not harsh. It’s like a comfortable handshake with your club, and that’s reassuring.

IV. Features and benefits of Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Woods

Cobra has introduced some innovative features with the RADSPEED lineup. Let’s take a closer look at how each feature can impact your golf game:

1. Front-biased Radial Weighting

The front-biased radial weighting in the Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood is a noteworthy feature. By redistributing weight within the clubhead, they’ve achieved a balance that could make a difference on the course.

With two 8-gram internal front RAD weights and a 7-gram back weight, it combines low spin and increased ball speed while maintaining forgiveness. This means you can expect your shots to be more forgiving, with a higher launch and less spin.

It’s a design that offers combination of distance and forgiveness, and for many golfers, that’s exactly what’s needed to improve performance.

2. CNC-milled infinity face

When it comes to the CNC-milled face, it’s all about expanding the sweet spot. Cobra’s design approach, which increases the milled area by 95%, is an intriguing one. 

This means that even if you don’t hit the center of the face consistently, you’re still getting maximum ball speed. It’s a feature that translates to more distance, and in golf, distance matters.

3. Thin-ply carbon fiber crown

The thin-ply carbon fiber crown is another innovation worth mentioning. Cobra has made it 30% thinner and 4 grams lighter, and this has a purpose. It allows for weight to be moved forward, leading to lower spin and increased speed.

Cobra King Radspeed Fairway Wood Crown

For golfers seeking to reduce spin and gain extra distance, this is a design element that can make a meaningful impact. It’s like fine-tuning your club to match your playing style, and the result is a more penetrating and faster ball flight.

4. Hollow split rails

The Cobra RADSPEED fairway woods feature hollow rails in the front, resulting in a 70% increase in sole flex behind the face, ultimately leading to higher launch and increased speed. 

This design element significantly enhances the club’s flexibility, which can be a game-changer, especially for golfers who face challenges in getting long shots off the ground.

In addition to promoting high launch, these rails also play a crucial role in boosting clubhead speed, ultimately helping you achieve the desired distance on your shots.

V. Alternatives

Certainly, here are descriptions for each of the alternatives to the Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Woods:

1. Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood

The Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood is a precision-engineered club designed for golfers seeking optimal control and shot shaping. 

With a focus on maximizing ball speed and offering an adjustable design, the TSi3 Fairway Wood allows you to fine-tune your performance. It’s ideal for players who want versatility and the ability to shape shots to meet the demands of any course.

2. PING G425 Fairway Woods

The PING G425 Fairway Woods are engineered to deliver consistency and forgiveness, making them a dependable choice for a wide range of golfers. 

With an emphasis on stability and forgiveness, these fairway woods offer excellent distance and accuracy. They are particularly suitable for golfers who prioritize ease of use and consistent performance on the course.

My Take

Whether you’re hitting it off the deck or teeing it up, this club delivers on its promise of both distance and forgiveness. It’s a dependable choice when you’re looking for a user-friendly club off the tee, all while maintaining that extra distance, especially when navigating tight fairways.

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