How to get a PGA Tour Card: Requirements And Routes

How to get a PGA Tour Card?

In the realm of professional golf, the global elite competes fiercely on the prestigious stage of the PGA Tour. A PGA Tour card, the ultimate pass, opens the gateway to this world of excellence, allowing golfers to challenge the best, reap rewards, and showcase talents.

Yet, how does one secure a PGA Tour card? While numerous avenues exist, such as accruing FedEx Cup points and excelling in the Korn Ferry and DP World Tour, a comprehensive grasp is essential. 

Let’s navigate through the requirements and pathways to obtain your PGA Tour card.

I. What is a PGA Tour card?

A PGA Tour card is essentially a membership pass that grants professional golfers the right to participate in PGA Tour events throughout the season. It is a symbol of recognition for a golfer’s exceptional skill and hard work, allowing them to compete alongside some of the most accomplished names in the sport.

The journey to securing this card is both demanding and rewarding, encompassing various routes that cater to different skill levels and circumstances. 

II. How to get a PGA tour card?

Obtaining a PGA Tour card requires meeting specific criteria and demonstrating success in professional golf. Here are some ways to become a PGA tour player:

  • Finish in the top 30 positions on the previous season’s Korn Ferry Tour finals.
  • Get into the top 10 on the previous season’s DP World Tour.
  • Finish within the top 5 at the Final Stage of Q-School.
  • Achieve the number one ranking at the end of the PGA Tour University Velocity Global Ranking.
  • Earn points through sponsor exemptions.
  • Win a PGA Tour event or Major within a specified timeframe.

Here’s an overview of the pathways to access the 2024 PGA TOUR:

Pathway Tour Cards
FedEx Points125 
Korn Ferry30 
DP World Tour10
Q-school 5
Sponsor exemption

III. Understanding different routes to get a PGA Tour Card

Let’s delve into a comprehensive explanation of the different routes to acquiring a PGA Tour card to give you a clear understanding of the process:

1. Korn Ferry Tour

The Korn Ferry Tour emerges as a direct path when aiming for the prestigious PGA Tour. Achieving Korn Ferry Tour status is a substantial accomplishment, unlocking numerous routes to secure a PGA Tour card. Let’s delve into this journey, exploring its significance.

i) Korn Ferry Tour Points and Playoffs

Annually, the Korn Ferry Tour offers 30 coveted PGA Tour cards. The top 30 players from the points list of 2023, secure direct PGA Tour cards for 2024 PGA Tour. Their consistent performance marks them as prime contenders.

iI) Korn Ferry Tour Three-Win Promotion

For those who demonstrate exceptional dominance, the Korn Ferry Tour offers an intriguing shortcut to the PGA Tour: the Three-Win Promotion.

This exemption acknowledges an extraordinary achievement: clinching three Korn Ferry Tour victories within a single season. The reward for this exceptional feat is an instant elevation to the coveted PGA Tour.

While the Three-Win Promotion seems like a direct route, it’s no walk in the park. Only a select few have conquered this path, with a mere 12 players accomplishing this remarkable feat since 1997.

2. DP World Tour

In 2022, the PGA TOUR and DP World Tour formed a strategic alliance, establishing a fresh path for players to acquire PGA TOUR status through their DP World Tour performance.

In this partnership, the highest-ranked players in the Dubai rankings, who don’t already hold PGA TOUR status, get a chance to secure PGA TOUR cards. This collaborative initiative amplifies chances for players to ensure a smooth transition between the DP World Tour and PGA TOUR, broadening their potential for golfing success.

3. Q-School

Players aiming for a PGA Tour card can go through Q-School. It involves Pre-Qualifying, First Stage, Second Stage, and Final Stage qualifying rounds. Top 5 and ties from the Final Stage get PGA Tour spots, while those outside the top 5 gain Korn Ferry Tour status.

4. PGA Tour University

The No. 1 player on the PGA TOUR University Velocity Global Ranking becomes a PGA TOUR member. Seniors who meet the criteria are included. 

Benchmarks for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen lead to PGA TOUR membership via the Accelerated program. These players earn FedExCup points, get into the Q-School Final Stage, and have a Korn Ferry Tour membership.

5. Sponsor Exemptions

Players without official status can gain a tour card through sponsor exemptions. With good results, they earn enough points for the next season. Young talents or amateurs with promise can benefit, like Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth.

6. Win a PGA Tour or Major Championship

Winning an event on the PGA Tour or a major championship automatically grants a PGA Tour card. 

A standard PGA Tour win comes with a 2-year exemption, while elevated events like World Golf Championships and the Tour Championship offer a 3-year exemption. Major championship winners earn exemptions to both the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour.

IV. Tour card exemptions

Players can also earn a PGA Tour card through various exemptions.

  • Lifetime Exemption: Players with 20+ wins on PGA Tour
  • Five-Year Exemption: Major winners, The Players Championship winners, and FedEx Cup winners
  • Three-Year Exemption: Victors of specific tournaments (like the Korn Ferry tour)

V. How to get into Korn Ferry tour?

Now that the significance of Korn Ferry Tour wins in the journey to a PGA Tour card is apparent, the question of how to access this realm naturally arises. Entering the Korn Ferry Tour events involves diverse paths:

  1. Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying School: This rigorous evaluation stands as a primary gateway. Players who excel in the Qualifying School secure their coveted spot on the Korn Ferry Tour.
  2. Forme Tour, Mackenzie (Canadian) Tour, or PGA Tour Latinoamerica: Triumph in these circuits holds the power to propel golfers onto the Korn Ferry Tour. These diverse routes provide multifaceted avenues for progression.

VI. Benefits of PGA Tour Card

Here’s a list of benefits that come with getting a PGA Tour card:

1. Access to Prestigious Tournaments

  • Entry into major tournaments like The Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship.
  • Opportunity to compete on iconic courses and against the world’s top players.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Recognition

  • Global recognition as the PGA Tour players.
  • Increased fan base, media coverage, and social media following.

3. Financial Rewards

  • Potential for substantial prize money even for mid-tier finishes.
  • Opportunities for endorsement deals and sponsorships.

4. Exposure and Brand Building

  • Opportunity to build a personal brand and expand off-course ventures.
  • Public speaking engagements, golf clinics, and media appearances.

5. Competitive Edge

  • Exposure to high-pressure situations builds mental fortitude.
  • Playing among the best hones skills and develops a strong mindset.

6. Networking and Mentorship

  • Interaction with seasoned professionals, coaches, and sponsors.
  • Building valuable relationships that can impact one’s career.


In 2024, significant changes have been made to the requirements for obtaining a PGA Tour card. Previously, there were 50 Tour Cards available from Korn Ferry, with no tour cards coming from the DP World Tour. 

However, the new rules introduce additional routes to the PGA Tour, thereby expanding opportunities for players to qualify. This alteration signifies a shift in the PGA Tour card acquisition landscape, providing players with fresh avenues to pursue their aspirations.

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