PING G425 MAX Driver Review 2023 (Max Forgiveness)

A close-up look at features of the PING G425 MAX Driver's head.

The PING G425 MAX Driver is a highly recommended club for golfers who prioritize maximum forgiveness, improved sound and feel, and trajectory performance. This article highlights these drivers’ best features, specifications, and benefits.

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PING G425 MAX Driver

The PING G245 MAX Driver is an exceptional club that maximizes forgiveness and accuracy. Its adjustable feature enables you to customize the driver to match personal swing styles. The G425 is a great choice for golfers seeking reliable performance from their driver. 

ping g425 max driver
Forgiveness 9
Distance 7
Playability 9
Sound and Feel 7
Looks 10


  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • High MOI
  • Easy to swing
  • Shot shape adjustability
  • T9S+ forged face


  • Harsh sounds can be unappealing to some
  • Average distance is less compared to other

I. Is the PING G425 MAX Driver worth it?

The PING G425 MAX driver is an excellent option for golfers of all handicaps. The large head and carbon crown make it easier for even new golfers to get a good launch angle, fast ball speeds, and forgiveness. 

Meanwhile, advanced players will benefit from the driver’s improved accuracy while putting the backspin on the golf ball or controlling the fade.

Overall, the G425 MAX provides excellent performance and high swing speed to help golfers of all abilities hit longer, straighter tee shots.

II. My Experience review with PING G425 MAX Driver

I have had consistently good experience with Ping’s clubs. After playing with the G410 for a period of 2 years and being a long-time Ping user, I decided to step up my game and upgrade to the G425 MAX. After extensively testing this driver in over 20 rounds, I could say, this driver delivers exactly what I was hopping for. 

Close up of PING G425 MAX Driver Head.

The head of this driver is as forgiving as they come, and the ball just takes off in a dead-straight flight path. 

With the weights set in the neutral position, I’m seeing tighter dispersion and a consistent trajectory. Gotta admit, though, it took me a bit to get used to the softened sound on impact (makes it a tad trickier to discern mishits by sound), but I quickly adjusted to the new auditory experience.

To test my driver, I used the popular Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. I played several rounds, and during each round, I hit around 10-15 drives. Following each round of drives, I took note of the trajectory and distance to compare the performance of my driver with that of the Pro V1.

The results were noteworthy, especially when I hooked it up with the Arccos Caddie smart grip. This nifty little gadget connects to my phone and lets me dig into my stats, helping me fine-tune my game out there on the course.

My Test Stats 

Table showing results from my testing of the PING G425 Max driver.
Table showing results from my testing of the PING G425 Max driver

The aesthetic design of the G425 MAX caught my attention, as the club’s color scheme is classic yet modern, making it a timeless addition to any golfer’s collection.

When it comes to performance, the G425 MAX exceeded my expectations. The club’s high Moment of Inertia (MOI) and internal dragonfly technology provide exceptional stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. At the address, the club presents a familiar profile, similar to its predecessor drivers from PING.

The back of the crown of the clubhead has small indentations that are carefully designed to improve the speed and aerodynamics of the clubhead as it moves through the air. I have previously noticed PING’s attention to detail in fine-tuning the sound and feel of their clubs, and the G425 MAX is no exception.

The matte-black crown on the PING G425 MAX Driver has turbulators that improve the speed and aerodynamics.
The matte-black crown on the PING G425 MAX has turbulators that improve the speed and aerodynamics

The sensation of impact is solid and consistent, and any deviation from a perfect strike is immediately evident in the hands. The sound emitted is a quiet, mid-range tone with a slightly hollow pop. 

The sound is consistent across all types of shots, making it easy to gauge the quality of the impact. However, sound can be an issue for many golfers and may seem loud.

In terms of distance and trajectory performance, the G425 MAX driver covered an average distance of almost 282 yards, with my best shots reaching 285 yards and my worst shots at 280 yards. The drop-off performance was not significant. 

The adjustable weight feature also proved to be effective, with shots struck with the club’s heel deviating towards the left and those struck with the toe deviating towards the right.

III. In terms of performance factors

PING G425 MAX Driver is worth considering as it is the most forgiving driver to help you get the most out of your game.

This driver has been designed to give golfers maximum forgiveness, improved sound and feel, and greater trajectory control with an optimal look.

Below is a list of performance factors to help you decide if this driver is right for you.

1. Forgiveness (Score 9/10)

The PING G425MAX driver excels in the area of forgiveness. It is one of the most forgiving drivers that I have personally tested to date, which is particularly noteworthy given its adjustability features. This forgiveness is evident in both – ball speed and direction, thanks to its deep center of gravity position. 

Compared to the G410 Plus, the G425 MAX demonstrates superior forgiveness in trajectory, launch, and spin on mis-hits. 

The tight dispersion resulting from the G425 MAX’s design allows for minimal deviation from the intended fairway, even on less-than-ideal swings. Furthermore, moderate mis-hits experience minimal distance loss in comparison to well-struck shots.

2. Sound and Feel (Score 7/10)

The driver’s construction allows for a more consistent and efficient energy transfer from the clubface to the ball, resulting in a solid, crisp “pop”  impact sound and a smooth feel.

While PING has made significant improvements on the basis of sound in recent years, some golfers may still find the sound of the G425 MAX unappealing.

The feel is maintained evenly over the heel and toe regions of the face, which can be beneficial for game improvement and forgiveness but may also make it challenging to discern the specific location of mis-hit shots.

Despite its stability and solid construction, the club face flexes for a truly satisfying experience that only modern drivers can provide.

3. Distance (Score 7/10)

Distance can be one of the drawbacks you might consider while buying one. As the G425 MAX should not be primarily considered as a driver specifically designed for maximum distance. 

While it generates average ball speeds compared to other contemporary drivers on the market, its primary focus is on the increasing moment of inertia and stability rather than raw distance. 

The G425 does not offer any significant distance improvements over the G410Plus. In fact, the majority of the G425 MAX’s technology are geared toward improving MOI and stability rather than distance.

However, depending on your personal configuration and adjustments, such as sole weight positioning, it is possible to achieve improved distance results compared to your current driver. 

4. Playability/Trajectory (Score 9/10)

The G425 MAX driver is known to produce a high trajectory with a slight draw bias when set in the neutral weight position. By moving the weight towards the heel, a stronger draw bias can be achieved, making it an ideal option for golfers who tend to slice the ball.

The driver’s loft can be increased or decreased by a maximum of 1.5 degrees. The 26-gram weight on the back can be adjusted between Fade, Neutral, or Draw settings. Each position has a discernible effect on the ball’s trajectory and the location of the sweet spot.

The movable tungsten weight on the PING G425 MAX Driver aids in a draw, neutral or fade bias.
The movable tungsten weight on the PING G425 MAX aids in a draw, neutral or fade bias.

The deep center of gravity in the G425 MAX results in slightly higher backspin RPMs, which may slightly decrease the distance. But it also promotes an easy launch and exceptional performance on mis-hit shots. The higher-loft options available are designed to ensure that golfers of all skill levels can achieve a high launch trajectory.

The G425 MAX may not be as versatile as some other drivers on the market, but it is very consistent and stable off the tee, which makes it a great choice for golfers who want to get the most out of their game in those areas.

5. Looks and Build Quality (Score 10/10)

The overall look of ping drivers has been carefully crafted to give them an eye-catching appearance at the address without sacrificing performance or forgiveness.

It features an aerodynamic head shape for reduced drag during swing while providing plenty of confidence-inspiring volume at the address.

In addition, its matte black finish gives it an elegant touch that will look great in any golfer’s bag while keeping glare down on sunny days out on the course.

IV. Features and Benefits of PING G425 MAX Driver

The ping engineers designed this club to achieve new performance levels by combining the key technologies from the G400 Max and G410 Plus. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what makes this club unique.

1. T9S+ Precision Forged Face               

Precision forging technology is used to craft the face of the PING G425 MAX driver.

Precision forging technology is used to craft the face of this driver, providing more flexibility at impact for greater ball speed and distance. Exacting standards are also employed during production to give golfers reliable results each time they tee up.

2. Internal Dragonfly Technology

The new driver’s dragonfly crown technology is designed to give golfers greater stability and forgiveness when hitting off the tee.

A close-up look at the PING G425 MAX driver's dragonfly crown technology.

It achieves this by using ribbing in the crown and sole of the club to optimize weight distribution and energy transfer. As a result, golfers benefit from increased distance and accuracy.

3. Highest MOI

The PING G425 MAX Driver features a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) rating of 10 000, achieved through the inclusion of a 26-gram tungsten movable C.G. shifting weight. This offers increased resistance to twisting during off-center hits.

A close-up look of the PING G425 MAX Driver featuring the high MOI through the inclusion of a 26-gram tungsten movable C.G. shifting weight.

MOI is calculated by multiplying the sum of each point of mass and the distance from the butt end of the club squared, accurately representing how much force will be exerted during your swing.

4. Aerodynamic Design

Refined crown turbulators help to reduce aerodynamic drag during your swing, improving ball velocity and club head speed for greater distances. This construction also enhances maneuverability, increasing control of shots from the tee box.

5. Internal Rib structure

This driver is equipped with internal ribbing technology in the Ti 8-1-1 body, helping reduce vibrations and providing golfers with better control over their shots. It also helps maintain energy transfer through impact for improved distances without impacting accuracy or consistency.

6. Easy Adjustability features

The driver features Trajectory Tuning 2.0, an adjustable hosel that provides eight positions and lie angle combinations to fine-tune trajectory. This allows golfers to customize their setup for optimal results every time they hit the tee box, thus maximizing their performance for any shot on the course.

V. Other stock information

The G425 MAX driver offers a 460CC head size and is available in three standard lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. It comes with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 and Tour Velvet Cord grip options as well as Arccos caddie smart grip compatibility.

Stock shaft options include the PING Tour 65, PING Alta CB 55 Slate, Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Orange and Aldila Rogue White; the latter of which delivers stability and low-spin technology for a low/mid trajectory.

VI. Specifications

9.0°degrees±1.5°degrees45 3/4″58.50°degrees206.0g460ccD3
10.5°degrees±1.5°degrees45 3/4″58.50°degrees206.0g460ccD3
12.0°degrees±1.5°degrees45 3/4″58.50°degrees206.0g460ccD3
Table showing the specifications of the PING G425 Max driver

VII. Alternatives

These drivers are designed for high performance and a modern appearance. You can review the PING G425 MAX drivers and compare them with other options, as listed:

1. TaylorMade Stealth Driver

The TaylorMade stealth driver is a high-performing club. It offers consistent ball flight and distance, particularly on off-center hits.

The TaylorMade stealth driver is engineered to improve driving distance and accuracy for mid to low-handicap golfers. The club’s design promotes a higher ball flight, making it a great choice for those looking to improve their performance on the course.

Some players may not prefer its design with a red face and matte black crown, but some consider it a premium and sleek aesthetic.

2. Callaway Rogue ST Max

The Callaway Rogue S.T. series is a comparable option to the PING G425 MAX driver.

The Rogue ST MAX is specifically designed for high speed, including a fast jailbreak frame and a stability head that maintains a flat head position while decreasing spin in high-impact areas, resulting in increased distance.

The main drawback is the lack of a matching wrench and no sliding weight track included in the club.

3. Callaway epic max driver

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is a part of the 2021 Epic family and is targeted toward a wide range of golfers.

It is known for its ability to produce a strong draw bias and a high launch, and it is the most forgiving of the three models in the 2021 Epic family.

The driver also offers an adjustability feature with a 17g sliding backweight, allowing players to customize their shot shape by creating up to 20 yards of shot bias.

My take

The PING G425 MAX is an exceptional driver that prioritizes forgiveness above all else. With a high moment of inertia, forged face, and an adjustable sole weight that promotes high launch, the G425 MAX is an excellent option for golfers of all skill levels to improve their accuracy and consistency off the tee. 

It surpasses its predecessor, the G410 Plus, in all performance categories. While the loud sound may take some getting used to, the G425 MAX is an ideal choice for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and stability, and it is a highly recommended addition to any golfer’s bag.

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