Callaway Epic Max Driver Review 2023 (Updated Edition)

Callaway Epic Max Driver
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Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max driver presents a suitable option for beginners and high handicap golfers, offering extra forgiveness and decent distance, typical of a game improvement driver. However, mid-low handicap players might discover that they can get benefits from more specialized drivers.

callaway epic max driver
Distance 9
Forgiveness 10
Playability 9
Sound and Feel 9
Looks 10


  • Ample draw bias for correcting slices
  • Offers forgiveness through tight dispersions
  • Easy optimization with sliding sole weight
  • Longer than most game-improvement drivers
  • Good sound and feel


  • Expensive price tag
  • Not ideal for mid-low handicappers

I. Is Callaway Epic Max Driver worth it?

The Callaway Epic Max driver is in an interesting position because it’s a game-improvement club that offers plenty of forgiveness while still helping players hit long drives. 

It also features sliding sole weight technology for easy optimization and customization to fit each player’s needs.

For beginners and high handicappers who are struggling with slice correction or those who seek maximum forgiveness to stabilize their shots, the Epic Max driver is a great option. 

However, its long shaft length and tight dispersions may not be ideal for mid-low handicappers.

II. My Experience Review with Callaway Epic Max Driver

Back in 2021, the Callaway Epic driver lineup hit the scene, introducing the EPIC Speed, EPIC MAX, and Epic Max LS models. It was clear that each one was tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of golfers. No hype, just the facts. Let’s dive in:

I got my hands on the Callaway Epic Max Driver and took it for a spin on the course. Now, I won’t sugarcoat it – I’m no pro golfer. I’m just your average weekend warrior, swinging away and hoping for the best. So, when I laid my eyes on the Epic Max, I was curious about the buzz around it.

Right off the bat, it looked like your typical Callaway driver – sleek, modern, and with a hint of those signature green accents. But I wasn’t here to judge a book by its cover. I wanted to see how it would handle on the golf course.

Off the tee, the Epic Max felt solid. No dramatic fireworks, but a steady, reassuring feel. One thing that caught my attention was the consistent ball speed, even when I didn’t quite nail the center of the face. That’s a win in my book – forgiveness without the fanfare.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Face

Speaking of forgiveness, that was the real star of the show. My off-center hits weren’t brutally punished. Sure, I’d prefer to hit the sweet spot every time, but reality check – that doesn’t always happen. The Epic Max had my back, offering up reasonable distance even on my not-so-stellar shots.

Now, let’s talk about adjustability, which makes it an ultimate max driver. The sliding sole weight was a nifty addition. Shifting it around gave me a sense of control over my ball flight, especially when I was battling my fade shots.

In the end, the Epic Max lived up to its promise. It didn’t shower me with hype, but it delivered where it mattered. It’s like that reliable clubs who might not steal the spotlight, but you know they’ve got your back when you need them.

My test stats

While my driver game with Epic Max driver went well, I wanted to test this driver in indoor settings in a simulator room with a launch monitor to analyze the performance better. So here are my average test stats: 

ParametersTest Stats
Ball speed156.8 mph
Launch angle14.2 degrees
Side angle1.3
Carry distance280
Total distance302 

To really dive into the performance of this driver, I decided to take it indoors to a simulator room with a launch monitor. Here’s how my average test stats looked:

The ball was zipping off the face with some maximum speed. I could practically feel the energy transfer when I made contact. The launch angle felt decent– not too high, not too low. Just the right angle to give that ball a good lift off the tee. It meant my shots were good with a beautiful trajectory, and that’s a sight any golfer would appreciate.

Now, we all know backspin plays a role in keeping the ball in the air longer. And with the average backspin of 2017, I noticed those shots were holding up in the air just a bit more. It’s like the Epic Max was giving me a helping hand, ensuring my balls didn’t drop prematurely.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Address

A side angle of 1.3 – meant my shots were generally straight. I can’t complain about that. The Epic Max seemed to keep my swings in check, curbing those unwanted slices and hooks that sometimes sneak their way in.

The Epic Max was covering an average distance of 280 yards carry distance. It’s the kind of yardage that puts you in a good position for your next shot, and I was definitely feeling the advantage.

Of course, total distance matters too. And at 302 yards, I was getting that extra push down the fairway. It meant I was setting myself up for those second shots with a little less yardage to cover. Overall, my time with the Callaway Epic Max Driver left me with a sense of satisfaction.

III. In Term Of Performance Factors

When it comes to performance factors, the Callaway Epic Max Driver shines in several key areas:

1. Distance (Score 9/10)

Epic Max driver exhibits slightly higher spin due to the CG being farther back, impacting the MOI tradeoff. 

However, the high launch characteristics benefit slower swing speeds, and the sliding sole weight allows for flexible customization, potentially leading to improved distance for high-handicappers on the course.

However, the Epic MAX driver falls slightly short in a direct comparison of distance to the Callaway Epic Speed.

2. Forgiveness (Score 10/10)

Epic max driver shines in the forgiveness area within Callaway’s epic line-up. A blend of advanced A.I. Jailbreak and Flash Face SS21 technologies ensures consistent ball speeds, even when your shots aren’t perfectly centered. 

The driver’s high-MOI design works to minimize any twisting of the clubface upon impact, resulting in closely matched ball speeds to that elusive sweet spot and more precise shot dispersion.

Significantly, the driver’s inherent draw bias and adjustable weighting offer enhanced forgiveness. Shifting the weight towards the heel generates a draw of 15-20 yards, benefitting higher handicappers struggling with slices.

3. Playability and Trajectory (Score 9/10)

The sleek design and adjustable weighting of the Epic Max driver renders it an ideal option for golfers aiming to optimize their playability. This driver boasts adjustability, highlighted by its sliding sole weight. 

This feature enables seamless customization without unnecessary complexity, granting you the ability to finely tune your ball flight through minor adjustments to the center of gravity position. 

While it has the ability to make shot shape correction, it also offers playability suitable for golfers across various skill levels.

4. Sound and Feel (Score 9/10)

My interaction with the Epic MAX driver left me appreciating its impactful sound and tactile feedback upon hitting the ball.

Upon contact, the driver delivers a satisfying “crack” complemented by a distinct whoosh, avoiding both excessive muting and hollowness. The tactile sensation aligns with the auditory impression, offering a solid yet not overly rigid feel.

Interestingly, strikes on the sweet spot exhibit similarities to mis-hits in terms of sound. The distinction lies more in the feel, where a hint of explosive energy remains across the face. Even on off-center hits, there’s a discernible responsiveness.

5. Looks (Score 8/10)

The Epic MAX driver looks like a slightly larger version of the Epic Speed, featuring characteristic green accents and an “X” pattern on the face denoting A.I. Speed Frame stability. Elements from past Callaway models are also incorporated.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Head

This design configuration seems to favor the appearance of the Epic Speed driver over the Epic MAX. Sporting a traditional pear-like shape, the Epic MAX aligns squarely at address. The crown wraps around the edges, covering a substantial area.

Visible A.I. Jailbreak Frame medallions on the sole emphasize increased stability, along with a weight track extending from the rear to the heel.

IV. Features and benefits of Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max drivers felt like the real deal when it comes to features. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of this driver– the key features and their benefits.

1. A.I. Designed Jailbreak Speed Frame

Callaway has introduced an advanced feature here, utilizing Artificial Intelligence to create what they call a ‘Jailbreak Speed Frame.’ 

This innovation can be likened to a nitro boost for your drives, resulting in max ball speed, which helps you achieve more distance than your regular game-improvement drivers.

2. A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21

Callaway has infused a touch of sci-fi enchantment into the mix with the Flash Face SS21. It’s the incorporation of their cutting-edge machine-learning prowess and the use of high-strength titanium.

It has been meticulously engineered by Artificial Intelligence to launch the ball with a resonance while enhancing spin robustness.

3. Triaxial Carbon Crown & Sole

The Triaxial Carbon Crown & Sole in the Callaway Epic Max Driver offers a substantial weight reduction to 19g while maintaining strength. 

This strategic weight savings enables Callaway to reposition the weight lower and deeper in the clubhead, resulting in higher launch angles, improved forgiveness, and a draw bias to keep those shots on target.

4. 16 g Sliding Adjustable Perimeter Sole Weight

The inclusion of the 16g Sliding Adjustable Perimeter Sole Weight is a deal, providing you with the ability to finely tune the center of gravity and control your ball flight with precision.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Adjustable weight

V. Alternatives

If you are considering the Epic Max but need something a bit different, then these can be worth checking out.

1. Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway also makes some other great drivers that may fit your playing style better. The Epic Speed driver was designed for golfers with low handicaps who want more distance and lower spin. 

With technological features like Cyclone Aero Shape and A.I.-designed Flash Face SS20 to increase ball speed, this driver is a great option for those seeking ultimate performance.

2. Teton HXD oversized Driver 

For those high handicappers seeking a budget-friendly alternative to the Callaway Epic Max Driver, consider the Teton HXD oversized driver. It presents substantial advantages, particularly catering to recreational, high-handicap, and amateur golfers. This option aims to elevate performance and provide a more gratifying on-course experience.

My Take

The Callaway Epic Max driver is the ideal club for golfers who want a combination of distance, forgiveness, playability, and customizability. Its high-end design ensures that it looks and feels great while providing a reliable performance on the course. 

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