Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver
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Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is suitable for mid-high handicappers with moderate swing speed, seeking a balanced blend of forgiveness and distance. However, skilled players may not benefit significantly from this club.

cleveland launcher XL driver
Distance 9
Forgiveness 10
Playability 9
Looks 8
Sound & Feel 7


  • Highly forgiving
  • Improved distance
  • Adjustable hosel
  • High launch contributing to carry distance


  • High spin resulting in reduced control
  • Grip counterbalancing removal requires custom-fitting

I. Is Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Worth it?

Cleveland has introduced the Launcher XL lineup, which includes the Launcher XL driver, Launcher XL Lite driver, and Launcher XL Lite Draw driver models. Among these options, the Cleveland Launcher XL driver serves as a solid choice for mid-high handicappers and senior golfers. 

Its forgiveness on off-center hits and enhanced distance is particularly advantageous. The adjustable hosel helps refine launch conditions, leading to improved gameplay.

The driver’s capacity to achieve a high launch contributes to increased carry distance, a valuable advantage for players aiming to enhance their shot distance. However, it may not be as beneficial for golfers who prioritize control.

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II. My experience review with Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

When using the driver off the tee, I observed the high launch characteristic that’s often talked about. Shots displayed a noticeable upward trajectory, which could be beneficial for those looking for added carry distance.

I had the chance to experiment with the adjustable hosel while attempting draw shots. It allowed me to fine-tune the shaping of my shots, providing a sense of personalization. However, the lightweight nature of the driver might not be suitable for everyone. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver shape

While seniors might find it comfortable to handle, mid-low handicappers might find it excessively lightweight, impacting their control.

I also experienced the driver’s forgiveness when dealing with off-center hits, which can be quite challenging to manage. 

Shots that weren’t perfectly centered still maintained a reasonable trajectory, preventing the ball from straying too far off course. This aspect could be particularly valuable in scenarios where accuracy is compromised. 

My Test Stats 

ParametersTest Stats
Ball speed161.5 mph
Club head speed114.9 mph
Launch angle14.6 degrees
Backspin3027 rpm
Carry distance280 yards
Total distance 300 yards 

With Cleveland Launcher XL Driver, the satisfaction of covering extra yardage is undeniable. The noticeable factor here is the high spin, contributing to the additional roll on the green. This spin is essentially what provided the extra distance, and the tactile experience of the ball’s roll post-landing was quite evident.

Nevertheless, considering the diverse preferences on the golf course, it’s clear that individual priorities vary. In my case, the distance achieved was a major plus, and the impact of the high spin wasn’t a concern. 

However, for skilled players seeking control over their shots, this aspect might not align with their preferences. The increased spin could potentially affect control, an aspect worthy of contemplation. For golfers who prioritize precise shot placement over pure yardage, this driver might not be their top choice.

III. Performance Factors of Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Let’s take a closer look at the performance factors of the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver: 

1. Distance (Score 9/10)

The Launcher XL is designed to enhance distance, which can be particularly beneficial for golfers looking to add yards to their shots. Its high launch and spin characteristics contribute to improved distance off the tee. 

This is especially advantageous for high handicappers or senior golfers, as it can result in an additional 10-15 yards due to the combination of high launch and spin.

2. Forgiveness (Score 10/10)

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Clubface

The Launcher XL driver offers a high degree of forgiveness for off-center hits, aiding in maintaining shot accuracy. This characteristic can be particularly advantageous for golfers facing consistent ball-striking challenges.

3. Playability (Score 9/10)

The adjustable hosel feature of the Launcher XL adds an element of playability by allowing golfers to fine-tune their launch conditions. This can lead to optimized shot shape and trajectory, catering to individual preferences and needs on the course. 

4. Looks (Score 8/10)

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver looks

In terms of aesthetics, the Launcher XL features a modern design with a premium finish. However, the elongated head shape might not be appealing to golfers who prefer a more traditional clubhead appearance. Nonetheless, this aspect is a matter of personal taste and comfort.

5. Sound and feel (Score 7/10)

The sound produced during impact tends to be quite high-pitched. Additionally, the driver’s lightweight nature might be a concern for some. While seniors and high handicappers could derive benefits from these features, mid-low handicappers might find them less favorable. 

IV. Features and Benefits of Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

This Cleveland golf driver incorporates numerous technological features designed to elevate your performance. Let me walk you through the specifics of each feature and its impact on enhancing your play:

1. XL Head Design 

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver features an XL Head Design that’s worth noting. The larger club head contributes to a substantial MOI of 5,200 g-cm², which promotes forgiveness in your shots.

This design is complemented by a deliberate low-and-deep weighting that encourages high launch trajectories. The result is a combination that doesn’t just focus on distance but also emphasizes a positive overall experience on the course.

2. Rebound Frame

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Crown

While most golf clubs feature a single flex, the Rebound Frame boasts two distinct flex zones. Through a strategically designed arrangement of both flexible and rigid zones, these Cleveland driver shots gain an extra infusion of energy.

The outcome is a noticeable increase in ball speed, leading to enhanced distance. This concept transforms scientific principles into a practical advantage, aligning with the objective of delivering powerful shots.

3. Action Mass CB

A subtle 8g weight discreetly positioned at the end of the grip plays a crucial role in control. Effortlessly, this intelligent weight distribution empowers you with an advantage, simplifying precision and making it an inherent part of performance.

4. Adjustable Hosel

The adjustable hosel found in Launcher XL drivers offers a chance for customization that goes beyond typical gameplay. It allows you to refine your launch angle, attain your preferred distance, and shape your shots to match your unique playing style.

The inclusion of 12 positions, each adjustable in 0.5-degree increments, caters to golfers who prioritize precision and meticulous fine-tuning.

V. Alternatives

If you’re exploring options beyond the Cleveland Launcher XL driver, consider these alternatives that cater to specific needs.

1. Callaway Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max Driver brings together power and precision, providing forgiveness for straighter shots and increased distance. Its advanced technology optimizes ball speed and launch conditions, presenting a versatile option for golfers striving to enhance accuracy and gain yardage on their drives.

For those in search of a remedy for slices, the Callaway Epic Max Driver emerges as a fitting solution. Engineered with substantial draw bias, it features a design tailored to rectify slicing issues.

2. TaylorMade Stealth Driver

When it comes to an alternative to the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver, the TaylorMade Stealth Driver steps onto the scene as a compelling option. Designed specifically for mid to low spin, this driver hones in on delivering consistent ball flight with minimal spin rates.

This focus on controlled spin ensures a more predictable trajectory, catering to golfers aiming for precision and accuracy in their shots. If you’re seeking a driver that offers controlled shots, the TaylorMade Stealth Driver should be on your list.

My Take 

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is indeed a valuable choice for golfers with mid-high handicaps and moderate swing speed. It excels in forgiving off-center hits and achieving enhanced distance. 

However, it may not suit everyone. If you’re an advanced golfer seeking more control and reduced spin, exploring other options is a wise decision.

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